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    Music, singing when no one's around, drawing OC's and super fashionable ponies in flashy poses. Unfortunately can only do so with pencil and paper ;~;

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  1. SomeCoffee

    researching Mobile Redirect ads

    I've been getting these redirects on mobile this past week. Whether it's been going on longer than that I can't say, I visit here periodically. It's odd but on posts it doesn't redirect, however it does so for the page containing all like the posts of a topic. It happens in Art Trades, Requests, even the Site Questions and Tech Support page before this one. And it occurs after I'd say 10-15 seconds. Should I just turn ads off for the time being? I've donated before (even though it doesn't show) but if ads could give this site a teency amount of extra income I'd rather have em on.
  2. Here is my Scare Effect. I'm sorry I couldn't really tell what the Cutie Mark exactly looked like in her picture, so I just did what the bio said (a shield with skull). Also I changed the shirt to match her red hair, I just couldn't handle the drawing with too much white. So if you really wanted a white shirt I'm sorry I kept the rest of the design though This was a really fun draw I don't see many peeps dress and accessorize their ponies this much, so when I saw this I knew I'd have a good time Hope you accept this trade, if you don't I had fun and good practice anyways
  3. Hey ya still doing trades? I'd like to draw Scarce Effect. lol I agree she looks rather strange, though I'd call it diffferent. I love her shirt and different hair style. Also it's admiral when someone aims to improve themselves, I want to improve too. I don't have an OC but I always ask people to draw Radiant Hope instead
  4. It's honestly hard for me to find a video genuinely creepy, but THIS, I seriously can't finish watching it or keep looking at it. After 2 years and 1k views, I'm surprised more people haven't seen it.
  5. You're exactly right! The creator of this dress took inspiration from "fin de siècle" characteristics, which is part of the Victorian era.
  6. Randomly saw a pic of Bubbles (a Gen 1 pony) in Google images, I really was looking for a pony to draw this Chistian Doir dress in and thought she was perfect And even after drawing it, I still can't wrap my head around what this hat is trying to accomplish The pony The pose The outfit
  7. 7.5/10. I feel like this is the type of song I'll love more the more I listen to it. Love the chill vibes of the intro and outro, and other than that it's a nice song in general. Also that album art is gorgeous. Kiss_of_Love_and_Revenge_HD.mp4 I hope this mp4 works, all the vids on youtube had this looped a ton, so I just cut a vid down to one play edit: guess not
  8. SomeCoffee

    Art Trade?

    Ayyy! She's lovely! I love the serious glare she's giving. Also the detail/lines on her eyebrows and cutie mark are prestine. And yeah I understand the fact that life gets in the way first hand, it's why this reply took awhile too Thanks for the trade
  9. SomeCoffee

    Visual Art Mouse - My kid's book character

    Might just be me, but I tried on two devices and can't see the picture... But the idea sounds cute, I can imagine the mouse's siblings coming together to help it at the end. Sorta expressing the importance of forming connections with the people you have. I just hope the addiction theme isn't too mature. Because the phrases "childrens' book" and "the dark journey of addiction" are two TOTALLY opposite levels of tone
  10. 7.5/10 Catchy, catchy, catchy! Love the guitars!
  11. SomeCoffee

    Art Trade?

    Here ya go. Tried to get a left & right profile shot, plus a front.
  12. SomeCoffee

    Art for Art!

    Examples of stuff from various times: I prefer pencil and/or pen. I can also do quote, unquote, 'digital' art,like the last 4 pics show, but it honestly might take me a week longer (which is why I don't prefer it.) Plus my coloring needs tons of work. If you want to trade I'd hope for a Radiant Hope. Nothing special, anything really. And if anything, I'd prefer to draw clothes
  13. SomeCoffee

    Art Trade?

    Think my colors are kinda off, and I hope I got the cutie mark close enough. Also I have to say I love the hair 'cause the flowy...squigly-ness, but this was the most confusing hair I've ever tried to draw. Could you draw Radiant Hope? If you're still doing trades, that is..
  14. Tried to ponify the reference pic in the corner using fashion pony. Ran into trouble when trying to translate the legs of the woman. I don't think there's any feasible way for a pony to sit and have their legs positioned like that. So I settled for this: Where one legs is on the stool going straight out and the other off the stool straight down(sorta like the pic.) Which sucks because the legs were a really cool part of the pose Also the Celestia painting was originally a stallion in the reference, it was actually really fun getting her pose in there.
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