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Posts posted by Phosphor

  1. Eh, that sounds like a waste of money to me. If ya want to send lead downrange in a hurry, just use the thumb and belt loop trick to bump fire. 

    56 minutes ago, Lucky Bolt said:

    If I’m to be blunt girls posing with trucks is 120%....cooler hotter. :adorkable: I need to get more pictures of me like that. :Daydreaming::ButtercupLaugh:

    Why not both?  :sassy:

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  2. Warm, humid, and rainy. Can not believe I have to run the AC in the middle of January!  :yuck:

    On 1/12/2020 at 12:40 AM, applesjck said:

    It's clear and chilly. I miss the rain. :(

    My dear, do I have a trade for you!  I'll gladly take that clear and chilly weather and you can have ALL the rain in the Southeast.  :mlp_yeehaa:

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  3. On 1/9/2020 at 11:34 PM, Pinkfire said:

    i wasnt crazy about the first i drew, so i immediately got to work and began drawing in my own style rather than try to imitate the shows! i think this came out much better as i did work in my more familiar ^w^


    awwwh thank youz!!!!!!!!!! >w<  that is my irl aesthetic, big pink bows andstriped stockings x,D

    So much pink and fluffy! :love: 

    Your artwork is lovely  :mlp_grin:

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  4. No need to destroy the laptop. Upgrade that slow hard drive with a SSD. That's what I do with my older laptops and they still work fine for regular tasks.

    I would definitely destroy the original hard drive tho. Take those platters out and blast them with a shotgun. Bonus points if you use a .410  :P