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  1. So I was never actually banned from the Minecraft server because I am not Iyatsu. I am not EIat10s. I am a next-level white night who has been masquerading as him for the past 2 and a half years in an attempt to social engineer him into not being banned. Now, I really WOULD have given his banned account donator status if I could have figured out the buy craft link XD. Now why would I do this? Simple. For sport. And If I had succeeded I would have made my friend very happy, but its pointless now and it has been for some time. At first it was about helping my friend who, frankly told me to give up, but it became about my pride. I wanted to say 'Ha! I did it!' But yeah, I'm curious to know, is this a first? It also should be noted this was not the real Iyatsu's idea, this Charade was mine alone.
  2. Circumstances have limited my internet access.
  3. EIat10s I was banned back in 2015 for a number of things, not the least of which was my poor attitude. Still, I would like to contribute in any way I can.
  4. Hello again everypony! I was thinking this forum could be filled with the screenshots of the most awesome builds on the server!
  5. You guys never did get back to me on this~
  6. I meant from the minecraft server.
  7. Could I have the link to the buycraft store? I'm banned yes, but I'd still like to donate. :-P
  8. Very cool stuff! Thank you guys so much for the pictures!
  9. Are plans the same for the creative world? For it to simply be moved in its entirety?
  10. Iyatsu


    Will there be a way for us banned players to donate I'll be starting a new career soon! Hey, maybe I could donate on behalf of other people who can enjoy the benefits.
  11. Iyatsu

    BOI Y

    Hey man don't worry. I'm banned too, but you can still be a part of the community and contribute here on the forums, in live stream and other places! I may not be able to be on the server but I still want to be a helpful member of this community!
  12. Absolutely! And I apologize for having given you guys a hard time in the past, You really do a fantastic job!
  13. Wow! These are so cool, Good luck to everyone!
  14. I plan to be as active and helpful as I can here on the side lines :-P I may be banned from the server proper but that doesn't mean I cannot still be a positive force in our community! But um... will you guys post lots and lots of pictures for me?
  15. Oh! I love that auto-step is finally in the game legit! Before you had to mod it and most servers considered it a cheat so you couldn't use it, really. I think the fossils are pretty cool too, actually!