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  1. On the other hand, I think the show's best episodes are mainly comedic with sympathetic problems ("Lesson Zero," "The Last Roundup," "Wonderbolts Academy"), but I do think Sunset's return might work better as something more straightforwardly emotional.
  2. You've gotta give SciTwi credit: thus far, we haven't seen her make children uncomfortable, which cannot be said for her pony counterpart. 

    1. Lambdadelta


      Pony Twilight already make children uncomfortable since Lesson Zero (even adults) :P and i love it so i think its a plus. 

    2. AlexanderThrond


      It's not as good for the children! 

  3. I think it's worth noting that I mostly don't want a big villain involved because I'm burnt out on all the big epic stuff and just don't want anything too grandiose. Keep it small and relatable.
  4. I thought Sunset went to the human world before Twilight was Celestia's student.
  5. Spoiler

    Badass Equestria Girls Fluttershy: the best?


  6. I really try not to lash out at people for liking Starlight Glimmer, but her recent surge in popularity continues to baffle me. Am I the only person who thinks she was more interesting back in season 6? 

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    2. Celli


      Personal Preference m8. 

      I'm sure you say the same about more people liking season 5 and 7 more than 6 or older seasons. And from what I can tell, you seem to be in the minority that doesn't like those, so maybe that's why it baffles you.

      Not to offend, but if you ask me it seems like you're just a contrarian. idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    3. AlexanderThrond


      @Celli What's peculiar about that is that I don't try to be a contrarian, it just sorta happens. Weird. 

    4. Celli


      Yeah, I understand. I guess that can apply to anyone with an unpopular opinion. [shrug]

  7. It's more that she took a while to get any unique interests, and doesn't show them off very often. Plus, watching her strange and antisocial behaviour has gotten kinda redundant to me at this point, and the writers don't try to make her funny all that often. I also tend to feel that all of her traits are things I'd rather see from other characters, so I never feel like she genuinely adds anything to the show.
  8. All animated media? Hmm. Chances are I'd probably binge-watch even the episodes I dislike just to say I have a relatively current opinion on them, but if I wanted to only do episodes I don't mind watching, I'd skip these: S1: Boast Busters, Look Before You Sleep, The Show Stoppers, Over a Barrel S2: The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well, It's About Time S3: Games Ponies Play, Magical Mystery Cure S4: Princess Twilight Sparkle Parts 1 and 2, Power Ponies, Bats!, Rainbow Falls, Simple Ways, Twilight Time, Somepony to Watch Over Me, Maud Pie Rainbow Rocks shorts: Perfect Day for Fun S5: Castle Sweet Castle, Tanks for the Memories, Appleoosa's Most Wanted, The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone, Princess Spike, Amending Fences (scandalous!), Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?, Made in Manehattan, The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows, Scare Master, What About Discord? Friendship Games shorts: Pinkie Spy, All's Fair in Love & Friendship Games S6: No Second Prances, Applejack's "Day" Off, The Cart Before the Ponies Legend of Everfree S7: All Bottled Up, Fluttershy Leans In, Forever Filly, Hard to Say Anything, Honest Apple, Fame and misfortune, Daring Done?, Marks and Recreation, Shadow Play Parts 1 and 2 My Little Pony: The Movie (sorry, but no) Dance Magic and Mirror Magic Equestria Girls summertime shorts: Make Up Shake Up, A Photo Booth Story, Raise This Roof, Steps of Pep, The Art of Friendship, Epic Fails
  9. I guess? It'd fit her whole deal of lacking proper support, but it's also verging on headcanon territory.
  10. Unless I'm misinterpreting you, we know for a fact that the Sunset we're familiar with lived in Equestria before going to the human world.
  11. Spoiler

    Honestly, I still think this is perfect material for one of those shorts, or an episode of the digital series. Probably not as good a fit for a whole hour-long movie.
  12. Dislike. Season 7 had her in a lot of roles where she was either confident or self-pitying, whereas I primarily enjoyed her season 6 appearances when she was struggling with self-doubt. Without the self-doubt, I just don't find there to be all that much which is interesting about her, and I just find her characterization very inconsistent. I really wish she was funnier. Fairly positive. She was a fun villain, and more or less single-handedly saved the season 5 finale. Plus I thought her introduction to the main cast had a lot of potential to change up the increasingly stagnant status quo, and as it turns out, I wasn't wrong. Still kinda liked her through season 6 as well. Even with the missing details, I always found it to pretty sufficiently explain that something was fundamentally wrong with how she grew up, and while I think her reaction to Sunburst leaving was entirely unreasonable, I don't think that's a problem, per se; I found that to add to her character rather than detract from it. Everything I've seen has only reinforced my thoughts on her backstory. She's inoffensive as a supporting character, though I often wish someone else took her place. I'm rather fond of both season 6 two-parters, in which I found her insecurities very sympathetic. "A Royal Problem" is good in spite of her inclusion being very misguided, she was perfectly fine in "Celestial Advice," and she's actually one of the highlights of "To Change a Changeling." But "Every Little Thing She Does" still mostly just makes me uncomfortable, and in all the other episodes she's starred in, I just find her really bland and uninteresting, and it doesn't help that I generally don't like most of the episodes she has appeared in. As I explained above, I think season 7 has doubled down on her worst traits without doing anything worthwhile with the stuff that actually interests me about her, or giving her the consistent personality traits which she was lacking in season 6. I always find the status quo is a safe bet with this show, but since I've often felt lately that Starlight is given victories she really didn't deserve, I think there's a chance she'll be positioned in some position of authority next season. Mostly I just think she'll continue to be in the student role because keeping her flaws provides an easy source of conflict, and there's a good chance she'll remain separate from the mane six. I probably wouldn't be too happy with it, but that's partially just because I hate that tree. Those movies are so much more enjoyable if you don't try to make sense of the backstory.
  13. Cadance, because she's the most down to earth. But between the two, I probably prefer Celestia, if only because Luna's popularity feels disproportionate to me. But I do find Celestia, with her guarded persona and what I assume to be a lot of concealed pain from the past thousand years. Luna is forced to suffer with the guilt of rebelling over something so petty, and she spent many of those thousand years both trapped in the barren moon and possibly not in control of her own body, but Celestia's regrets and pains feel more grounded to me. I go with the tragic backstories because, in pretty much every other regard, I have a hard time choosing between them. Both are great.
  14. It's interesting to see this series take inspiration from contemporary pop music, but I'm not really feeling this. Comes across to me as a bit lacking in energy.
  15. Does Equestria even have online games?