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  1. Favorite Songs From The Show

    My favorite song is The Magic Inside from The Mane Attraction
  2. Quenn Chrysalis (modelling clay)

    wow, nice work, looks great!
  3. Favorite voice of the Mane 6?

    My favorite voice is Rainbow Dash, her voice is so cute!
  4. Nice to meet you.

  5. gaming Video games you play before bed

    Before going to sleep, I play "Left 4 Dead 2", I release all the bad of the day killing dozens of zombies.
  6. I can't stop hearing this!

  7. Rainbow Dash as Goku

    Nice work! this look amazing!
  8. Midnight Sparkle and Catrina

    I insist that your disturbing style enchants me, those shadows are very well worked!
  9. Rarijack Art :)

    awwww, so cute, it's a sweet art, nice work!
  10. scootaloo Scootaloo Tracer

    Looks cool, great work!
  11. So, which is the best remix you've ever heard? I personally like these.
  12. How and when did you become a brony?

    I became a brony in February of this year, Had heard of the show before, but had not given much importance. I was much struck his male fandom, and I started researching because that's, I personally became a brony for a Spanish youtuber called Dayo, It simply caught my attention as someone with his audiovisual criteria looked at a show like that. So, I removed my doubts and I started watching the show, and I fell in love. PD: You should put the survey in 2017 already
  13. Another improved drawing ^^;

    I love your drawings, you have talent
  14. Do you watch MLP with your family?

    To my family it seems immature that an adult like me watch MLP, and I do not have any friends bronies, so, I have to watch the show in solitude in my room.
  15. A quick drawing xD

    Nice work! looks cute!