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  1. Emperor Blu Traincrown

    OOC Defenders of Equestria (ooc)

    @Scare Effect I've made Blu nobility in the RP. Hope that's okay? If not I'll change it. I've made him nobility because I've actually designed this character to be Nobility/Royalty in the first place. He is an Emperor in his backstory. And to answer your question, I was also waiting for the others, just like Pr0m.
  2. Emperor Blu Traincrown

    Private Defenders of Equestria (RP)

    Blu had indeed a question. "Well I have a question to ask, Madam. What will the training be like? I mean, what should we exactly expect?" And this Blu would chuckle in a small blush, before returning the romantic look to Will, who clearly could see love in the noble's red eyes.
  3. Oh, look who went back here! My favourite Comrade bro! How's it going mate? :grin:

  4. Hi there! Thank you very much for the follow! :D

    1. Shy


      No problem :)

  5. Hello, your majesty!

    1. Emperor Blu Traincrown

      Emperor Blu Traincrown

      Good evening, Prince Will Guide! How are you doing today? :grin:

    2. Willusion


      Better. And it's always nice to see you.


    3. Emperor Blu Traincrown

      Emperor Blu Traincrown

      Please be aware that the feeling is mutual! :D

  6. Emperor Blu Traincrown

    General Should Dabbing be Banned?

    If you ask me, no. Dabbing is in my eyes a gesture of triumph and happiness. So banning something positive doesn't make sense. It may be annoying to a lot of people, I can understand that. But if it does, just move on and think about something more important, problem solved
  7. Emperor Blu Traincrown

    Request Shop I'm back to draw your oc

    *facehoof* Silly me...
  8. Emperor Blu Traincrown

    A or B

    I'd rather go with day. Pasta or Pizza? (I already know the answer )
  9. Emperor Blu Traincrown

    A or B

    G-Gah! Tough choice... I can't choose... Pizza or Hamburger?
  10. Emperor Blu Traincrown

    A or B

    Electric wires of course! (Even if the British Intercity 125 is a diesel powered high-speed train and one of my favourites ) Emperor Blu or King Thorax?
  11. Emperor Blu Traincrown

    A or B

    Oh! I won't dare fall into the trap. I'll choose Disney! (Disney owns Pixar if I remember well) Belgium Anthem or Monaco's Anthem? (God I hate being Ninja'd... ) Text. My question's the same though: Anthem of Belgium or Monaco?
  12. Hey @TheTaZe, your OC's gif is interesting me. What did you use for the animation? I mean, software speaking
  13. Emperor Blu Traincrown

    Request Shop Free art - making next gen characters(Active again, 5/31/18)

    Hello there, how about a Royal colt born from these two?
  14. Greetings, @FARG2003 Is it okay getting my OC Emperor Blu Traincrown done? His Cutie Mark, just in case As for the pose, could he have this one please? He is in fact as tall as this pose pony And I would love him to wear his uniform if that's possible. The uniform would look somewhat like this The medals aren't mandatory, except the Imperial Order medal and sash Maybe these will be useful Thank you very much if you're willing to give Blu a try, and I'll wait for 2 people to request before actually making a request of his Main General, Rose Spear
  15. Emperor Blu Traincrown

    Request Shop I'm back to draw your oc

    Hello there, how about you give Emperor Blu Traincrown a try? It's up to you if you want to do the coat, military uniform, Regalia or without any features as well Don't worry I can give you the features you need And take all the time you need to finish the previous requests before mine (That's if you want to draw him, no harm feelings if you dont ) ____________________________________________________ Oh! Silly me, forgot something important!