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  1. My computer is a freaking beast and my internet is more than decent, when I'm at home. For now on I'm in England for an internship and I haven't tested the internet yet. But I'll be glad to help my forum so I'll check the internet as soon as I leave the office. 4 PM east means 10 PM to me which mean I'll always be free for that (I'm insomniac ). EDIT: Okay my internet is terrible right now, so I'll only be available once back to my home, in 4 weeks).
  2. So, the next one is for tonight ? Please dont tell me it's over dont tell me it's over dont tell me it's over. If it's not I think I still have time to buy some pop corn.
  3. I'm not really into the journal entry stuffs, mainly because I don't speak (or write) for nothing and when I do it always involve pointless and irrelevant stuffs. ZUUL MOTHERFUCKER ZUUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See ? Stupid and random stuffs. Now imagine me yelling it in a skype convo or in the middle of the street. Even if the "ZUUL" yelling is an exception, shouting that as you charge someone with a tank in left 4 dead is satisfying as hell. So what to do went I want to make an entry, but have nothing to speak about. Well writing about hte fact that I've got nothing to write of course. HEAR ME LORD CTHULHU ! Yeah I'm pretty tired today I'm not gonna hold me back. PLUTON ISN'T A PLANET ANYMORE ! The more I write the more I realize the whole idea was stupid, but I'm still gonna post it ^^
  4. This one is free ? Well if that's so then I was wrong. I'm trying to get use to SAI right now so I don't think I'll try this one too anyway, or at least not right now, but it's good to know thanks.
  5. Wonderfull work really. And very nice of you to make a tutorial of it, I'm sure it'll help It's photoshop isn't it ? Too bad I cant use it anymore.
  6. Zuul motherfucker Zull !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      Are you the gate keeper ?

  7. Technically I think most of the game can become challenging if you give yourself some rules (like no excessive lv up for RPG, using every combo and not only spamming in fighting and adventure game). But here's a list of games I consider as real chalenge: Super meat boy: The game in itself isn't easy, require a perfect control of your character, good reflex, and every new world force you to adapt to new mechanism. And the dark stages (which represent like 40%of the game) are freakin nightmares. Dark Souls: Before going further I need to say: I never played Demon Soul, and a lot of peoples pretend it's a harder game. When peoples are developing a game, I'm sure there's always one to say "okay guys, I think we put enough obstacles here, one more and it's gonna be a nightmare". For this game this dude was replaced by one saying "yeah yeah good, but I think those enemies must be able to kill the player in one hit, and those tricky platform they should be invisible, and for this boss just put 3 copies of it to fight simultaneously and you're good". This game is meant to be hard. Death is even a whole part of the gameplay with resurrection, the fact to find your body and recover our money, infinite lives. But even with that death will often be frustrating. Everything is a potential threat and event if you start as a tank the first little ennemie will be able to kill you in 4 hit maximum. The game is huge and each place you'll visited has his own way of killing you which will force you to adapt and go step by step. And even then there's a PVP mode and some player dedicate they character to kill the others. They are some way to make the game easy (extreme level up, some over powered weapon) but those things are exception, and unless you spend 120h farming some bosses will never be easy and will require adaptation, analysis, and hours of practice. The witcher 2 Another RPG. And if you pick a setting above "hard" you're gonna cry, if you just take hard you'll die 10 times, during the tutorial. Your character is strong, swift, has a lot of potential to unlock, but he is still (kinda) human. And a human can't survive a sword in the chest. Every fight must be carefully prepared, by picking the good weapon, making and drinking drugs (take care of the side effect), take the good spell, and use the terrain at your advantage. You're one against many and as such the smallest mistake will often leads you to the grave. In hard setting a high level and good equipment (the enemies are limited and so is the level, and the best weapons needs quests and crafting) you'll start to feel "powerful" around the 2/3 of the game, with a higher setting you won't even survive without this power. Plus the fact that if you pick the harder difficulty setting you have literally one life: you have only one save data which is automatically corrupted if you die. X com enemy unknown: You're playing since 5 hours and you hasn't invested enough in research: might as well restart. You're playing since 5 hours and hasn't put enough satellite: might as well restart. You're playing since 5 hours and doesn't have enough well trained soldier: might as well restart. You're playing since 10 hours, our 6 expert soldiers are on a mission, they are well trained have the best equipment thanks to research and founding from the satellite cover, and 2 enemies managed to take you from behind: you lost your whole team, the mission is a failure, and you must organize a desperate defense against the alien's counter strike. That's the spirit of X com, a hard strategy game that makes you fight an always evolving opponent. If you do something wrong or not fast enough the consequence will always be terrible, if they didn't just ended up with a "game over". And to get to the point where you have nothing else to fear from your enemies, it will take several time, and a huge amount of knowledge and skills. There's also a "iron man" mode with only one fully automatic save data, but I already play like that with every games. Monster hunter serie: I played all those that came out on the european psp and I can tell this game is all about difficulty. Once you've passed the little quest the only way to survive is to upgrade and adapt your equipment permanently, and knowing every movement of your enemies by heart. And even with that, some movements are so swifts that you need goodlike reflex to dodge them. And even if you're a ninja they'll always be a smaller enemies to hit you from behind, so that the big one can eat you just after. The camera is hard to maneuver, the big enemies doesn't allowed any mistake, it's a hard series of game. Hitman series: The 1 and 2 in perticular, even if the last one is still great and challenging with high difficulties setting. Once again it's a game about preparation, but also improvising with the unpredictable, it's waiting 15 mn for your target to go at his window, only so a bodyguard can come between you and him, are you going to try to wait, kill both, find another way ? Good fact about the old ones: one headshop and you're dead.
  8. marlyly

    Tau Day

    Same here
  9. Wow, looks like this topic is comming back to life, partially thanks to Dave247 (dunno how to quote a member) who posted on it after 6 month of no replies. Thank you all guys, and if you thing the same as I, try to keep your kid's way to be. Sometime peeples will look at you, you'll have some problem sometime, but if you live happy with that then I think it's something to do.
  10. I just didn't mension it so peoples actually read and discover by themselves. And yeah the little prince is actually an awesome book, it looks like it's for childrens but even grown up peoples can benefit from it.
  11. It's working now, still thank you guys
  12. I might have to change, sniff. Thank you for your help anyway guys.
  13. No wireless mode, USB's working fine; last driver installed uninstalled reinstalled 3 time.
  14. Okay first of all thank you for reading those words I also need to make it clear, I tried to find the answer on google, I tried several ways like enable press and hold or disabling tablet PC input service and the problem is still here. My tablet is a Bamboo Wacom pen & touch and I unfortunately have windows 8. My computer is a ASUS republic of gamer G75V. When I try to draw with paint tool sai I have some weird lag, the first two centimeters I move give nothing but the circle of the cursor staying where I first press (with a lil dot of the size and color of the tool I chose, the arrow part of the cursor is still following the move) and after I move a few a straight line appear between the "beginning" and where my cursor is regardless of the form I tried to draw. Weird thing, if I press, and press again right away, I don't have problem with the second one. I call it a lag because I had some with my old computer and it's closely the same, but it really looks like a problem with sai or windows 8 more than a lag, my new computer is just an atomic bomb and there's no way he can't run sai properly. Now I'm going to leave my country tomorrow, bringing my tablet and computer with me, and I hope I'll get an answer as soon as possible. I'm going to send a call for help to pretty much everyone I know, it's kinda selfish to do so but I'm sorry I tried everything I could do by myself and it's making me sick not being able to draw again. Thank you again for your attention, and I hope for your help.
  15. This is a major call for help send to anyone that might help me to continue drawing, I'm gonna copy paste this message everywhere so it's not personal at all and I'm sorry for that but I really need help and if you know anything about painttool sai please look at the details here: