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  1. zoarvek

    Request Shop Taking Art Requests

    @Califorum Well, I can hear you out but It's likely gonna be a long wait. Let's say I put you at slot #13 in the queue, so other ponies who haven't gotten anything yet could potentially cut in line in front of you even if they asked after, though if absolutely nopony else shows up by then guess you could luck out and end up being #7 anyway.
  2. zoarvek

    Request Shop Taking Art Requests

    Nothing really, I was just extrapolating 'cause there isn't really any budget or anything. Glad you liked the picture!
  3. zoarvek

    Request Shop Taking Art Requests

    @Lazy Ferret Well... it's not closed but it'll probably slow down a lot after the first batch. @Califorum Alright, I think I know what you meant with all the shadowy and darkness stuff, but I believe that if I had gone that far without other sort of supporting visual context it could've made the character unrecognizable thus I ended up going with a more conservative approach. I also forwarded your updated request description to the Night's Watch board of directors, but they found it to be too content heavy and beyond the scope of this operation so they didn't authorize extra budget. Sooo
  4. zoarvek

    Request Shop Taking Art Requests

    @Gaines I really didn't know what to make of your request, was kinda vague. Hopefully this will do...?
  5. zoarvek

    Request Shop Taking Art Requests

    @The Wife of Hawks Well I reckon there are six elements of harmony so there should be six request slots!
  6. zoarvek

    Request Shop Taking Art Requests

    @Califorum Noted. I'll see what I can do within reason so as to Keep it simple.
  7. zoarvek

    Request Shop Taking Art Requests

    @Califorum Let's not get ahead of ourselves, wait and see if I survive the first wave of requests.
  8. zoarvek

    Request Shop Taking Art Requests

    @ExplosionMare Yeah I think I can work with that. @Cagey Sure! How's Silver Spoon liking that hug though? Is she smiling peacefully? Perhaps blushing? Maybe getting a bit squeezed in there since Cinnamon seems to be the work-out type? PSA: For new requests past this point, please bear in mind there's currently likely over a week of wait time for delivery. Got several queued up and I can only draw that fast, alright thank you.
  9. zoarvek

    Request Shop Taking Art Requests

    @ExplosionMare Can do! How's he feeling about that chunk of ice though? Is it giving him trouble? Is he enjoying chippin' at that lil' sucker? How big is this piece of ice? Where's he doing this anyway? Cliffside of a snowy mountain? Maybe by some frozen lake? Perhaps just sitting at a table in his workshop? I don't like guessing, the pickier you are the better! If you think the number of points in his beard is a big deal enough that it'd take away from the picture if I miss any, then by all means be my guest and sketch it. @Pandora I don't mind at all
  10. zoarvek

    Request Shop Taking Art Requests

    @Califorum Dark and evil pony? Lurking in shadows? A gaze that could freeze the sun? You had me at 'dark'. Consider it done!
  11. zoarvek

    Request Shop Taking Art Requests

    @Gaines Well I like both Luna and Sombra very much so I think that decision is a bit easy for me. I think Zelenia's concept and design are pretty cool too. Though you didn't give me much info on what you'd like to see in the actual picture. I'll draw her in one of my styles no problem, it might just come out a little generic because of that. Hopefully that's ok.
  12. zoarvek

    Request Shop Taking Art Requests

    I'm taking drawing requests for a limited time because Luna loves you or something. You can find samples of my art here: https://www.deviantart.com/zoarvek What I'll draw: Just about anything pony or that features some kind of fantasy MLP compliant species Feral or Anthro SFW What I won't draw: Humans, mechs or other entities that don't fit in the pony/furry genre NSFW Considerations: Keep it simple. If your picture request is too busy or has way too many props or characters on scene, I'll probably reject it. Let's say maybe two characters maximum. Provide as many det
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