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  1. AlexanderThrond

    E11: Twilight Under the Stars

    Yeah, I suppose you're right; if anything, Sci-Twi is a lot less worried about meeting her idol than Twilight usually is. Also, are we getting a video-style short from Twilight? I'd be bummed if she alone were left out.
  2. AlexanderThrond

    Rainbooms Age Predictions

    Yeah, that's what I'm saying.
  3. AlexanderThrond

    Rainbooms Age Predictions

    It's not unlikely that they'll be stuck at their current age until Equestria Girls ends.
  4. AlexanderThrond

    Rarity's Boutique Franchise

    I know she doesn't have that many locations, but I think at this point she's already an established brand.
  5. My headcanon is that she just stole the textbook for whatever class he learned that in.
  6. AlexanderThrond

    Should Big Bertha have her cameo in the s9 finale?

    Aw heck yeah. Bring out the big guns!
  7. AlexanderThrond

    Do you wish for Cozy to be reformed?

    As with Sombra and Tirek, the entire basis of her character is that her motivations are straightforwardly evil, so I don't think reforming her would really fit. I guess becoming nice would be more plausible for a child like her than for those two, but what's the fun in that?
  8. AlexanderThrond

    Best episodes that are also the hardest to watch

    "Equestria Games." Spike is constantly embarrassing himself in drawn-out fashion, but it works because his anxiety and insecurity is always obvious.
  9. Probably - I don't really find her heartbreak funny, so it was weird to see it as a throwaway gag - but it was unexpected and added to her character so I kinda liked it.
  10. AlexanderThrond

    Should more have been done with the pillars?

    Nah, I never really cared about them.
  11. AlexanderThrond

    Why do people like Luna?

    Never thought I'd be the devil's advocate regarding Princess Luna, but here we go. I like her because, like every other character, I think she's cute and funny, both in her relative naivete towards the "modern" world and in her moody snark. I also like her for a lot of the same reasons as Celestia: she's wise and kind-hearted but is also implied to carry a lot of pain beneath the surface. I don't find her "the most relatable character in the show" like some people do, but she's still one of my favourites.
  12. AlexanderThrond

    Should Gay Ponies be allowed?

    Yes. There's no real difference between an opposite-sex relationship, of which My Little Pony has several, and a same-sex one.
  13. AlexanderThrond

    Rainbooms Age Predictions

    I guarantee you that Rarity's accent is fake. She probably got it from years of imitating posh people on TV. I don't think you can say that the United States even exists in that world. We have no idea what the map of humanland looks like. Anyway, 16-17 sounds right; unless they graduate within this season or the next, I'd call even 18 a stretch.
  14. AlexanderThrond

    Predict The Mane 7's future (plus Trixie!)

    University for the rest of her life, first as a student and then as a professor. University for science, then a career in streaming video games on the internet. Probably a dressmaking apprenticeship, then opening a successful local boutique. At least I think that's how that works, I'm not entirely sure. Back to the farm. No higher education. College on a sports scholarship, and then off to a professional soccer league. Baking apprenticeship, then employment at that bakery, and then taking over that bakery. Veterinary school, then founding her own animal shelter. Doing magic tricks at children's birthday parties. Probably gonna go to college, but not sure what degree she'll get. I think they'll keep in touch, but not as much as they did in high school. Certainly, they'll message each other on social media from time to time. I'm not sure whether they'll wind up living in the same city, but if they do, then they might remain a bit closer than otherwise. Nah.
  15. AlexanderThrond

    Sci-Twi: Love Her Or Hate Her?

    I like her but sometimes I feel she's too different from the Twilight I know. It's not so bad but the differences are a bit much at times.