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  1. A Lego stop motion about YouTubers? And random characters? Ponies? Sign my ass up or I'll create this cancerous idea but blended with a highly dose of dank memes

  2. I really need to find some good brony friends cause right now I'm being talked down to, disrespected, reported and been around retards. And people say that the brony community is the best? Phuck outta here

    1. Brobocop


      Finally, someone who gets how I feel. >_<

    2. Misscellanio


      Are you saying bronies are being disrespectful towards you?

    3. AdventurousEddie


      Well I got two of my facebook accounts suspended and my PSN account banned due to interactions with bronies. I'd say yes I have been shat on without the decency to dine me


  3. I got the whole story planned, and know which characters will be killed off, but when thinking about the story a whole, I've forgotten Starlight Glimmer through the process. Derpy is worried about what may come after these random things occurring in Equestria and feeling that the magic of friendship is a escape goat so that the leaders can continue lounging around. Derpy decides to work over time as a mail mare to get paid more so she can secure her family and prepare before something else happens. Meanwhile Pinkie Pie comes across something which holds the same ability as the mirror but works freely in the ever free forest. She makes a friend in the process and keeps to herself. Pinkie then decides to make a random party to celebrate everypony in Ponyville with the help of her new firend. Pinkie Pie orders more party equipment then Derpy delivers the package to her place. Pinkie can see that she is in need of a break and be given a smile. Pinkie gets a brilliant plan by hiring Derpy to help her on her special surprise for Ponyville. The two get along but then something went wrong. The two got into a feud about Cupcakes and Muffins and they split after push came to shove. Each of them went to war with each other and so begins the story. From the established story of the two and how they get into a feud, the next event is very spoiler worthy and is the main trigger for many other events and other ponies lives. If you insist, I will explain the next act if requested Also the feud goes on for a fortnight and I already got Twilight going to meet up with Mayor Mare in the Town Hall about Pinkie Pies special surprise when the big event happens. Rarity is over in Manehatten, Applejack is at the farm taking care of the CMC. Rainbow Dash is over at Cloudsdale and Fluttershy is spending the day with Discord or somepony at home. Also the part I'm not wanting to share isn't the end or the half of the story but just a quarter of the cake
  4. I am making a story where two mares Derpy and Pinkie Pie get into a feud about which is greater, cupcakes or muffins. But since I'm making the story after the events of Season 6, I do not know what to do with Starlight Glimmer. I have only three options, she goes and runs away, works aside of Twilight Sparkle as more tragic events occur in Equestria or kill her off entirely (alongside of other ponies) I know she would be an interesting character but I have enough on my plate
  5. I'm back and filthier than before

  6. Yes, I'll try and make some cars based on the princesses, however I may have to dis-include some due to color difficulties but I could make cars for them in MC LA and other sorts of car games. Genius, why didn't I think of a fausticon car
  7. the mount of stupid crap the youth say. "do you need to clop to become a brony?". Idiots i say

  8. Out of all the characters in my fanfic, it had to be Marble Pie who dies

  9. Well I've Used the Progen T20 for two characters, that there being Adagio Dazzle & Vinyl Scratch Please leave a request on which character I should cover next The Rarity Car has been completed and she was the final one to complete The Mane Six. Please leave a request on which character I should cover next because I'm out of idea's on who's next The rims are to resemble her beautiful blue eyes. I do this with every car I base on a character. Also gives out more colour to the vehicle,
  10. It is time for Muffins

    1. Kyoshi


      Welcome to the glorious Muffin Club! :D

  11. I'm killing time by writing stories, its sad the characters i had to kill off in my fanfic but pinkie and derpy need a reason to be in a position of hating each other and step up their game

  12. Damn bronies on psn got my account suspended, My christmas is ruind by negative naceys

    1. Kyoshi


      Wha? How did this happen? :|

    2. AdventurousEddie


      Posted something on a brony community that led to my suspension. But my guess is unknown

  13. 25 fanfics planned and connected, half are stopmotions. This'll be an insane project and collabs i will do for the future

  14. Bucking Lizard Squad. Now i can't play online or go on r34.