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  1. Oh good, Miss Cheeselegs and her drab sense of color coordination are here, now it's a party! Stellar job on the badge, @Trixie, quite saccharine indeed. Very fitting for our NEW bug leader, Lord Beetlemoose~
  2. What a marvelous topic. We welcome adorable buggos such as yourselves, Thorax. Why, I feel as if we're getting the band back together. Right, @Starlight Glimmer and @Trixie?
  3.  Discord

    Submit to the night!

    Oh, Lulu. Let's face it, we all know why you're really grumpy. I got a major role in the latest Christmas special while we haven't seen Nightmare Night for three seasons~
  4.  Discord

    September Art Contest Winners

    my apologies, i did have to cut it down to one, so i selected the most finished of the bunch
  5.  Discord

    Art Contest September

    The winners for this art contest have been announced, and you have only your friendly neighborhood Draconequus to thank for, that might not entirely be true, since those who provided said art played some part in it, but you get the idea *poof*
  6.  Discord

    September Art Contest Winners

    Yes yes.. you heard right, winnerS, i was almost tempted to put a "Z" there to blend with the cool kids. i was looking at the entries and i told myself,(not you,my self on the left) : Discord, why have one winner, that's what boring old stallions do, lets have two instead, which brings me to this conclusion, both @Synniken and @Pucksterv win this months badge, but why stop there? everyone is a winner when playing at a contest of my design, so i'll showcase all their artworks here for you to enjoy, thank you all for participating etc. etc.. now that i've done that, I don't think i'll be hosting the next one, so look forward to a new host, though they'll no doubt live in my shadow and pale in comparison, that was all *poof* in no particular order, @Pucksterv's entry "Rawrity" @Synniken's entry "Unicorn Concert" @Script Chime's entry "Magical Notes" @Humble Hymn's Entry "A Melody in the Breeze" @Nye's Entry "DJ-Pon3/Vinyl Scratch" @Ganaram Inukshuk's Entry "You Can't have Happiness without Sadness" @MidnightFire1222's Entry "Happy Tears (Heartstrings)" @Lord Valtasar's Entry "Ser Rover of the Emerald Caverns"
  7.  Discord

    The MLP Forums Pokemon Avatar Extravaganza!

    Well goodness, would you just look at the time! It's October, everypony! The month of ghouls and ghosts and spooky paraphernalia. Sadly, this marks the end of our little avatar event. The OP will no longer be updated, our topic will no longer be featured in an announcement, and the event will be unpinned from the Forum Lounge. In addition, in another few days our topic will be locked and put into stasis, for future generations to research and learn from, in their efforts to make successful avatar events, themselves. Speaking of successful avatar events, let's recap! Altogether we had 45 members involve themselves in this event. Truly a remarkable effort! Of those 45 members choosing 45 Pokemon, only three of them were shiny - that's 42 unique Pokemon! It goes without saying that you are more than free to keep your Pokemon avatar even past this event for some time; spread the word of Pokemon, and the coming of not only Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee, but the 2019 Switch game we'll be seeing as well~ Thank you for participating, everypony!
  8.  Discord

    The MLP Forums Pokemon Avatar Extravaganza!

    Congratulations on hitting 40 Pokemon Avatar Event participants so far, everypony! That said, it's at this point that I'd like to bring mention to those of you not currently using your Poke'tars, and if you plan on reinstating your choice, or bowing out. If your name is listed below, then this question is to you - are you finished with the event? @Quinch @CloudMistDragon @Ganondorf8 @Lunar Echo @BloodDrops
  9.  Discord

    The MLP Forums Pokemon Avatar Extravaganza!

    As artistically inclined as I am with mayhem, drawing isn't my strong suit. My brush draws chaos rather than artwork. You can find and use any image you like of your chosen Pokemon from anywhere on the internet, so long as it's 100% safe, of course. Everyone thus far has been added! Do enjoy your pocket monster exposition, everyone~ Let's drive @Jeric and @Passion absolutely batty~
  10. Welcome, Everypony, to the Pokemon Avatar Extravaganza! September 7th - September 30th Artwork by fuutachimaru Hello, everypony, Discord here with further shenanigans for the masses to enjoy~ How is everypony enjoying @Rarity's little fashion week thus far? If you haven't seen it yet, check behind the curtain to find out all about it, as well as other official forum events. There's trivia, polls, dresses to create and gems nearly as beautiful as my face for you all to collect. Fashion Week got me thinking - and I mean some truly, truly deep thinking - the kind of thinking I only get done in my Thinking Tree kind of thinking. I was thinking and I said to myself, I said - 'Discord, there are many other ways to express your interests besides the clothes you wear, yes? Yes, most definitely, Discord, you're such a genius. Oh why thank you, how kind of you to notice! What were you thinking of, Discord, you sly old fox? Well I'm so glad you asked. Why not have the users of our forum wear something else to express a common interest? Why not avatars? And why not...Pokemon?' You see in my expert opinion, Pokemon, like ponies, is a wide and common fandom on the grand old internet. And so, for the entire month of September, this topic will remain pinned in our Forum Lounge, encouraging any and all users to pick a favorite Pokemon of theirs and use it as their avatar! There is, however, a catch. No duplicates! The Rundown: * Make a comment with the name and picture of the Pokemon you wish to use as your avatar. Your posted image does not have to be the avatar you end up using, it's a visual reference for those scrolling through the thread, in case the OP hasn't been updated yet. Your name will be added to the list along with the name of your chosen Pokemon. * Once you've claimed a Pokemon, no one else may officially submit their participation as that same Pokemon. However, there can be one shiny and one non-shiny variant for each Pokemon, as long as the color palette is an obvious difference. If TwibobSparkpants123 wished to be Charizard, then AwesomeBoi42 would be allowed to be Shiny Charizard, for example. Alolan variants of Kanto Pokemon also count as separate entries. * You can move on from the event at any time. When you are done with the event and wish to move on, make another comment saying so, and you shall be removed from the list. Keep in mind that once you bow out of the event, the Pokemon you claimed will be open again for other people to take. * Try not to switch Pokemon after having claimed one, unless it's to grab something that just opened up, that you really want. If everyone changes thier entry constantly this thread will descend into chaos! As fun as that'd be, the boys in blue tell me unfiltered chaos is a no-go. At the bottom of this nonsensical rant is a list of all users officially submitted to this thread's reservoir of participating members. My dear friend @~C. Discord~ will be assisting me in running this thread, and should any other wayward staff find themselves up in the clouds with us, then they too are welcome to help out~ Some Pokemon Threads for your Influenced Suggestion: Official List of Participating Users *Most Definetly Not @Passion*: Poke'on, everypony~ Art by MistyEDash
  11. Earlier this morning Oh .... my turn Why what an unfortunate calamity. What's that? You were on your way to MLPF to announce an art contest? Well I know that place better than anyone so I will happily help you out. Discord: Good Evening mares and gentlecolts, or indeed any other creature that might be present. Due to a most unfortunate "accident" Mr. Da Brinci was unable to attend and after a series of other Unavailable artists, (Saddledor Dali had a weird disease where he melted like one of his paintings of all things) they have finaly invited me to be your host would you believe they invited kettle corn before me?KETTLE CORN! ahem.. After carefully reading the boring rules of the contest. i decided to completely ignore them and announce something more fun. you're welcome. so here is what we're gonna do instead, our theme will be decided pulled directly from your subconscious minds, yes i know it can get out of hand but what is life without a little chaos, Twilight: Hehe ... sorry about that, what he's trying to say is we'll have a poll and everyone will be able to vote on three traits, the artists will then have to -- Discord: I do not appreciate being interrupted, miss princess sparkle. anyway... the artists will then have to combine all 3 voted traits in one character by the end of the month, you have plenty of time, when that time comes we'll have someone brought over to chose the winner (or good old Discord if some unfortunate calamity will befall them) the winner's piece will be featured in that week's banner, and they will receive a special badge and now let's get to the fun part, you can start voting on the traits here it will stay for 24 hours so that people from all around Equestria and beyond will have a chance to vote.
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    T.P.A.M. (The Pony After Me...)

    *gasp*! How did you know? TPAM is an avid fan of chaos and all things fun and spontaneous.
  13. Ah, so the prodigal protegee returns! 

    1. ~C. Discord~

      ~C. Discord~

      Oh my, I haven't seen a mug that handsome since the last time I looked in the mirror. :umad: Pleasure for you to make my acquaintance!