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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Do you have a Discord server? Do the members, for some reason or another, like ponies colored in an aesthetically pleasing manner? Do you enjoy a bit of goofy humor and sarcasm? If you answered yes to any of these questions, or if you're just, like, really bored, then DashBot might be right for you! DashBot is a music and reaction bot currently in development by yours truly. And although it is nowhere near the final product, it is still capable of a wide variety of features, including: Streaming youtube, bandcamp, and soundcloud songs Banning and unbanning members Standard reactions such as booping, bapping, ect. Chatbot features Perhaps the best part of DashBot is that because of it's relative obscurity, it can be crafted to give a more unique and personal experience than other bots. And if you ever want to request a feature, all ya gotta do is ask. I'm always looking for ways to make the bot more appealing to a larger userbase. The invite link below should give DashBot all the permissions it needs to hit the ground running. Feel free to send a message to me at any time at Lilly#9177 Hope to hear from you soon! :3
  3. Banned for disturbing the church of NOM with your heresy There is only one punishment for treason like this. I needed a snack anyway o3o
  4. Banned because maybe I'm poisonous and just trying to protect you AND NOT MY RIBBON!
  5. You... you know how the hose wiggles when it comes out, don't you
  6. Banned for thinking that any gross pumpkins could ever be as good as an apple
  7. Hawaiian Pizza... are you referring to that pineapple monstrosity? It cannot ever be referred to as pizza. Yuck yuck yuck Green olives?
  8. Banned for any mention of these.... god things. I will be reporting you to Empress Derpy for high treason
  9. I'm just gonna walk up to him naked and shoot him in the head with my missile launcher
  10. Bloodsucking without expressed written consent
  11. . . . Everyone is banned for apparently thinking I'm food
  12. Banned for assuming they aren't already... >:3
  13. All three of us are banned because Muffin is maser race.