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  1. I’m indifferent or mixed on most of these. “Bloom and Gloom” - I think there’s a psychological depth to this beyond what you usually see in this show, and the nightmare imagery is interesting. “Sparkle’s Seven” - Mostly I just found this really funny. “On Your Marks” - Funny, and I think this also does a good job of expanding on Apple Bloom’s identity and goals in life. “Applebuck Season” - Funny. ”Daring Don’t” - Not a fan of Dash in this, but the adventure story pastiche is fun. I’m not clear on why people take issue with Daring Do being real. “Luna Eclipsed” - Luna’s characterization here is one of the highlights of the show, but the moral bugs me. Seems weird that Luna should have to relive her trauma. “One Bad Apple” - I don’t really like the tone of this, but I do like Babs, and I wish this story were told from her perspective. ”No Second Prances” - This is a pretty serious offender for some of my least favourite trends in the show, and Pinkie is annoying in it, but Maud makes up for a lot. ”Fake It ‘Til You Make It” - This episode doesn’t make any sense.
  2. What do you mean by “main character”? She frequently gets episodes where the mane six barely appear. How is she not a main character?
  3. Yes, and because of that she will never be one of my favourite characters, but this will do for now. To be honest, I think she’s become dramatically more consistent these past two seasons; in season 7, especially, she would switch wildly between self-pity, bad judgment, and straightforward heroism in a way that never made sense to me. Now, she’s basically either Weird Twilight or Twilight 2.0, and I enjoy both versions of her even though I don’t think she stands out enough from the other characters.
  4. My name is Thrond, Alexander Thrond.:bedeyes:

  5. Oh I didn't even process the "move to Canterlot" line. Do they not hear themselves when they write this? Do they legitimately not realize that it looks like her entire life has been uprooted for a job she doesn't even want? Why is this supposed to be satisfying?! Honestly, it kinda feels like the current writers are repeating all of the same mistakes from when Twilight first became a princess. Oh absolutely. I alone don't have a systematic, consistent, or reliable perception of the character. But there are certain modes she slides into that I enjoy.
  6. Ok, ok, maybe I'll go into slightly more detail. "Lesson Zero" - That this still makes Twilight's motivations sympathetic even while she's doing weird crazy stuff is really impressive. "A Flurry of Emotions" - I think this is incredibly cute, and it's the first episode to properly address that maybe being a princess would be a bit stressful. "The Gift of the Maud Pie" - I just think this is a really charming and funny take on the old story. "Castle Mane-ia" - Like the above, I just find this really funny. I appreciate that there isn't anything serious happening in this one. "The Ticket Master" - Season 1 was a bit sketchy for a while but it's got a lot of funny episodes like this. Nowadays it seems pleasantly quaint. "Uprooted" - A little rote, but I do like the student six, and I think this does a fairly charming job of developing them a little. Not sure why it's so disliked here. "The Maud Couple" - The Mud Briar shtick got old fast, but the moral here is great, and there's a lot of funny moments, especially from Pinkie and Maud. "Too Many Pinkie Pies" - This is slightly too much Pinkie Pie for me, but there's a weird darkness around the edges that I find amusing. "Castle Sweet Castle" - I'm just not sure this goes deep enough to be so low-energy, and I was never that invested in the tree to begin with.
  7. They briefly seemed to be establishing Sunset's temper as one of her core traits, especially with her role in "Rollercoaster of Friendship," but it honestly seems like they've backpedalled a bit this season. I'm genuinely not sure why that is.
  8. Hasbro is FINALLY putting Sunset's Backstage Pass on Youtube! ^_^


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    2. Sparklefan1234


      @AlexanderThrond Meanwhile in Equestria, THE WINTERZILLA IS COMING! :wacko:

    3. AlexanderThrond
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       In the human world, the girls only have to deal with internal monsters brought forth by Equestrian magic.

      Equestria itself is a teensy bit different.  

  9. I just don’t find jokes about these characters doing things you wouldn’t expect all that funny. I also wouldn’t want her to not be shy at all, because then that’s just not Fluttershy. But that’s not really a concern right now.
  10. I'm enjoying these recent Equestria Girls chose-your-ending shorts. They don't seem to tell an overarching story like the ones last season did, but they're generally fun and don't have many awkward references to social media. 

    At some point, though, Sunset has to do something funny. I mean anything at all. C'mon, I know she has it in her. 

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    2. AlexanderThrond


      I'm sure it's coming eventually, but the YouTube releases have always been messy. Bummer that they're not fixing it now.

      Not really expecting much from that special, to be honest. 

    3. Sparklefan1234


      It was a pretty good special from what I remember. :)

    4. AlexanderThrond


      Alright, that's good to hear. I'll see when it comes to YouTube. 

  11. Quote

     Sunset being out-of-shape just reminds me that she has #relatable moments instead of a personality. 


    I like Sunset Shimmer but she does have moments where she feels sort of like a "blank slate" to me. 

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      After all of that work they didn't even get their prizes. :sunny:

    3. AlexanderThrond


      Ehh, it was rigged anyway. 

    4. Sparklefan1234
  12. Sometimes you forget that Sunset was a horse, and then she starts talking about Princess Celestia in her sleep. We were overdue for something like that. Applejack: That reference to Rarity bringing a private chef once again makes me wonder if she's rich. I never got that impression from Friendship is Magic. Also apparently Applejack actually enjoys crazy stuff like building a fire pit out of rocks, which makes me wonder what other things the girls could get her to do. Rainbow: Ehh. Don't really find the irony of Rainbow doing chill things that funny, and Sunset being out-of-shape just reminds me that she has #relatable moments instead of a personality. Pinkie: Pinkie clearly led Sunset to the drug-laced sweets. That is obviously what happened here. The Pinkie Pie lifestyle: not even once. You know, last year I really thought they were going to make Sunset more interesting. Oh well.
  13. Does this happen at music festivals? Just makes me even less interested in watching live music. I'm not standing for my entertainment. Rainbow Dash: I'm... a little surprised by Applejack not knowing sports words. I thought she was into sports too. "Slather my singing parts" sounds like a euphemism for something, and Applejack getting excited that she "told Dirk Thistleweed to slather away" can only be a double entendre. Also: is Dirk Thistleweed not his real name? Snips: I honestly thought Snails had gone off to get Snips' earplugs. Been a good year for him. Pinkie: Look, if Pinkie Pie can solve a problem with a wheelbarrow, clearly she will solve a problem with a wheelbarrow. This was my favourite of this season's chose-your-ending shorts. Great stuff all around.
  14. Fluttershy howling like a wolf makes me think she's a furry, which would explain a lot. Also, Mad Gamer Sunset is best Sunset.
  15. This is some peak Rarity right here. I dig it. She really should have packed a change of clothes, though. Also pretty funny that "Starswirl" is the name of the festival. Applejack ending: I... definitely don't want to know why she's sneaking up on pigs. Also, was the spa thing always there? It seems like it just showed up out of nowhere. Twilight ending: Pretty rude of Twilight to waste Rarity's time like that, but at least this one actually has a solution. Vignette ending: They still talk to Vignette? Why?