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Posts posted by Phosphor

  1. I work during the weekday, but I spent a lot of nights observing the planets and deep sky objects. I really love planetary imaging and astrophotograpy. Of course, this hobby requires clear skies, so when it's cloudy, I spend time on here or youtube. :)

    Also enjoy some video games and target practice, tho these hobbies tend to be seasonal. 

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  2. I have really good eyesight, even at night. I use my night vision a lot since I'm an amateur astronomer. 

    I can walk around the property at night without any flashlights.  :mlp_smile:

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  3. I have a 3 bedroom (plus office) brick house on about 6 acres of land out in the country. Also have a 3 bay shop on the front part of the property. Roughly half of the land is forested since I've been planting pines throughout the years. Night sky here is a class 4.5, which is decent for stargazing. Satellite internet is pretty much the only option out here, tho.

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  4. I own two vehicles:

    1. 2013 Nissan Altima:  2.5L 4 cylinder; 12" Memphis subwoofer; It's my daily commuter

           2. 1977 Ford F100: 400 / 6.6L V8; 600cfm Edelbrock 4-barrel carburetor; dual exhaust (cherrybomb glasspacks); Gets horrible gas mileage. I don't drive it often for that reason  :laugh:

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  5. I don't go to the gym much, since I already have weights at home. I think it's important to at least stay in half ass decent shape. 

    One great benefit I noticed with weight lifting: Changing a tire on the side of the road is much easier!  :) Now if I could just work on the mid section a bit  :twismile:

    4 hours ago, Lucky Bolt said:

    Yes I believe it’s important for several reasons. Longer life, happier shame or disgust in yourself...and idk but working out is really fun and I always feel great afterwards. 

    Same here. I tend to feel a lot better after curling dumbbells. Great stress reliever!

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  6. I wish I wasn't so damn shy and nervous around people. It's not constant. Like at work, I'm usually decent when business people come for a tour/demo, but there's times when I just get really nervous and shy. It's hard to explain.  :sunny:

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