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  1. Very carefully. In all seriousness, I figure she really does acquire it simply by asking, and anything she's not told she probably picks up by being freakishly observant.
  2. I feel it's not that likely. Even with how fast her character arc has been, she's settled into a status quo which I think the show can comfortably exploit for a while, and becoming an alicorn might actually make that harder, given that the show's hesitant to really dig into princesses' flaws the same way it does with others. Also, she didn't even leave Ponyville in the premiere, and her graduation seems slightly ironic, so I suspect the writers don't want to rock the boat too much with her at this point.
  3. I still have no idea how so many people consider "Amending Fences" to be even close to the best MLP episode. Baffles me why Moondancer would ever expect Twilight to attend that party. 

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    2. Spartan


      How i figure it is, Moondancer only really had one friend, that being Twilight. She attempted to come out of her shell, so to speak, and have a party. She hoped Twilight would attend. So she got angry/upset that Twilight didn't attend. Now, i don't remember why Twilight skipped the party, i forgot that episode for the most part. But what I said above could be why people liked the episode

    3. AlexanderThrond


      I never got a good feeling for why Moondancer considered Twilight a closer friend than any of the other ponies who existed around her. 

    4. Spartan


      Well, They were both in the same class, and both were in a group together. Also, both of them were/are pretty smart. So theres that idea

  4. The song "Seeds of the Past" from "A Hearth's Warming Tail" feels like the truth right now. Can't think of another part of the show which so consistently brings me to the brink of tears.
  5. I always get the feeling that, in this show specifically, it'd be hard to write stories that matter to the main characters while also having expansive worldbuilding, just because the characters' lives don't have a whole lot to do with the wider world of Equestria. If I had to pick one of the two, I'd rather have the low-key character-driven shenanigans the show usually goes for. I do hope that Rarity and Rainbow's careers bring them around the country, though. That'd be fun.
  6. I simply adore her design. If anything, I'd call her the prettiest of the ponies, especially because of those beautiful mane colours, and despite it being stereotypically girly I kinda find it amusing that she's a straight-up pretty pink pony princess. I can't disrespect Faust too much, but there are definitely parts of her vision which I disagree with. Since other replies brought it up, I like Cadance's personality a lot more in the comics (which I haven't read all of) than in the show, but in both cases I get the feeling that she's the most down-to-earth of the princesses, lacking the occasional moodiness of Luna, the guarded persona of Celestia, or Twilight's tendency to get stuck in her own head. I wish she would be developed more in the show proper, and I get kinda disappointed whenever the show makes her act "princess-y," but I'm still rather fond of her.
  7. I think we can safely say she's 5-10 years older. I think it's probably one of the widest sibling age gaps we see in the show.
  8. My Little Pony is a lot more comparable to a sitcom than to cable dramas. Even in its dramatic moments it tends towards simple melodrama rather than complexity on that level. It's a kids' show, so this isn't really the place to get your prestige drama fix. But I like the characterization in Josh Haber's episodes.
  9. I still wish the Wonderbolts weren't actually a military organization. I know they're inspired by the Blue Angels, but having Rainbow want to join the military rather than simply join a prestigious performance group still kinda feels like it dilutes her character. Guess it's nice that she wants to use her flying skills to save Equestria, but I dunno, it adds some connotations which I don't think were all that necessary. 

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    2. Lambdadelta


      War, death, danger, mayhem, destruction etc all of them are definately scary in real life and i dont want them happen to me, and everyone else of course... butttttttttt~ we can enjoy them in fantasy world, that why wars related video games were born, right, we love exciting stuffs, and Guardian of Harmony toyline are desighed to attract boys because our characters are armed like military with spears and armors and i think they are best pony merchandise  and i will buy it if i have money :orly: Warlike toys are made for boys because boys like military stuff right!?

      Any war related content in the show will definately attract male audiences, and is it not a good thing? I know a lot of people loves Sombra future the most in Cutie Remark because it features wars and military.

      Bronies definately love the show for what it is but i know their inner masculinity want something more from it :orly:

    3. AlexanderThrond


      Maybe this isn't what you're saying but I definitely don't feel the show should have more macho stuff in it. It certainly brings intensity, but in cases like "The Cutie Re-Mark" I also find it rather boring. Plus, I just don't think it'd be right for this little girls' show to incorporate elements of a stereotypical boys' cartoon, and I definitely don't want it to pander to a male audience with violent content. This is a children's cartoon for girls! 

      I just feel like making the Wonderbolts a military unit makes Rainbow's dreams about more than just flying, and I feel like that's an unnecessary complication which the show will probably never dig into. 

    4. Lambdadelta


      Too late, they already did that with Twilight Kingdom, it changed the Bronies fandom, set the new "standard" for this little girl shows. I dont think it is the best finale ever but a lot of people do, the Dragon ball Z fight scene is like a "fuck u" to anyone who say this show is for girls only, when my parents asked why i dont watch anything more "manly", i showed that scene to them ;). Take that, anti-brony!!!

      About Rainbow Dash, i dont know what coming next for RD because she is already a Wonderbolts and she can flight along with her idols already, her story arc is officially ended right? What next? She will replace Spit Fire and... oh my god... she will become a lousy sergeant and then become a extreme nationalist lol. I predicted RD will become a legend like Firefly, she will be an  famous officer in military. 

      Welcome to Call of Duty: Wonder Warfare...




  10. I mean, they outright say they'll stop doing those things in the future, so I don't understand what people are complaining about. Both of those are exactly the lessons which Twilight, Cadance, and Shining learn at the end.
  11. spoiler

    Probably not. Honestly, I would prefer this show focus more on an ensemble than any single main character, because I think focusing too much on Twilight can limit it. Season 1 sometimes shoehorned her into stories which had nothing to do with her so she could learn a lesson, so I'm not sure a return to "The Twilight Show" is really necessary.
  12. Honestly, I felt that Twilight and Rarity were overly obvious choices for ponies to accompany Spike. I'd have preferred to have another dynamic explored; Pinkie Pie might have been fun, as would bringing Rainbow Dash back from "Dragon Quest." Having it just be Twilight and Rarity doesn't really allow for much novelty.
  13. I cut my post down from a few paragraphs full of rhetorical questions, but the big one is why the mane five didn't just do something else when they realized their cutie marks weren't working. Or why nobody else told them they were acting weird. Or why, if the entire town was altered, Twilight didn't need to save the entire town. Or why Rarity seems to like her new cutie mark while Pinkie doesn't. This aspect probably became more frustrating than it otherwise would have been because the episode didn't have the intended emotional effect on me. I confess to exaggerating that point, since it's really only two. "Morning in Ponyville" is a touch superfluous, and "I've Got to Find a Way" doesn't have a big narrative impact. "I've Got to Find a Way" is the main one which came to mind, because it only exists to establish a sense of despair which wasn't built up a whole lot and which is dispelled almost immediately afterwards. Season 7 has been doing better, but there's only a few exceptions in season 5 and 6 compared (in order: "What About Discord?," "The Hooffields & McColts," "No Second Prances," "The Saddle Row Review") compared to all of the supporting appearances and stuff like "P.P.O.V." and "Amending Fences" where she does nothing wrong and doesn't need to learn anything. I don't even like all of those episodes I listed, though, and my problems are often directly linked to Twilight being a princess, so perhaps it'd be more accurate to blame "Magical Mystery Cure" for every problem I've had with Twilight since. Oh, she's justified it now, though I suspect many of those could be done without her being a princess. In "Magical Mystery Cure" proper, though, I have no idea why it's her and not anyone else. If it's because she completed the spell, shouldn't that be what the episode said about it? And that's not really a strong ending to her emotional arc, is it? By the way, why are you replying with questions? It's not great conversation.
  14. They made Twilight interesting again?! Whoa! I mean, I'd hoped that would happen, but I didn't think it'd actually work. Oh, and Flurry Heart is still the cutest thing, and I adore how this show doesn't glorify parenthood. I've been made aware that it's hard, hard work, and for a children's show to not shy away from that is something I admire. Wish more could be done with Shining and Cadance, but that does little to take away from this episode being the cutest possible thing. Reviewed at my blog. Additional thoughts: For a show targeted at kids, My Little Pony takes an adult's perspective surprisingly often. The mane six are quite clearly meant as "grown ups" in some capacity, and almost every story about babies in Friendship is Magic has balanced the obvious infant cuteness with just how much of a headache taking care of a baby can be. I'm always pleased with how well the show can work these relatively adult perspectives into stories and morals which are good for kids.

    1. Kyoshi


      It actually was really cute, far more than I expected. :3