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  1. Hi there, this is my casting call for My Little Pony and Equestria Girls: I would really like to have some good canon mlp voice impressions of Sunset, Starlight, Twilight, Applejack, Spike and Sunburst soon. These character roles close on February 10th, 2019. You might be able to get an understudy role if you come as the second winner. Skills and other voice/singing auditions are welcome too, just send them in the right roles. A couple of important roles close on the same date. Requirements: An email (to contact me. Must be sent like this: someoneexample@ (with the space in a private message.) A high quality microphone with no background noise. Good MLP and Custom Voice Impressions. Goodluck!
  2. Hi there, I'm looking for some people that could help me with a couple of projects. One of them is for some short audio stories and the other is for a short pony sfm style animation, two of the short animations will be the same but with different text. The animation will be very short and will have basic details. You will be given 100% credit for the animation. I'd like it if I can please have two oc characters for it too. Here are the characters I'll need for the audio stories: . Narrator (male or female) . Spike . Rumble . Flash Sentry . Timber Spruce . The Princesses (Celestia, Luna and Cadance.) . Sunset Shimmer . Twilight Sparkle . Starlight Glimmer . Sunburst . Scootaloo You will be given 100% credit for the voices too when the final product gets released. Please sound close to the characters as much as possible and avoid having a accent that'd be hard to understand (no offense to anyone that'd have that.) I would like the roles (besides the narrator) to have some singing entries too. If you'd like to audition for these characters please send me a pm and I'll lend you my email so that you can contact me. You must have a microphone and use it to record without having some disturbance in the background and please avoid fidgeting with the mic. I'd like to have some age changes for the characters so have some ability to sound either like a young child, old teen or slightly older then a young adult (without pitching the voices too much.) You should be able to accept what goes into the final product. I would like different accents for a couple of specific male characters too. Goodluck!