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  1. I'm living in a Big city, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 3M Habitants.
  2. 70 days ago start watching this show and I became brony, today I finished watching the sixth season. Each season I am more surprised by this show and I am very happy to belong to this great community.

    We'll see what season 7 brings us, maybe take a break and wait a bit to see it, or maybe wait for it to be folded to my native language, i'm not very good with English.

    So, I'm very happy, I send a hug to everypony!


  3. awwww so cute, surely she has dreamed with King Sombra
  4. Good job, I like the dark and creepy style that you chose. Especially the first image of twilight, looks quite disturbing.
  5. Looks good, simple but good, nice job.
  6. I hope it is not another excuse to sell toys, as if it were equestria girls ... I hope you have a script and the quality that has the series.
  7. Haha, it`s so funny, great work!
  8. I used a tempo map to synchronize the audio, it's true, there are a couple of phrases that are a little bit out of time, just a couple.
  9. Nice job men! looks good
  10. Hello, my pony friends, I share a mashup I made of Linkin park and MLP. hope you like. Download link