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  1. Have we all agreed yet that Legend of Everfree was a mistake? 

    1. Lambdadelta


      Not everyone does, but I agreed :pinkie:

    2. PathfinderCS


      Not at all. I feel it's a pretty decent addition in the series. Not everything about it works, but when it's good...honestly, pretty darned good.

  2. I probably would have loved “Forgotten Friendship” if it had 15 more minutes to fix the pacing, and if most of the jokes were replaced. It’s more respectable than a lot of content in this franchise. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. AlexanderThrond


      @Captain Clark Maybe better pacing would have improved the villain. I too found it merely okay; hardly the best Equestria Girls has to offer. 

    3. Captain Clark

      Captain Clark

      Ya. Honestly probably my biggest issue was that the villains explanation for hating Sunset was just not really there. With more time, it would improve the villain. 

    4. AlexanderThrond


      I mean, why would Sunset ignore her? Why would that lead to resentment? Why does she focus on Sunset? Apparently it’s her own fault that everyone ignores her, so why should I even care? Her attempts at image control are her most sympathetic aspect, so why is that shoved at the end? 

  3. Rainbow Rocks > short series > Friendship Games > summertime shorts > Forgotten Friendship > Equestria Girls > Legend of Everfree > Dance/Movie/Mirror Magic

    1. AlexanderThrond


      I still find it kinda appalling that those summertime shorts were so sloppily outsourced, but the one which weren't made up for a lot. 

  4. This was okay. I hated the first ten minutes, and after that I still found a fair handful of jokes kinda painful, but there's also a lot of really nice moments in this. I loved how Trixie decided to help, and I found her to be the most interesting character in all of this, and as always, Sunset is easier for me to like when you give her an inherently sympathetic problem. She's still kinda hollow, I feel, but that sort of comes with the kind of story this is. The story is a bit more rushed than I would like, and I didn't like the villain at all, but on the other hand: Sunset's reunion with Celestia! Twilight being a nerd! Some actual emotional stakes! I feel justified in asking for a bit more than this, but at least this was mostly tolerable.
  5. "Forgotten Friendship"


    This is a mess, and I'm totally fine to never see Equestria Girls content longer than 4 minutes again, but there's a lot of moments here. The Trixie stuff starts painful but gets genuinely sweet as it goes on - this is the Trixie I liked in the season 6 finale, not the jerk Trixie of every other appearance - and most of what happens in Equestria is kinda awkwardly paced, but nonetheless fun. I'm glad we got a Sunset/Celestia reunion at all, and I'm totally here for Twilight being the biggest nerd in the whole multiverse. But Equestria Girls has a villain problem, and this one's motivations are barely coherent. I don't think the new "sympathetic antagonists" angle is working for this franchise. Start pacing your stories properly or go back to the cartoon villains. Your goals aren't noble enough to compromise your storytelling. I guess it's a nice moral though. Anyway a lot of the jokes suck, this seems rushed more often than not, and the emotional core is given nowhere near enough breathing room, so this ultimately seems kinda formulaic, and there's also a few cliches and contrivances which make the middle pretty uneven. At least one point seems like it'll be a major plot point, and then just... isn't, giving this the same unfinished feel as Friendship Games. But this still has a lot of solid moments, and those help keep this relatively entertaining even with all of its sloppiness. Far from my favourite thing Equestria Girls has ever done, but hey, it's better than whatever those "Magic" specials were last year.


    Entertainment: 6/10

    Characters: 7/10

    Themes: 7/10

    Story: 4/10

    Overall: 60/100

  6. I have to concur with this; it's a pretty big part of why I like them so much as a couple. They're pleasant enough in the show, but that's mostly just because I really like Cadance, but in that comic they're the cutest thing.
  7. To drive a villain where the audience feels sorry for her/him?

    And yet that story still had plenty of fun and tension. If Starswirl so effectively drives the plot in place of a domineering villain, then is a villain strictly necessary? In this story, I don't think it was, and while I might have preferred a simple "defeat the baddie" story, it wouldn't have fit the episode. I don't like Tempest Shadow. I think she would have been a bad character with or without the tragic backstory. If anything, that half-baked attempt to make her sympathetic makes her slightly less terrible. I think the season 6 finale really emphasizes what makes such stories work: they allow for certain character moments we might not have gotten otherwise. The season 6 and season 7 finales convinced me that neither type of villain is better than the other, but I don't think the show suffers for its increasingly redemption-oriented philosophy.
  8. To drive a villain where the audience feels sorry for her/him?

    Fun can be had without a generic hero vs. evil villain storyline. Just look at that’s Thorax episode in season 6. Besides, Starswirl is the real villain of “Shadow Play.” The movie makes very few choices I can come up with justifications for.
  9. To drive a villain where the audience feels sorry for her/him?

    I wouldn't be terribly interested in it with these characters. I feel like making up a pathological excuse for being a terrible person is kinda trite and reductive. Does he already have one in the comics? A new character would probably be relatively interesting if explored in enough detail, or at least more than Starlight or Tempest, which wouldn't be terribly hard. At this point I don't care about this show trying to be suspenseful or intense, but on the other hand, a lot of fun character moments have come in this show from the presence of an overwhelming sinister force. I have many complaints about the Pony of Shadows, but a lack of menace isn't really one of them, because the story really isn't about that. Constant redemptions are maybe unrealistic, but giving villains sympathetic aspects is an easy way to make them deeper and more interesting. I completely forgot the yeti thing from the movie, and I still don't remember what happened. A similar example I always come back to is the yaks, who maybe shouldn't have smashed the ponies' party efforts, but who I still understood as a different culture with different values which the ponies made an extremely clumsy and ignorant effort to appeal to. Sometimes, harmony requires a mutual respect for conflicting or confusing cultural values, and it's not right to punish people for failing to conform. And sometimes, peace requires putting very recent conflicts behind you.
  10. Spoiler A what if episode

    Then there'd be a lot more people with my opinion around. Would anything change, really?
  11. S03:E09 - Spike at your Service

    More fun than "Magic Duel," honestly. There's some really phenomenal slapstick here, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders have never been better. It's one glorious manic set piece after another, and I love the way it ties in with the next one. I can't really defend the storytelling here, as it's very much a rehash of "Secret of My Excess," and even its moral has major overlap. This one's much more contrived, as well, and Spike acts poorly pretty much right out the gate, so it's harder to accept "dragon greed" as the reason he descends into selfishness. He doesn't even transform. But all of those contrivances are genuinely creative, much more so than "Magic Duel," and I find all of this a total blast to actually watch, even with the story deficiencies. We'll see if the other half of this story grows on me at all, but right now I'm calling this as the better one. Wish the show would try this kind of thing again. Score: Entertainment: 9/10 Characters: 5/10 Theme: 6/10 Story: 4/10 Overall: 60/100 (this is a case where my scoring system feels really insufficient. Wish I knew a way to weight "Entertainment" higher.)
  12. S03:E05 - Magic Duel

    There's a surprising darkness to this one. All of the stuff Trixie does to ponies' bodies is kinda horrifying, plus her entire motivation comes from Twilight ruining her career so badly that she couldn't find work outside of farm labour. Apparently Twilight can literally conjure parasprites - living beings - at will. All of that is kinda interesting to me, and there's a creativity to this which keeps it entertaining, but it's kinda superficial. There's no emotional core here. Plus, it zips forward so fast that there's not a whole lot of suspense. Nonetheless, I dug stuff like Twilight's magical training, Trixie's extreme boasting, and the duels themselves. It's just that, even beyond the fact that this is completely empty spectacle, it's also a really rote plot structure. On a moment-to-moment basis, this is charming, and the ending is kinda sweet, but it also doesn't offer much we haven't seen in the show before. And Trixie is set up to have genuinely understandable motivations, but the episode does nothing with her aside from have her grandstand, do a few neat magical tricks, and then apologize at the end, just because. We don't see how she gets her bearings back, we don't see any resentment from her, she's just... apologetic now. It continues to feel like kinda half-hearted fan service to me. Score: Entertainment: 7/10 Characters: 5/10 Themes: 6/10 Story: 6/10 Overall: 60/100
  13. How would you feel if Ember banished Garble

    Is dragon society even that centralized?
  14. The School of Friendship is a good idea

    I'm just glad for something different for a change.
  15. theory Applejack’s Parents

    Well... I don't believe it was exactly Romeo & Juliet, because the two must have lived long enough to have three children of different ages. I find it hard to imagine how and when they died, as there are very few hints as to exactly how they existed alongside the Apples, but my first guess would be either illness or a farm accident.