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  1. The night thoughts.

    Was reading status updates....

    When I was in school, we had to "remove snow from the schoolyard" classes instead of "technology classes" (classes about mechanic toys, wooden or metal things manufacturing, soldering, working with mill, drill, lathe machines). The heavy share of life in slavic world. It made me conservative and arсhaic. Or it's just me an a second grade pwny that living in low social layer. But... I think... This is might be true. Clearly, despite the western pc-politics and tolerance, the people (humans or pony, someone else, doesn't matter) is divided by layers and breeds. I think so. In my life I can't change the role of second grade worker because I already grew in this layer. Anyway, I can change it only in the future, anyway not now.

    Why am i so critical? Because im done technical school and I am the work class. I think about it and it's make me sad. By this reason im working only for money. I saw this manufacturing stuff and knowlege buried in the ground. I want to live, play videogames and be a happy sad fatalistic grey pegasus with frowning face. Hoofkick this TI14 and milimeters, milling tools, drilling tools, this plastic and metal particles that always flying around and sometimes direct in my face. Gosh it's just my 4-th year of working. And I'm already unhappy-as-hell. It's not hard, just hoofkicking depressingly. Good place, nice people, easy work. But Goddes, how this hoofkicking sad.

    I was a grey paladin of our fandom. I was following tha main idea of brony. I was not judge anyone. Dark bronies, sick cloppers... Anyone could use my shelter, drink my tea and tell me about their problems. But adult life a little bit broke me. Im still me... Requiem, the gloomy grey pegasus. But... Now i have become lonely. Lonely to heresy. My special mare is a part of clop side of us. The all things that I did not take, but tolerated... Now is a part of my life through our relationships. Just because once i was completely alone (i have a native family, but im talking about different things) and send a post in role-play group. 

    What I end up with? I don't know. I heard that person have different persons in different languages. Seems like my english-speaking person is weak-spirit and needs to write pastes like this, can't bear all inside. It's funny, because he is also toxic and politically intolerant as hell. 

    Also, nice prictice in English btw. Im glad that didn't used translator in 98% of text.

    That's all. Requiem (my name) out.