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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. An anime I see, and moe no less. Hmmmm points for the neverending flow of nosebleed though. 7/10
  3. So one of the most inspiring things to me in this fandom was seeing all kinds of ponysonas from all kinds of people. They've all inspired me so much, even the ones with over the top designs. I just loved the creativity. So the point of this thread is to show of your own ponysona! Any kind of creative works! digital art, pencil sketches, even screenshots from pony maker sites! I'll start with mine... She's still new and currently doesn't have a name but I'm still very proud of her
  4. Hey friends, if theres anyone that actually wants to talk to me or anything, I'm afraid I would be able to for a little while. I'm currently sitting in a plane about to head out of the country for vacation so I porbably won't be active for a little while. My apologies for having to leave after having just come back. I'll be me active when we come back, promise!

    1. FlitterFlutter


      well, I am not currently friends with you be we can talk.

  5. Alright cool, thank you! I just wanted to make sure cause for some reason it only seemed to be counting new threads but I guess it's not. Thank you again!
  6. Ahhh thank you! <3 Man I've been drawing for really as long as I can remember. Art's been my passion for some time ^v^ Eee I'd be happy to post some more! Although those are the only pony related ones I currently have so I'll probably have to post anything else on the non pony art forum. And unfortunately, not really. I very occassionally post some things on tumblr but that's pretty rare. Thank you again aaaa (/)^ ^(\)
  7. Sorry if I'm interrupting here eheh, but I'm not sure so I'm gonna saaaay cute. I choose cute for you (cause your avatar is so cute ^v^)
  8. Cube I'm gonna take that as both a pun and seriously so here are two responses: UNBELIEVABLE and Man I wasn't even trying to make a reference but I feel ya