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  1. Happy Valentines Day, My Friend! 



  2. Wish I could use a dishwasher, but I don't have one.
  3. Your art is so adorable! I love pink, so I find the picture utterly gorgeous as well.
  4. May I have some art of my girl, Eustoma? With a shy expression preferably and her swan feathered cloak please. She has crystal pony eyes.
  5. Yeah, boi, just donated to Hunicast Hazbin Hotel livestream (well, it won't be live this time). My username is Eustoma if anyone who's going to watch it wants to know when I come up.

    1. Splashee


      Are they planning another episode? I don't know anything that has happened after that holiday short.

    2. SkyPie


      No idea either. I think I heard something about how Viv knows what she wants to happen in the next one.

    3. Bas


      I read here that they planned to release the whole rest of the season at once? :confused:

  6. Princess Promenade was some of the only G3 content I remember watching when I was younger. The other was Ladybug Jamboree. I had vague memories of it until I watched a reaction of it. Pretty meh to me. I don't absolutely hate it though, since it holds some nostalgia.
  7. I'm currently caught up on the game and still haven't hunted alone since the first two large monsters and that one time I took on "No Time for Naps". Oh, and the Witcher quest since it forced me to.
  8. I stick to the light bowgun. Keeps me away from the scary monster and not get hurt as easily (and I can hit the target better). I probably never would have run across Monster Hunter: World if it hadn't been on the X-Box game pass and I seeing my sister trying it out. She never got into it but I did. I really wish I could play the older games, but I've heard they're more difficult. And I don't the consoles to play them on. (Discovered a PS2 in the shed, but don't have Monster Hunter 1.) I don't think I'm that good of a player since I'm too lonely to ever hunt alone. And I feel like I'm not doing as much as my team. Currently, I'm trying to get the last of the rare pets I need to put in my room.
  9. I think I've got my Hazbin Hotel oc's appearance down. I wanted her to be as unique as possible so I combed through other ocs to make sure. She's based on a Tarantula Hawk (thinking of calling her Tara). She's a tiny bit taller than Charlie, with dark blue skin and bright orange wasp wings. She has a small, curly bob of bright orange curls. Her irises are a pale green while her sclera is the same shade of orange as her wings and hair. Last of all, she has a pair of dark blue antennae atop her head that move certain ways based on her emotions.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Bas


      Why so? Why are you obliged to do so if ppl offering for free from their own will voluntarily?

    3. SkyPie


      Because all I've done is get requests, so I at least once want to give something back.

    4. Bas


      Why don't you offer an art trade then? :)

      Eh honestly, I can get what you want to say, but these people are doing that from their own free will. It is their decision.

  10. Sometimes I do. When I'm especially mad or the joke I'm saying is funnier with the swear word.
  11. Definitely. Many times, I have her same expression.
  12. Cute pony! <3 Take whatever you want! Though there's not a lot of options or anything good in there, just saying.
  13. It's been two days since I watched Hazbin Hotel. I would already die for it, I have Angel Dust as my wallpaper, and the bits and pieces of a new oc. 

    When I first saw someone with a profile picture from it, I first thought it was a professional TV show that just came out. Decided to search up the image, found the pilot, and decided to check it out. Little did I know how much it would blow me away.

    1. Alpharius


      Hazbin hotel does have a really strong fanbase from what I can see and it seems Angel Dust is the poster character of the series hopefully it continues for a while. 

    2. Bas


      I must disappoint you, I am not convinced Angel Dust got the hots for girls. :blush:

    3. SkyPie


      @Bas Fine by me. I think it would be fun to be his friend. Though I actually don't know if I'm attracted to him or if I just love his character. :huh: I tend to love any good flirtatious personas or characters because I thought they were funny. I don't know if I would be able to tell if I was attracted to anything. 

  14. I use to call my mother mama when I was younger, but now I've gotten into calling her mother most of the time. Sometimes I call her mom when I want to shorten it. I used mugger a few times when I say mother in a silly way. As for my father, I've never been able to call him anything directly because he went to prison when I was young, younger than I'm able to remember. When I bring him up in a conversation, it's either "my father" or his real name since I'm not sure how to feel about him. Even then, I'm still uncomfortable using both of those terms.