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  1. Time to put it here for all eternity, @Princess of Luck 🍀🔥


    Lucky Bolt is the stallion.


  2. It’s hard on your insides to digest, it’s cows milk. It’s meant for cows not people. Duuuuh.
  3. I have said this once but I will say it again: 


    What happens in your truck, stays in your truck. :arethosehands:

    Hehe anywaaaay, yeah I don’t think Matt likes taking my boyfriend for rides. He gets jealous. :sealed:

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    2. Princess of Luck 🍀⚡🔥

      Princess of Luck 🍀⚡🔥

      Yeahhhh @Bas that someone is ya :P


    3. Bas


      It is not me who got the reputation.

    4. Princess of Luck 🍀⚡🔥

      Princess of Luck 🍀⚡🔥

      @Bas Butttt Mattt put me up to it. He told me to put the camera in her truck.  :awwthanks:


      I personally only put cameras in bathrooms :nom: JkJk


      But seriously loool I'm not that weird



  4. Congratulations for earning 30000 brohoofs, BFFFF! :mlp_yeehaa:

  5. Only thing good about cow's milk is the calcium. And I do like the taste a lot, even when it's warm. Otherwise it's really hard on your stomach.
  6. What were you expecting? Haha he does talk as much as Big Mac. Sounds like him too.
  7. Yay for getting 30000 brohoofs! :yay:

  8. Ayyyyy 30,000 brohoofs ^_^ Well done

  9. Well here's me and @⚡Bolt-imate Cyclone⚡ from a couple hours ago.
  10. You ever eat so much you feel super SUPER sleepy afterwards? Yeah that’s me right now. :Thorax:


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    2. Fluttershyfan94


      Try setting yourself an exercise plan I can help you do one as I've done so for many other people. I'm very interested in training of both the body, spirit and the mind.

    3. Princess of Luck 🍀⚡🔥

      Princess of Luck 🍀⚡🔥

      And I’m interested in eating. That’s pretty much it :wacko:

    4. Jojo
  11. Uh, no. Our cell phones are already tracking us, among other things. I don’t think we need any more government tracking devices added to the list thank you lol.