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  1. all answers have been reviewed and badges were handed out, if you received a message giving you another go on some answers, you have 24 hours, good luck, and thank you all for participating
  2. i strive to never dissapoint my fans, one autograph coming right up with dragon flames, the fastest way to send mail in equestria

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      Thank you so much, Spike.

      This is so awesome, OMG!


      I’m gonna treasure this forever, you’re really awesome. ^^


  3. Hello everypony, I'm Spike and i'll be your host for today's Trivia, and the theme iiiiis... Hearts and hooves day! ohoho now it's clear why they chose me, i'm the most romantic dragon i know Ahem.. Right, moving on, you have to answer at least 9 of the 10 questions correct, send the answers directly to me in a private message so that you won't spoil it for others, and that's it, simple right? here comes the questions 1. What was the first time hearts and hooves day was mentioned (which episode) 2. who received Big Mac's pie by accident instead of Suggar Belle? 3. How did Big Mac plan to propose to Sugar Belle? 4. How did Sugar Belle plan to propose to Big Mac? 5. Why did Shining Armor not tell Twilight he's getting married in person? 6. where did the CMC find the recipe for the love potion? 7. How did Pear Butter tell Bright Mac she loves him for the first time? 8. What was Sweetie belles diguise when they went undercover to follow Big Mac? 9. What was the CMC's excuse to ask Cheerilee to come to the gazebo? 10. What is the antidote for love poison you have the usual 4 days, good luck everypony
  4. OK, everypony ready for the final awesome battle? The evil squizard appears before you. He holds the beautiful Schmairty bound while his skeleton henchponies block the way before you. How will you save the day?
  5. The Dragon roars and flails smashing open a path forward for the brave adventurers. The bandits that do not flee are trapped in the rubble safely cadged until the beautiful Schmarity can restore justice and order to the land. Will our hero's venture onward or will the see the cause of the dragon's anger and have mercy upon him first? Come on guys just because I had that ONE episode of greed not every dragon is me....
  6. Suddenly in the midst of all the chaos, a huge dragon appears. Thrashing about building are damaged and the bandits appear to really behind it. Oh, no fillies and gentle colts it looks like you have a mini-boss to deal with!
  7. "Oh Rarity, you know you don't need beauty rest! You certainly don't need some cream to like fabulous"
  8. Meanwhile, a little bit away from Twilight and her friends. Spike looks above at the dissipating light. Dragon eyes were able to see through bright light better than most creatures. Smolder told Spike that it was because Dragons lived near molten rock and magma pockets, which are more naturally bright. Not to mention their own fire. Spike could see Grogar clearly. He was hovering ... on a chunk of the ground. Spike was not a fan of having him in this dream. Even though Luna reassured him that most of the odd appearances by Nightmare Moon and Grogar were not real ... just figments created my some creature's imagination. Still, they acted real enough. Grogar kept to himself mostly, something Spike was grateful for. But, it was unmistakably Grogar up there ... and was he chanting? Strange. Well that's not what I expected. Starlight should w --- Spike was turning around to ask Starlight what her take was when he froze in mid sentence. Thorax was vanishing in front of him, along with his brother. Starliight looked like she was trying to cast some sort of spell by the look of her straining face and glowing horn. Spike instinctually ran to him .... and ran right through where he was standing. He was gone. Just like that. Spike look at Starlight and Trixie ... and all saw was confusion and fear. He looked up at the floating cone shaped feature in the sky, and he knew. All dragons knew of Grogar, and the stories that Smolder told him ... Spike shuddered. Guys, we need to find Twilight ... NOW!
  9. Oh boy, Sunset just sent a batch of new comicbooks my way, and i can say they were all amazing,i'm so glad Twilight let me use her journal, though it may have slipped my mind to mention i wasn't twilight when writing , Sigh, all right.. i'll write a letter to celestia, or is it an entry to Twilight's journal now? anyway, in return i'll send back one that i'm not going to read ever again, so you can call it a trade
  10. @Starlight Glimmer ... um doing good up here, I just hope that ... wait ... why are there TWO of you?