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  1. Here's the pony. And here's the cutie mark that I got from a random image generator. So I guess draw this tree on his/her flank.
  2. My mama's hurting so bad she's yelling and I have no idea what to do. :( The hospital won't do anything. 

  3. SkyPie

    How would you react to a Live Action MLP movie?

  4. My half sister's birthday is today. Now she is 12. (I messed up and said she was 12 before this day.)

  5. SkyPie

    How many times do you sneeze?

    The amount of times I sneeze is random, as well as when I do, though it's not often. I mostly sneeze once or twice, rarely three times.
  6. SkyPie

    Where are you most ticklish?

    I'm not really sure, since I've never been thoroughly tickled, but I will have to say my feet are my least ticklish tickle spot. It still tickles and makes want to laugh but it's possible to hold it back. I think all around my thighs and knees are my most ticklish places. I could tickle them myself and would have to stop. But for all I know my most ticklish place could be my bellybutton, which has never been touched before.
  7. SkyPie

    General Any Of You Have REALLY Annoying Siblings?

    They're more mean than annoying, but still annoying a lot, so yes. My older sister can be unintentionally annoying when she's being her bossy self and not hearing me when I say something right in front of her many times. And she complains about having to repeat herself.
  8. Maybe many times that I can't remember, but there a few I do remember. I was driven in the car to the hospital for big dog bite on my arm. Then I was driven in an ambulance from school to the hospital when I broke my ankle. After that were many appointments for the ankle. Currently, my period hasn't been coming in so I've been going to the hospital for that.
  9. SkyPie

    Stupid things you thought/did as a little kid.

    I only remember one, which is that everyone no matter the gender had the same parts. It was girls' because that was the only one I knew.
  10. SkyPie

    Random fact thread

    Polar bears have black skin and transparent fur instead of white. Owls can't digest fur and bones so they cough them back up in a bundle called a pellet.
  11. SkyPie

    Your favorite pony is evil what would you do

    Run and hide because I'm a wimp.
  12. I got a Lucas the Spider Plushie that I thought never came in. 

    1. Bas


      Me not even knows what Lucas is :(

    2. SkyPie


      Lucas the Spider is a channel on YouTube.

  13. There are other things I want responded to more than status updates. Sometimes I don't feel anything because I post the status update until someone replies. I'm used to getting a few to 0 notifications involving me so it doesn't bother me as much as it used to, but it still makes me a bit sad and lonely.
  14. Dang, how much rain can a sky hold at a time?

    1. Kevin Tang

      Kevin Tang

      Depends on the thiccness of tha clouds

  15. SkyPie

    Do you pour the milk or the cereal first?

    Cereal. Milk once just to try it and it got a bit messy from the cereal splashing as it goes in.