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  1. I want to take a moment right now to express how I feel the show coming to an end, give an analogyof how I feel it coming to its end and I want to see if anypony else out there also feels this way. Or how DOES it make you feel inside. The saddest thing is that thinking about it ending, it reminds me of that Episode of "Hey Arnold" where they go to the oprah and at one oprah themed dream sequence before helga kisses arnold she wakes and and as she walks out of the theater with her friends, phebie asks her if she liked the show and she states to her, It was good, too bad it ended so soon"> It was something like that she said. It's like we have all been in a dream, a very nice lovely dream and now we have finally woken up and now it's over, and just like a real dream it ended too soon. Dreams often end very quickly since you don't have any perception of time and when something like that ends, like being in a dream or when you time skip due to drugs like marijuana or anything else you can imagine where you perception of just how much time passes, you don't realize how much time passed and it's almost like no time passed at all since that day when you saw the very first episode that made you fall in love. The worst thing being is that you don't have very many memories but just points in time that you remember in junctions in between the different parts that left the biggest impression that you can still remember, but as you keep thinking it just seems that no time has passed during this dream and it ends before you realized that it had ever really started going. That is how the end of my little pony feels to me. It feels as though I had fell in love with a dream that ended before any time had passed before realizing it was ever really coming so soon. I never even got down to practicing how to draw so I could inevitably draw my own OC's, I never could draw anymore than a stick figure. I wanted more time on my mlp / gaming channel and before I realized when I was trying to pay off my credit and then save up for a computer, G4 was ending. Plus, there was a lot of general laziness too. I still haven't gotten to play that MMO mlp game I heard about a while ago that last time I cared to check was still in some sort of closed beta. Legends of equestria I think it was called. But anyway, now I am rambling, what is your feelings about it?
  2. Star Petal

    Season 9 CONFIRMED to be the last season.

    I have been saying season 9 was the final season since season 4, actually. It's been confirmed by hasbro from a long time ago that this is exactly what they intended from at least season 3 or so.
  3. Star Petal

    Season 9 Theme

    I think the final season will wrap up the last stuff the writers want to, but ultimately revolve around how all of the elements of friendship are in each and every one of us. Every reflects each element in their own unique and special way and If we can just recognize it within ourselves and each other the power of not just our friendship, but the friendship of everypony can overcome anything.
  4. Star Petal

    What if Sombra isn't Sombra?

    This was actually one of the very first thoughts when I first saw Sombra as the teaser. I think you are right about that. Sombra has already "according to people I read online" been redeemed, so it would make zero sense to do it in the show too.
  5. Star Petal

    The Tree of Harmony and Elements

    I bet this is going to end like one of those "the elements were all of us all along" type of endings.
  6. Star Petal

    What will Discord do once Fluttershy passes away?

    I think ponies live a lot longer than people do, so they still have plenty of time.
  7. It is my third experience taking pot candies, and right now I know I am time traveling right now. I walked into another dispensary, and here is what I remember. 1. White boxy room. 2. I walked up and asked for the edibles. 3. I was told it was cash only. 4. I...think I remember getting cash out and then her telling me its gotta be in a sealed bag.. I don;t remember walking out or 99.9% of anything that happened along the way. I barely remember walking into my work place and using the fax machine. It's like I was also aware of it and waited and expected my time skips to occur. I fucking love this feeling, but large portions of memory time skipping you around is terrifying. I literally hardly remember walking into another dispensary, and yet I have a white bag. I just checked my pockets before writing this to make sure the 40 bucks I had to spend that I remembered to pick up the change. I don't remember even handling my wallet. I think I want to experiment more with this lol.
  8. Star Petal

    Fuse your username with the person above you.

    Star Supreme
  9. Star Petal

    Fuse your username with the person above you.

    Star Wolfe
  10. Star Petal

    S08:E05 - Grannies Gone Wild

    Rainbow Dash trapped with hundreds of years of old? On a trip to Las Pegasus? Sounds Legit!
  11. Star Petal

    Do you find characters attractive?

    Only their human characters. But, this photo ( ITS SFW don't worry) is quite good, and I would call it sexy.
  12. Star Petal

    Nightfall Shadow

    Nightfall Shadow
  13. We all know it is about a 50% possibility that the Windigos might be the final villains in the series, if they don't hold off on Chrysalis or tirek or something. Do you guys think it is remotely possible that they might end up ruining the Windigos like they did the Changelings? I do not want to see the windigos end up the color of fruit loops and suddenly start talking about their feelings like they do. How likely do you think it might be that is what they would end up doing to them if they started doing that?
  14. Star Petal

    Fuse your username with the person above you.

    Star Mane ....interesting.