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  1. Granted, but you will never finish writing the never ending story. I wish I could be in Equestria
  2. Bro I airsoft too haha. I custom build TM Hi capas
  3. I deny the fact that I consider myself a brony
  4. Just curious, what do you guys do for hobbies and/or living? Do you like it? Do you hate it? Do you spend conntless dollars investing in to your hobbies other than pastel ponies? (I spend too much building airsoft guns and r/c drift cars lmao) :3
  5. I'm volunteering at babscon :3
  6. artlin

    Derpy Plushies?

    Hi does anone know where to source a derpy plushie? Thanks!
  7. Hi I plan on going to Babscon and/or Bronycon this year. Is their anything I should know? I've been to anime expo so I hope its something similar? (Also looking for a ride and room if you are coming from Los Angeles ) Thanks!
  8. artlin


    Hello everyone! I'm new here anything I should know about here?
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