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  1. Twilight asked Celestia "Has a pony a Buddha nature or not?"

    Celestia answered "Neigh!"




  2. Because I haven't found "the one" yet
  3. Interesting fact: Somnambula's name (Somnambula is the Egyptian pony, for those of you who don't remember), comes from the word "somnabulate" which, accordin to the Merriam-Webster dictionary means: "To walk when asleep."

    Is there any intersting pony facts or lore that you'd like to speak?

  4. You may have one single mind, but the brain is made up of many parts that have highly specialized functions.

    The two hemipheres of your brain each have their own specializations.

    The left hemisphere of the brain controls the right side of your body and it mainly specializes in producing and interpreting speech.

    The right hemipshere controls the left side of the body, and its primary specialization is the interpretation of visual stimuli.

    The two halves of the brain communicate and work together as a single unit... to make "you". The "I".

    But what if the two halves were separated?

  5. A sudden shift in the weather this Monday, heralded by an enormous gust of wind that managed to push me off of the large bag of saw-dust that I was standing on top of. Only a few moments later, I was wishing that I'd brought my winter coat.

    In other news, my first day of college was off to a rocky start. My first two classes were cancelled, because of the flipping of the weather. My public speaking class was the only one that wasn't cancelled. The thought of a public speaking class stirs my anxiety, but that will have to be subdued if I am to pass.

    To those of you who read, and those who didn't, I wish you an excellent and whimsical day.

    1. PiratePony


      Heh public speaking closes for nothing. My first semester of college started off...and  9/11 happened; every class cancelled...except for public speaking.

      Good luck with college and enjoy yourself. 

    2. HeavenlySun


      Thank you, PiratePony. I will do my best.

  6. Last time I posted, I was planning on joining the Air Force. That is no longer my goal. Too many complications, too much paperwork, too much bureacracy, not enough progress. Now, I am going to college. How ironic.

    Can I even hope to express how excited I am, in mere words? Short answer: No.

    There's so much to learn and so many people to meet, and I'm excited for that.


    In other news, check out this photo of deep space, taken by the DEcam.




    All of those dots are galaxies, each one with millions or even billions of stars. Billions and billlions of worlds.

    There's a lot more to life, than what's down here on earth.

    I've been told that my head's in the clouds. Can they really blame me?

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    2. HeavenlySun


      A shame. I probably could have gone in if I were more patient, but all of the waiting, and all of the delayals dampened any ambition I had at the time.

    3. The Cynical Lone Wolf

      The Cynical Lone Wolf

      I would join Navy/Army/Maries, but I don't trust them considering, especially The Air Force, are hiding shit   behind the public's back

    4. HeavenlySun


      It's all up to you.

  7. I got my weight checked at the doctor's office today. I am now officially not underweight. I'm finally normal weight.

    I could join the army right now. I could join the air force.

    I feel like I'm invincible. I feel like I can do whatever I want.

    I didn't want life's lemons. I didn't make lemonade. I don't like lemonade. I demanded to see life's manager, and I burned life's house down with a combustable lemon cannon. Take your damn lemons back, life.

    I win.

  8. No thank you. It would be filled with shipping. Gross. It would end up like a fan fiction, at best. Which is the worst possible outcome. I always interpreted it as an "get off of your hindquarters and make something of yourself" kind of song. As for the Storm King being similar to Donald Trump... I see very few connections. The only parallel that I see is that both The Donald, and The Storm King make me laugh. But, I suppose it is very open to political interpretation. Politics make me mean, so I don't talk about them. Not here.
  9. It probably did drive way a lot of people, just like season 3 did, but that's their loss. If it can be called a "loss" In my eyes, season 6 was not a strong season. It had some of the best and worst episodes, but nothing in-between, most were boring, and there were too many forced memes. I can still say that I enjoyed season 6, but it doesn't measure up to the others.
  10. Because, those eyes look like my eyes, and I like the aesthetic. I even have similar glasses.
  11. I'm getting too tired to come back with good comebacks. Consider yourselves lucky, because I'm going to sleep so that I don't injure myself.