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  1. There is one flaw with this and that is that it was announced that Princess Luna was also born an Alicorn in the past but was seemingly forgotten at the time of the episode
  2. Maybe I don't belong in the Brony Community :(

  3. This was the episode that either made you a Shy Fan or made you hate her - Personally I loved her and I have since ^^
  4. All I will say is "We need more of the GREAT AND POWERFUL Trixie" because she was not only the star of this episode but she should have been given more airtime throughout the series
  5. Was not a fan of this episode because the characters became like spoilt teenagers - One teenager had something and all the others claimed ownership of it and the teenager I suppose it was not too bad in general but I didn't enjoy it
  6. Its the Pilot Show that did exactly what it was meant to do - Introduce the Setting - Introduce the main protagonist - Introduce the main characters alongside the protagonist - Have the epic villain who is easily defeated - Introduce the authority figure What more could you ask for?
  7. I have heard alot of youtube reviewers knock this episode but I am glad there is a huge amount of support for it if the voting has anything to say about it
  8. Probably one of the best episodes from the entire show - It was simple yet had alot of important information, we finally got to see the new and improved looking Princess Luna, we got to see a character who had been away for 1000 years or so actually act like they had been away for 1000 years and not just get into the swing of things like it was yesterday and got to see so many characters be at their best in one episode. Absolutely LOVED this episode
  9. Greetings and Blessings to one and all of you, My Name is Soul Harmony and for today Blog I thought I would share with you all an idea I had for a really interesting Season Opener that features the return of the Dazzlings/ Sirens from the Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks Movie. Now, I am not going to go into huge detailed writing with Dialogue because, if I am honest, I am not very good at actually scripting but I will try to write down as much detail as I can to give you all the best picture of what I hope the episodes would look like if they were on TV. Hopefully you will enjoy it, maybe you will think it is good enough too but either way please let me know what you think about this in the comments below because I would really love the input from you, the brony community. Season Opener We start not in Equestria but in the alternate world in front of the Statue outside Canterlot High and Three Silhouettes walk up to it with the typical "Something bad in about to happen" then a hand reaches out and touches the portal which seems to be active at this time. Meanwhile in Equestria, the Mane 6 are enjoying some time together in Twilight Library when Pinkie Pie puts out the Portal machine and wonders why Twilight had not taken it down to which replies "its not like anything bad is going to happen if its still up" (Of course it will) During the night the Three Sirens seek though the portal, returning to the old forms but smaller and seemingly weaker than they were used to and they are spotted by Spike whose scream alerts Twilight who makes her way to their location and demands to know what is going on...Adagio informs Twilight of how they had watched the Statue for some time and they knew it was the key to their return to Equestria but they had to wait for the right time and that time was now. So they do the back and forth banter and Sonata lets slip that they are after a sacred magical artefact that can grate one wish from whoever holds it and with it they plan to restore their power without the need of their gems and take over Equestria as they had intended to do so many moons ago then the three crash through a window making their escape. Twilight informs Celestia about the situation and gathers the Mane 6 where Celestia tells the group that such an artefact does exist and its location can be discovered by reading a old book that was written by Starswirl the beard, the mane 6 will have to travel to a area of Equestria that only a few have gone to and it will be dangerous with many trails protecting the location of the item but the 6 inform Celestia that if the Sirens get the item first then the whole of Equestia will be in danger so they are willing to go through these trails in order to stop them. So lets assume there is like 6 trails and each trail is solved by each of the mane 6 own unique traits or skills and during this time Twilight is reading the book in stages like a narrator would whilst Rainbow Dash is questioning why Twilight is reading the book so much when the whole of Equestria could be in danger but Twilight sticks to it because she trusts Celestia. They finally get to the location where the item is and they are about to grab it when from behind Dusk flies in and grabs it before flying back behind the mane 6 to reveal that the Sirens had be secretly following them the entire time, they admit they had no idea where the item had been but they knew that by manipulating Twilight that she would eventually lead them to it. They all engage in a fight where the item is thrown back and forth until the item finally lands with Adagio and the Sirens use their voices to push the mane 6 back to a safe distance, Adagio raises the item into the air as Sonata and Dusk touch it too and proclaims their wish is to have their powers restored to their once true greatness so that they may take over this world...the Artefact shines brightly seemingly because it is now granting their wish but suddenly you see it start to crack and then explode as the Sirens look on in disbelieve. As the Three Sirens Fall to their knees Twilight steps forward and informs them and the rest of the mane 6 that she had know that this was going to happen all along because the book had informed her that when Starswirl had discovered it he placed a powerful spell upon it so that if anyone tried to use it for selfish gain that the item would be lost to Equestria forever. Defeated, The Sirens announce that they are far too weak to fight on and that the Mane 6 had won and if Twilight wanted she could send them back to the other world, Twilight ponders for a moment and then casts a spell on the three, with a huge light show for the big finale the dust settles and it is revealled that the Sirens have been turned into Ponies much to the shock of the others. Twilight tells the three that the spell will allow them to live on without feeling weak but the spell is protected so that they will never be able to return to their original forms again, she then informs them that they should leave before she changes her mind and with that the Sirens make their exit with Adagio turning around at the door to give that one last look before she too runs away. The rest of the Mane 6 question Twilight decision but she informs them that if she sent them back there was no proof that they would not try something again and then turns to Pinkie Pie saying she was right and its time to do the right thing which then cuts to her putting the last piece of the Portal into a box for storage with her friends, she then wonders if she did the right thing to which which the rest assure her it was the right thing and if not they will be there with her to sort it - Big Group Hug and End.
  10. Absolutely adored this episode if I am honest - It was really good to actually see the Cutie Map make its return and not just be a Season 5 thing. After a few episodes we also got to see Starlight Glimmer make her return although brief. The Song "It's gonna work" was by far one of the most enjoyable and fun Musical numbers that I had heard in a while - I am not saying it's the best but I think it could get into my top 10. The Message that you should be yourself rather than try to be like the others around you is a solid lesson for children (and Adults) to learn in todays modern society. And Lastly, Cumin and Saffron are nice additions to the Pony fandom, it's great to have more cultural diverse characters in the show and may even open the doors for even more fans to join the community.
  11. I don't know if I put it into Percentages but I am definitely Fluttershy, Princess Luna and Derpy rolled into one
  12. I was kinda hoping someone would see this and give me feedback or criticism if it didn't work but oh well :/
  13. I was diagnosed with Aspergers and High functioning Autism when I was 21
  14. Thinking up my next awesome Blog