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  1. That part in "The Ending of the End" when Chrysalis nearly rips Spike's wings off.
  2. Since I last posted here years ago I totally fell off of shipping, only to make a triumphant return to AppleDash town after that series finale. I thought that pairing was dead; glad to see it back stronger than ever.
  3. To be honest I'm way less violently opposed to this than I was to the trailers for My Little Pony: The Movie, which this somehow still seems more subdued than. The videos linked by @VG_Addict suggest to me that this series may be a little more grounded than I expected, but then again I have no experience with Teen Titans Go! or any of the other shows like that. It doesn't really seem like what I want out of My Little Pony but an (even more) exaggerated slapstick version of this series is still more appealing to me than some of the serious stuff in the later Friendship is Magic seasons. Maybe I'll try an episode or two of this, but I just can't get over the art style, which I'm really not into. Those shorts have such a cute art style. I wish I liked them more.
  4. Not really; I was never turned against the Wonderbolts like a lot of people did, and for all its problems I still think that "Newbie Dash" is a fairly unique and satisfying way to end her arc. It was always exciting to see Rainbow get one step closer to that dream - "Rainbow Falls" was weak, but it also didn't really seem like a forward step in her career; meanwhile, "Newbie Dash" has her accomplish that and then makes its entire story a metaphor for the journey. In the first season, we saw her in their shadow, looking back to a past where she was called "Rainbow Crash" as an insult. In season 6, we see her a member of them, and the name "Rainbow Crash" is instead a reward for her accomplishments - exactly the opposite of what it was before. My Little Pony was never really set up to tell long-running storylines; it's the kind of show where the characters should have found a new, smaller goal to work towards every so often. And yet we had a run where, every year of the show, Rainbow Dash got a little closer to her goal, and then finally achieved it. And then we got a bunch of neat episodes out of her career and her relationships with her coworkers, if only in broad strokes - "Top Bolt," "Parental Glideance," "Grannies Gone Wild," "The Washouts." Wish we had gotten more of that in season 9 instead of that dumb cheerleading episode. I was never really a fan of the military motif - it added a lot of baggage that the show never addressed. It never really seemed like being a soldier was Rainbow's goal, even though by season 6 she had already saved the world numerous times without the Wonderbolts. But I liked that her goal, the reason for her goal, and her progress towards her goal were always well defined - Rarity was similar, to the extent that their careers intersected in "Rarity Investigates." Careerism was their "thing" in a way it wasn't for other characters, and I was always excited to see their progress.
  5. I watched all of Friendship is Magic, including the shorts, the specials, and the movie, for better or for worse. Though I haven't seen those clip shows yet; how much original material is even in them? I watched all of Equestria Girls, be it in short form or movie form, and I wish there was more. I did not watch all of the weird stuff they put on YouTube. It's not for me.
  6. "Tip Toppings"

    Still not sure if the Equestria Girls are vegetarians or not. Also, none of Pinkie's friends were helpful at all. 

    Applejack - Why did Pinkie ask her if she wasn't gonna listen? I really thought Applejack was gonna nag her for health reasons, but she just really likes fruit I guess. 

    Twilight - Did she pay for all those samples? Also, Pinkie just does not care what form her snacks are in as long as they're extra sugary, huh. 

    Fluttershy - What kind of monster would pick this one? It doesn't even make sense. 

  7. "Costume Conundrum"

    No costume party at Bulk Biceps' house can be all that exclusive. 

    Rarity - I was not expecting the "darling" tip jar. Nearly died laughing at that. Also, Rarity, you didn't need to trick Fluttershy into modelling for you. I'm sure she's happy to help. 

    Applejack - Brief reminder that Fluttershy is a furry. 

    Sunset Shimmer - Brief reminder that Bad Girl Sunset is best Sunset. 

    1. Sparklefan1234


      Rarity: Fluttershy looked like Rapunzel, IMO. :kindness:

      Applejack: I wonder if Applejack has other costumes for her friends? :wacko:

      Sunset Shimmer: Must like scary movies. :sneer:


    "Let it Rain" is good but of course the Sunset Shimmer one is told from the second person...

    "Sock It to Me":

    Rarity - Rarity's complete lack of sports knowledge is the best thing in this entire series. Truly relatable. Though isn't this the exact opposite of when Rarity went to that one Wonderbolts show in season 2? Funny, that.

    Bulk Biceps - A bird fucking dies in this. What the hell. 

    Trixie - Why does Trixie have an unlucky sock? Also, why did she bring her laundry to school? Is she participating in Pinkie's anti-sock revolution? 

  9. Completely missed that Equestria Girls music video with the Dazzlings. That's easily my favourite of the season 2 music videos, though the standards aren't exactly high... is that last Sunset Shimmer music video ever coming to the official YouTube channel?

    Also, I wonder what's gonna happen with the last few chose-your-ending shorts now that YouTube has changed the way links work. 

  10. Were I in charge I wouldn't have added a seventh (or, lets be real, eleventh) main character in the first place. Not convinced there was a need for it.
  11. Shout out to that cute Trixie hairstyle from the My Little Pony mobile game

  12. I really like the animation in these so I wound up watching a whole bunch of them, but the writing is clearly pitched at very young children and I couldn't really get into it. But oh my god that animation is adorable.
  13. He's sincerely trying to teach them things but he's a jerk with bad methods of doing so.
  14. the same eldritch consciousness that underlies all magic in Equestria