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    I'm a dog groomer which counts for a pretty big interest of mine. Otherwise I pretty much enjoy anything from the horror genre be it movies, books, video games, etc and I simply enjoy reading in general. I'm an avid movie watcher as well and play video games when the interest strikes me. I've also been known to write fan fiction though I don't really have anything published anywhere yet...

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  1. My computer is now on its last leg. It's almost dead. Also I'm turning my mother into a brony.

  2. I live in a town that is overtaken by its love for basketball and our basketball team. Personally I am not a fan of sports. Not something I was ever into, but you can't walk two steps around here without running into our teams logo, mascot, colors, and other related paraphernalia. Basketball is a big subject and people will always stop and try to speak with you about it. Whenever there's a big game the area pretty much explodes into an overzealous show of love for our team. Should I be allowed to hate all sports fans now because it's being 'shoved down my throat'? Also why is it that, as I said, it's okay for people to harass me with sports talk despite my obvious disinterest but the second I make a mention about something having to do with MLP I'm told to keep my obsession to myself? Fact is hatred is never acceptable. I don't care if they've met the single most obnoxious and overzealous MLP fan in existence this does not give them the right to label every other fan under the same name.
  3. Sometimes you just have to sit down, watching some sad movies, listen to some sad songs, look at sad pictures, and just have yourself a really really good cry. It can feel so good to just get it all out.

    1. null123456


      ...My Reaction to the Red Ring of Death.

    2. Bohtty


      Science shows that it actually doesn't help to "let it out" usually...

    3. NoodleFox


      I have never gotten the red ring of death yet *knocks on wood* And I don't know I just always feel so much better after a good cry. If I try to hold it back I just make myself sick and stressed and get a headache. The worst I have to deal with when it comes to crying is puffy eyes.

  4. You know I realize that all the pony's names have something to do with their special talents and cutie marks as just a way to be cute in the show, but what if one episode dealt with a pony who had certain expectations placed upon them of what and who they would be, were named after that talent, and were even really really good at it but they didn't enjoy it? And rather the thing they did enjoy was something they had no natural talent at and struggled with to even be average at it? I would also be curious as to how their cutie mark would go in that instance. It's not quite as serious a problem as some of the others suggested, but it can be very crippling to have a passion and desire that you're not to good at while being expected to perform at something you have a knack for.
  5. Wait now I'm confused as to what I did.... I thought I had replied and quoted myself, but I guess I didn't, but then why did it have me quoting...myself.... Ugh let me try this again. I was saying that I had went on a Dead or Alive binge on the Dreamcast and played for so long that I actually caused my thumbprint to bleed. I didn't notice it had happened until mom saw the bloody fingerprints on the fridge when I went to get a soda. Also there was one time I got so angry at a game I was playing on my laptop that I threw the laptop to the floor and near destroyed it. That was a very costly lesson in anger management.
  6. "It has been said that time heals all wounds. I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue, and the pain lessens, but it is never gone." - Rose Kennedy Not the most pleasant thought and while there is truth in it, the pain of something so horrible will never completely go away, as long as we have family and loved ones who are there for us and care for us through those troubled times by some miracle we'll be alright. We may not be able to prevent tragedy, but just being there for your cousin and showing your love and support is a great comfort.
  7. How horrible.... it is devastating, but I can't even begin to imagine the pain the mother's must be in. I don't know how I would deal with it.
  8. Thank you for your kindness it truly does means a lot. It was a really hard time for the whole family and even though it's been several years since she still has a lot of trouble with it. Understandably so of course.
  9. I would have to disagree with this a little. Words can be very frightening if used to proper effect. I've read some books that scared me worse then any visual media out there, however those three fanfics... yeah they're mostly shock value for the sake of shock value with Rainbow Factory having at least a somewhat interesting idea behind it though defiantly not explored enough. Also A Canterlot Wedding end of part 1 and esp when Queen Chrisalis finally reveals herself. Everything about her character design gives me shivers.
  10. I always hated padded bras they were so uncomfortable. Really I hate bras in general. I try to go without if I think I can get away with it. I'm actually fairly pleased with my breasts I just wish my tummy was flatter even by a little so I looked more in proportion. Unfortunately genetics has seen to it that all my exercise and attempts at healthy eating will never be fruitful.
  11. My boss suggested taking a 5 hour energy drink to help me get through my stressful work day today so I did. I think an adrenaline shot to the heart would have been less effective.

    1. Twiliscael


      5-hour energy? You mean 5-day energy? :P

    2. NoodleFox


      Oh god I hope not... I think my heart would hammer its way out of my chest before then. It's certainly working on it now.

  12. Had a thought today. Lets assume they do make an episode dealing with death. They did it well and respectfully (whatever that means to you), but instead of airing it like a normal episode they make it available some other way. Either free to watch online or download or available via a DVD release, however would be best to distribute it. This way parents would have access to this episode to use as a teaching tool should they decide to and will be able to watch it with their children so they can talk to them and discuss the episode without having to worry about their child seeing it without them there to explain what's going on. The reason I thought of this is because one of my best friend's sister lost a baby a couple years back when the baby was only a year old. It was very tragic and heartbreaking for everyone as you can imagine, but the worst part was having to explain to her three younger children (the oldest was ten at the time if I remember) why their baby sister was gone. This is why I say, death doesn't care how old you are when it affects your life. I'm not a motherly person, I don't have children and probably never will, but do you think something like this would help someone in that position better explain the situation in a way their children could understand?
  13. Agreed. I think children are far more capable of understanding and learning to come to terms with concepts like this then most adults give them credit for. Children aren't immune to death and the effect it has on their lives just because they're young so what's the harm in preparing them for an inevitable reality?