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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. I am not so sure about this. It might be interesting, but some of those villains are far to reformed to come back as villains.
  3. Yup. I am sure that character will be back though. Especially since they are in the comics a lot. Probably be brought back sometime and made into a mind slave and then freed.
  4. I have a guess as to how the series will truly end. Grogar will be the shows one and only unredeemable enemy at the end despite it going against the curve for what the show teaches. Cozy glow, being a "friendship based enemy" is going to try her cutest and darndest to befriend Tirek and Chrysalis non stop. Eventually when it gets to the end of the series to the finale we are going to see moments of Grogar treating Chrysalis and Tirek and Cozy Glow, basically as his slaves. I think that with what Cozy Glow has learned about friendship at that school while trying to use it to gain power is going to play in a lot here. I think SHE is what is going to reform Tirek and Chrysalis. I think that at one point, towards the moment when the story seems it is going to end ( I cannot think of what that word is right now, someone please help me. The name for the height of the story at the most important moment before its conclusion begins? Like right just as the bad guy is going to win and when the story is at its most tense...what's that word! GGAH! It's bothering me) I think Grogar is going to do or say something that will drive Cozy Glow to do something, something like Stand up for her new "friends" Tirek and Chrysalis. Something like, You cannot say that to them or do that to them" etc. I think grogar might even try to hurt or KILL one of the two and cozy glow, with her friendship lessons in hand and having truly found someponys...or some monster and changeling, that she can truly understand and relate to since they too are power hungry villains and having spent ALL that time together for so long since we have no idea how many months in prison Cozy Spent with Tirek in Tartarus, I think she might stand up to Grogar somehow and maybe, maybe even become Hurt by a spell or some other thing he might do to hurt or even kill her villainous friends. When Chrysalis or most likely Tirek, since she has spent the most time with him sees her stand up for him and even maybe get really badly hurt, he might ask something like "why would you do that, for me?" Triggering the three most powerful words in all of animation, "because we're friends". With friendship swelling up in tirek and Chrysalis finally, I think an event like this is what is going to most likely happen setting up for the one key part of Grogars "master plan" to fail since it would instigate the one thing that his plans never accounted for and that is the evil villains learning the value of friendship through each other and I think they will end up saving the mane six and the land of equestria.
  5. Once for tonsils and the other for my apendix and another for a broken arm.Tonsils when I was in first grade, Broken arm 5th grade and apendix when I was 25.
  6. Cryptocurrency is just Tulips. It's the south sea bubble 2.0 and anyone who will ever invest in it will be brought to ruin. Especially those who invested heavily in the thousands when it was only 12 dollars for a coin. There is already stories of people who joined early to mid game who have lost tens of thousands of dollars and are in debt now because of the crash. It will go up, sky rocket and then crash hard core again one more time before utterly failing and once it does, all other coins will fail with them with maybe, MAYBE a few clinging onto obscure internet sub culture groups in the dark web for use for trading for cp, drugs and hit men like the majority of bit coin is used for already. Every penny wasted on it could had been money spent on real money, like stocks in a legitimate company that sells an actual tangible government regulated and recognized product that has tangibility and substance to its value and use. I will never waste a single penny on it.
  7. I absolutely HATE Eggplant. It is the most Vile thing I have ever eaten in my life. The one time I had it my mommy made it and if she cannot make it edible than no chef on earth cooking it into anything else ever could. It was the only time I ever, growing up with my parents, both simultaneously had food AND went hungry at the same time. How anyone could ever eat that wretched BILE is beyond me to possibly comprehend! Other close seconds would include Sushi - BLECK! Most Fish - Only on occasion can I actually eat it. OYSTERS! ...Holy crap why do people eat these?
  8. The fandom was at its peak at seasons 1-2. Then it died off in droves around season 4 because 4 chan and the trolls stopped pretending. It's been slowly going in cycles of reduction and stabilizing since then. The fandom is at its weakest right now I believe but I don't think it has shrunk in some time, at least since season 7 it looks like I haven't noticed a lot less activity in the number of people who like the show. So seasons 1-2 for when it was strongest and now when its weakest. Makes sense though, most shows are at their weakest base when they are near or at their end.
  9. Gen five will be a series of Afterschool PSA's ( you know, those very special after school specials) followed by a commercial to sell you the toy of the characters or places or situation featured in the episode! The mane cast will consist of background ponies who previously have never had a speaking or acting roll in any episode of any of the seasons prior to this.
  10. All of my ponies are NRFB, except my pinkie pie 4th dimension which is greying and is my bedtime friend. Everything else is nrfb on top of each other stacked on book cases.
  11. Some of the fan made vinyl toys. I have a statue of Discord and Fluttershy that is of liimited signed quality. But, for actual merch that isn't that, I would say the Funko Vinyl ponies are the best. I really REALLY wish I could had joined the fandom before they stopped selling them. I have quite a few, but come cost me a LOT more than they originally sold for. Like my Glitter twilight that is about 200$. I payed 100 for that. 75$ for the normal luna and so much more for some of the others. I remember seeing a glitter luna in the local hot topic and thinking it looked weird when about a year or so before I started watching. If I was a fan then, I absolutely would had picked it up and I would have that crown jewel as a part of my collection. Because, that toy NRFB is 400$ easily.
  12. Cozy looks and acts almost exactly like Darla Dimple from Cat's Don't Dance. She is evil, manipulative, and probably had the most intelligent plan of any villain in the entire series by far. She is now my favorite villain.
  13. Just saw this episode yesterday on a binge watch. I LOVED IT! I hope we get another trixie song, but I doubt it. Oh well...