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  1. hey guys! i need help with writing a plot for a project i wanna do. it’s gonna be like if celestia ever died or something happened to her and Luna took over, what would happen and that kind of stuff. so i need help with the plotting and stuff.
  2. Will princess Luna one day rule Equestria? Your thoughts and opinions are highly supported!
  3. Hey everyone! So i was wondering if anyone could help me out with a video project I'm wanting to do lately. Basically, here's the idea: So Princess Celestia has died, and has given her throne to Luna. But the night of the coronation, Queen Chrysalis is there, and stops the coronation. She says that Equestria has until sundown the next day to evacuate, until she retakes the throne. So, the mane 6 and princess cadence, shining armor, and Luna, all meet up at Rarity's carousal boutique. I need some more vectors, since I'm working on the project with just vectors I could find on the internet. I need as much help as I can possibly get!
  4. Hey everypony! Oswald CobblePot here, and welcome to "Alicorns chat.'' This thread is basically about alicorns/alicorn princesses. This thread includes, chats, and more! You can even make your own character here! Let me start it off: Hey everyone! So. Who would you like to be an alicorn/alicorn princess, and why?
  5. -MLP -Star Wars and Star Wars Rebels -Supernatural -Doctor Who
  6. I would contact Donald trump and ivanka trump, and others of the trump family, and famous youtubers, and basically everyone and anyone, including God.
  7. I don't think the brony community is going to accept that.
  8. How about Princess Twilight Sparkle as the next character? Also, how about "Peachy" something like that, as one of the episodes?
  9. This is the Supernatural Fan Club!
  10. Hey everypony! Its OswaldCobblePot here! So. I don't know where I'm supposed to put this at, but here might be good, idk. So. The plot is that it's NOT MLP version, but it's human version, and NOT Equestria girls either.
  11. Hello everypony! Oswald here! So basically, this thread is about the normal lives of equestria, and you can pretty much make any kind of pony you want. This thread DOES consist of Canons. Just let me know if I have this thread in the wrong place and then tell me where it's supposed to go
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