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  1. The rule of seven?

    Because seven is a perfect number of main characters, and Spike being a baby dragon doesn't quite fit alongside the pony girls.
  2. is Spike really a dragon?

    no, he's a drawing of a dragon.
  3. MLP feels like a very different show nowadays from its earlier seasons, for better and for worse. Those earlier seasons are what brought me into the show, and I feel like a lot of their innocence has been lost, but the stuff the show is doing now would never have happened back then. 

    1. TheNerdyGriffon


      yes it would imagine if she was still working on the show we may have not got war references , amazing silly faces or even the 100th episode o-o

    2. AlexanderThrond


      I think we still would have gotten silly faces if Lauren was still working on the show. I don't think she controlled the animation department so much. 

      Also, are you agreeing with me or not? It's kinda unclear. 

    3. TheNerdyGriffon


      ohh ya i do agree on it like for example : fluttershy , she is still adorable at times and a bit of her shyness moments but what made her actually be shy in the late seasons is kinda gone now but hey not everything is perfect just in progress :3

  4. episode discussion S08:E11 - Molt Down

    Very much enjoyed this. The rhythm could be tightened a little, and I would have preferred a different climax entirely, but this genuinely feels like a step forward for the show, and I'm delighted that something this fresh can come so late in the game, after I'd given up on the show taking risks like this. There's a sophistication to everything this episode attempts which I genuinely adore. Haber's clearly back on top form with this one. Point by point: It's funny! Spike's anxiety about his pimples is amusing, the slow escalation of his puberty signs is amusing, Rarity's loud tone of voice is amusing, and Pinkie Pie is hilarious. Mostly, this is anchored for me on how Spike reacts to each new stage of the "Molt," and how others react to him in turn, and that's pretty consistently clever even if the range of jokes isn't the most diverse. A lot of this has to do with the sharp dialogue, which is witty and organic without ever underlining itself too much. Big laughs aren't as frequent as in, say, "Horse Play," but there's just so much personality in each line, and I don't think that's just due to the performances. Spike's confusion at changes to his body are probably somewhat relatable for adolescent viewers, and while the moral is kind of specific to the show's fiction, it does resonate with the idea of growing up being a scary and confusing process. Seeing Spike go through something like that is intriguing in its own right, partially because of how he feels about it. It rings true when he avoids going outside because of his horrible dragon acne, for instance, and the variations in speaking volume are a clever take on voice changes. Learning about all of this was really neat, which leads me to the next point: The worldbuilding here is terrific. Like "Gauntlet of Fire," dragon society continues to be one of the most creative parts of this world, and I like the matter-of-fact presentation here, which is personal enough to avoid feeling overly judgmental of the imaginary dragon culture. I loved hearing about the horrible dragon puberty rituals, and the friendship school is a perfect way for Spike to gain more exposure to dragon culture without needing to abandon the ponies who raised him. As thematically appropriate as Rarity's and Twilight's presence is, I miss when Spike would hang out with the rest of the mane six, which made Pinkie's presence especially welcome, despite how limited it turned out to be. I also liked that Rarity's presence was mostly a coincidence - Spike was the only person available to model her dress, and then their paths just happened to cross again due to Rarity's ear infection. It's a step in the right direction, but still, have him hang out with someone else for a change. I quite liked the callbacks, as well, which are incorporated cleverly into the dialogue and contribute to the idea that this world isn't just trapped in stasis. I like to feel like there's a genuine progression of time which affects these people's experiences. And they're pretty funny too! Shout out to how proud Twilight is of her lecture, and to her ridiculous stack of notes. Best pony. Liked seeing Zecora have a bit more screen time. It felt like she had a somewhat wider emotional range this time around, and this is probably the most involved she's been in the plot since her debut. She's one of those characters who grows more appealing the more I see of her, and it's just lovely to see her fleshed out a little. As with many later My Little Pony episodes, this is pretty tightly written to theme, so there aren't a whole lot of peculiar divergences or specific nuances for me to discuss. I just like the main idea a lot and think this episode did a sophisticated job of exploring it while remaining funny. Not bad! Score: Entertainment: 8/10 Characters: 9/10 Themes: 8/10 Story: 7/10 Overall: 80/100 Oh, and of course, the simple fact that this gives Spike wings, permanently changing the status quo, is wildly exciting to me in this often static show.
  5. "The Molt Down" - Very amusing with the dragon puberty shenanigans, Rarity's deafness plotline, and Pinkie's nonsense, if somewhat uneventful, with scenes that go on a while. I'm sure this one will only grow in my opinion over time; my main complaint is just that it eventually relies on a cliched damsel-in-distress plotline, and doesn't offer up good enough action to compensate. But this episode is up there with "Surf and/or Turf" as having some of the show's best worldbuilding ever, and thematically it's far more mature than what the show usually gets up to. I even enjoyed the multiple references to past episodes, which give this a feeling of continuity which is always welcome in this show. It even breaks the status quo! I'm delighted to see the show is capable of demonstrating this level of sophistication. 

  6. Main character family that remains to be seen

    Yeah, her being adopted makes me much more interested than I would otherwise be.
  7. Do you think the Rainbooms are all hetero or not?

    Ok, 100% arbitrary headcanon time, because I honestly have no idea: Twilight - bisexual Rarity - heterosexual Applejack - homosexual Fluttershy - homosexual Rainbow Dash - heterosexual Pinkie Pie - pansexual Sunset - homosexual Twilight and Rarity must at least be heterosexual. I strongly headcanon that Sunset is gay. Otherwise, total guesswork. And Sonata may be dumb and cute, but she enjoys preying on humans and ponies as much as the other two. I’m not sure she wants to get along with her prey. I wouldn’t date her, though I’m not interested in such relationships anyway,
  8. Best Pony Picture of the year

    Excited Celestia is best Celestia.
  9. Uh, maybe Applejack? I like all of the designs a lot so I’m sort of picking arbitrarily.
  10. Main character family that remains to be seen

    Rarity’s family needs more focus, we ought to see something from Scootaloo’s folks, and seeing Sunset’s family at least explained in an Equestria Girls short would be wonderful. I hear something about Spike might be upcoming, which is particularly significant. I also want to know more about Cadance’s family, but I figure that’s not essential.
  11. S01:E24 - Owl's Well That Ends Well

    @Dark Qiviut I’m not denying the script’s contrivances, which generally feel too artificial to me to even attribute their behaviour to the characters. But Spike’s assumptions are not the most reasonable, and are all based on limited information and confirmation bias towards a relationship he has weirdly little faith in. Some things, like the bow tie, are hard to view in a positive light, but Spike shouldn’t be jumping to such conclusions without even discussing it, and if he’s not mature enough to weigh his long relationship with Twilight against the owl’s help, that’s not Twilight’s fault. Otherwise, I agree with @Meushell.
  12. S01:E24 - Owl's Well That Ends Well

    Twilight assumed that Spike would be glad to have a little help, and didn't recognize his jealousy. I don't think that's a reasonable interpretation of watching your friends dote over a cute animal who also happens to be very helpful. Still, Rarity giving him an identical bow to Spike's is just weird. That's where I'm coming from when I say this episode is contrived: to make Spike overreact and lash out, this episode comes up with very specific circumstances which don't always make sense. Except Owlowiscious was just trying to be helpful. Spike began to see things the way he did because the universe appeared to contort itself so he only ever saw things which confirmed his theory. Spike had it out for Owlowiscious from the start, when all he had done at first was help out with some chores. Although, that silly owl was pretty inconsiderate of when Twilight specifically asked Spike for help... I'm not entirely sure what you wanted her to do. Not reprimand Spike for hiding the scorched book? Not get upset when Spike tries to frame Owlowiscious for doing basically nothing wrong? Her tone's certainly harsh, but the episode does demonstrate that she cares about him.
  13. Will Lightning Dust make a return at some point?

    I'm starting to think it might not happen, which is a shame, because of all the minor villains this show has offered up, she seems like one of the most viable to reform and become, if not actually nice, at least sorta decent like Trixie. Iron Will's return last season shows the writers are still willing to do stuff like this, but there's not a lot of time left.
  14. Spike x Skeleanor

    You know a little more than me, but Smolder being Spike's sister seems quite unlikely. I don't mind either of these ships, but let's not pretend they're canon.
  15. Spike x Skeleanor

    Doesn't need to be a character we know. Shouldn't be Rarity, Ember, or Starlight, because they're all too old for him. Maybe one of the CMC's friends? Also, what's that about Starlight having somepony else?