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  1. SkyPie

    Request Shop Muh request thing

    I like the darker one. Also, I edited my last post to say the bottom hoof looks too big. I can deal with it though if you don't feel like changing it.
  2. SkyPie

    Where are your favorite places to escape the world?

    A good story when I am immersed in it. The internet. Maybe some peaceful areas outside if there were any close enough. There's a tiny lake that's like 10 minutes away, but I'm too lazy to go that far. I've been told the water's bad so I can't swim in it. Though that doesn't seem to have stopped other people from what I saw.
  3. SkyPie

    Request Shop Muh request thing

    Much better! Just the back seems too weird and curvy when it should be straight. Also, what are those toe things by her bottom foot? @Usager Oh, oh! And the bottom hoof looks too big compared to her top ones.
  4. SkyPie

    Request Shop Muh request thing

    You forgot that her face was pointed downwards but her gaze was looking forward. X3 And it looks like her hair is done up or something in the back. Edit: Ok, so I found the closest thing I'm looking for. Except that her legs aren't crossed and her face is still pointed downwards with her eyes up. Her hair hides a bit of her face without her hoof holding it up. Sorry that I just found it now and you have to start over. DX
  5. SkyPie

    Cursed Images Thread

  6. SkyPie

    Request Shop Muh request thing

    Oh, I would like standard, please.
  7. SkyPie

    Request Shop Muh request thing

    @Usager Whatchu mean?
  8. SkyPie

    G3/Core 7 Alicorn in G3?

    There was one Alicorn in the G1 spin off, My Little Pony Tales. I agree, I can't imagine more than one Alicorn. G3 would maybe have done another thing like Lily Lightly with the Alicorn struggling with being one of a kind and eventually accepting who she is.
  9. SkyPie

    Three Word Story

    was not happy.
  10. SkyPie

    First MLP episode you watched?

    I cannot recall the actual first episode I watched, I just know it was random early episodes. The one I remember distinctly is the Season 3 premiere, because I didn't know what was going with all the continuity in it. It made me watch all the episodes to find out.
  11. SkyPie

    Things you do to release anger?

    I always feel the urge to break things when I'm angry, my favorite being snapping pencils. But my house doesn't have many writing utensils, so I don't do that. If it's available, I resort to comfort food. Occasionally, I cry because I rarely have pure anger. It's usually mixed in with sadness. I swear under my breath when I'm alone, but it only seems to take a little bit of the edge off.
  12. SkyPie

    Three Word Story

    inability to taste.
  13. SkyPie

    Request Shop OC Headshots (Avatars)

    Thank you so much! This looks beautiful!
  14. SkyPie

    What time do you eat dinner

    I don't have a set time to eat my meals, just whenever I get hungry.
  15. SkyPie

    Request Shop OC Headshots (Avatars)

    Thunder Lily: She has Crystal pony eyes, due to one of her parents being one.