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    Hiding from the Parasprites.
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    Anime, manga, writing, ponies, video games, horse back riding, betta fish keeping, tarantula's (I WISH I OWNED ONE T-T;) drawing, cooking, sewing, photography, doll collecting (Little Obitsu's and MLP figures shall join my collection very soon) roleplaying (TC FTW!) Trauma Center. Transformers.

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  1. Haha ah...This should be good. Hmm..I used to only eat rice and potato's whenever I had the chance....Still do. I still love all my favorite foods from childhood. But I used to despise seafood (thanks dad) and onions (thanks again daddy dearest) but now I can't get enough of 'em. I used to LOVE Barney as a kid.....I rue the day I ever got showed it. I loved Arthur....I still watch it. (Actually my whole family loves Arthur.) Pokemon anime - Loved it as a kid I still love the older eps but the newer ones feel kiddish to watch. TOO kiddish. Cro - Ugh I loved that show but felt silly watching it as a kid..Now I really wish I could see it again. My Little Pony - Heh hated it. Now I love it. What hasn't changed. Dolls - I loved dolls as a little girl I still have a collection just not as big...Still building up to a BIG BJD. Spiders - I still fear them but briefly wanted a tarantula. (Enough pics of molting T's turned me of) A weird love of medicine - I swear if I wasn't afraid of accidentily killing someone I'd be studying to be a doctor but I satisfy that with Trauma Center games. Spaghetti - I love it now loved it as a girl....But I hate the canned crap. Bleck.
  2. Arashi Takamine

    cotton candy ponies- rainbow

    It's super effective! Me too...I still have my cards of it.
  3. Arashi Takamine

    cotton candy ponies- rainbow

    I'm reminded of Winged Kuriboh for some reason...Fluffy....Cute...Big eyes...Wings....
  4. Arashi Takamine

    Mega Thread Post All of Your Funny Pony Pictures Here!

    Posting this one as qouted on my dA: On the internet you troll ponies. But..
  5. Arashi Takamine

    Mother's day!

    I got my mom eggies (she's been wanting a set for months) and some pedicure stuff....Her birthday is on Monday too so she's getting the gifts spaced out.
  6. Arashi Takamine

    How can you over come roller coaster phobia

    I used to be really nervous about rollercoasters until I got on one at the Mall of America. The Avatar Airbender. Once I conquered that and found it to be so much fun I wanted to go on all the coasters. The one I had the most fun on was the spongebob coaster that went in a loop near the end. It was a little scary but I was with my older cousins who were in the military and I figured if they could get on it so could I. And it was fun but my real nervousness with big coasters like that is the high rise pause before jetting down. I just close my eyes for that moment and open them again when it's descending. It's a lot of fun and feels like your flying.
  7. Arashi Takamine

    Pony Crossovers

    It's gotta be Transformers/Ponies or G-Gundam/Ponies.
  8. Arashi Takamine

    Let's brighten up your day Cause a little Miku always brightens up my day....
  9. Arashi Takamine

    General Media Favorite Creepypastas?

    I really wish I hadn't clicked this thread to have avoided Slenderman....It's so creepy but that video was sooo fake! Alright time for a real pasta:
  10. Arashi Takamine

    My Little Pony confessions and secrets

    Not just cause I like RD I just really find them not pleasant to watch but I won't say anymore then that. I don't wanna be a hater.
  11. Arashi Takamine

    My Little Pony confessions and secrets

    My confession? I hate the .mov video's. Especially the Shed one.
  12. Arashi Takamine

    How would you change the finale?

    Moar music and moar Mane 6 getting kick a$$
  13. Arashi Takamine

    Pony Weddings

    My BFF and I were having a very similar debate after the wedding episode. Our conclusion? "They must have bracelets for Earth ponies and pegasi!" Because it just makes sense.
  14. Arashi Takamine

    Synchtube Party! 4/27/2012

    Thirding this. I missed it.
  15. Arashi Takamine

    You have 3 seconds to answer

    How do I save up for a BJD?