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    What? What is this and why am I not getting royalties?

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  1. Why hello. As the Master of Chaos I would love to know how you spread Chaos on such a day?
  2. i just happened to be in this dimention for some business, and i have to say, i like your style

    1. Randimaxis


      Why, thank you kindly, Mister Draconequus; I may not be much in the eyes of the world, but that hardly stops me from introducing CHAOS!  into it.

      One is glad to be of service.  *bows humbly*

  3. Oh, alas! Fair Randi, I knew thee well. Spontaneouity abundant (though not quite as excellent as my own), and golden heart noble and true. It is with a great amount of joy sullen heart that I book you a one-way ticket to Lulu's Moon Camp for Troubled Foals and Fillies. May the endless sand dunes resonate with your soul, and give you a deeper understanding of yourself and this chaotic universe. Bon voyage, mi ami!
  4. Sigh. So after disapproving glares from Fluttershy and a rather tedious lecture from Twilight I was forced to find this bit of paper. Apparently, you will need to find clues to help turn a sith back to a Jedi. Though personally I find shooting lightening much more interesting then meditating all day but to each their own. The first clue is: The rest will come as the event goes on.
  5. Another me? ABSOLUTELY NOT! <snap poofs> <returns> There. Now there is just one. Carry on folks.
  6. I'm quite partial to Celestia myself. What a wonder Pony to prank.
  7. Oh alright. My Chaos day is almost done anyway. Besides I thought he would like being sent to that cave. I heard its an important place in some other realm that he likes.
  8. Dont forget everypony there is a rousing game of Ogres and Oubliettes going on today
  9. Foolish " party pooper " you were warned about causing trouble in my game. Oh well...
  10. following me? good luck with that, where i go few can follow *poofs*

  11. Discord

    Fine Arts session

    that is for the best, Fluttershy is too pure for such drawings *casually rewinds the fire and takes the paper* this is.. confiscated Glorious indeed, though i have a tingy feeling mrs Sparkle didn't appreciate it when i perfectly captured her likeness and emotion when seeing me just post it here on this thread and say "i love Discord"
  12. Welcome everypony to Ogres and Oubliettes. Today we shall explore the wonderful land of Spiketopia and attempt to rescue the fair sigh "Shmarity" from the evil grasp of the Squizard. The way it shall work is we shall be given a scenario and the players shall move the store along. After well I wont tell you how long but whenever I decide a new scenario shall be posted and you shall have to adjust. Those that play this game might just find themselves rewarded. Those that attempt to cause chaos in my domain might just face something special..... Scenario 1 The land of Spiketopia is in cha
  13. Discord who? Discord me? it was probably one of the clones we lost having so many selves is hard to keep updown with sometimes
  14. it was about going back to the masters and try some "still life" but I didn't find the pun amusing enough, so we'll have to go at it from a different route instead, you're to channel your inner Frankenstein and design your own Draconequus, combining at least 3 different species or characters and of course if you do it, you'll be getting that Discord approved, none of a kind art badge you never knew you needed so badly i'd state the rules, but today we have none, it's chaos day! p.s. if you displease me with nsfw, I'll probably still expell you from this course
  15. Hello, my dear ponies. Discord here and today is all about me. Chaos is allowed to reign within the rules Fluttershy has given me.... Anyhow be prepared for trivia, a rousing game of Ogres and Oubliettes, and some wackiness that even I can't predict. Be warned that a few of my clones are lose and
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