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  1. The Historian

    Who is using Windows 10/8/7/or Xp?

    I use Windows 10 Pro on my current and new build. My laptop from 2008 runs Windows 7 Pro and I use Windows 7 Pro at work. I have a VM where I run XP, 98SE and 3.11. Oh, and I've got a Mac Mini running good old Snow Leopard. Oh, and my Win server box runs WS 2012 R2.
  2. The Historian

    General Media Peanuts vs Calvin and Hobbes

    While I adore Peanuts, I am a huge fan of Calvin & Hobbes. I have a lot of the collections and I still read it at least once or twice a year. C&H is easily the best comic strip ever written and it's so surreal, yet always on point. I've been a fan since before the strip actually ended its original print run. Always good for a surreal laugh.
  3. The Historian

    Technology which anti virus you use ?

    Panda Free and Malwarebytes. Never pay for anti-virus or anti-malware. It's not worth it.
  4. The Historian

    Technology What are your favorite computer/laptop brands?

    I build my own desktops and I go with Asus for laptops.
  5. The Historian

    Technology Anyone still use Windows XP in 2019?

    I boot up XP in a VM to play some older games, but that's about it. It was a bad OS when it was new and it's even worse now.
  6. The Historian

    Animation Which do you prefer anime or manga?

    I rather enjoy both so I consume both. I have anime on my shelves and manga right beside it. Even a few "special" manga... hehe.
  7. The Historian

    Music Favorite genre of music?

    Pretty much primarily forms of metal, and good old rock music in there too. There are a few other things sprinkled in but very few. Pretty much listen to prog, power and symphonic metal, though I do have plenty of heavy metal in there too. Having a bluetooth enabled radio in my car means listening to good music is much easier. Put on some Dream Theater, crank it up and head on down the road.
  8. The Historian

    Gaming Game: Cry of Fear

    Only game that has legitimately creeped me out. I need to play it again.
  9. The Historian

    Gaming The "BotW" Fallacy

    This was an interesting topic but what I find a little strange is that very few actually make a distinction between graphics and aesthetics. Graphics are little more than the technical rendering capability and software techniques used to display what we see. Aesthetics is how well all elements of a game blend together to create a unified whole. So, for example, while something like, say, Killzone 2 is graphically impressive, it is aesthetically boring. Whereas something like Parappa the Rappa is graphically inferior but has a well designed aesthetic that makes it look better. Breath of the Wild has an impeccably crafted aesthetic that blends all elements of the game together in a wonderfully unified whole. That's why so many people say Breath of the Wild looks so incredibly good. Honestly, I haven't seen a game look that visually stunning and interesting in a long time. Looks even better being emulated on a PC with the right kind of shaders in play, but that's outside the scope of WiiU and Switch. Pokemon Sword and Shield, however, do not benefit from quite the same care as Breath of the Wild did. It looks okay and the aesthetic isn't terrible but it's not polished and has some very lazy elements to it. If it's a handheld title, you can excuse the blocky designs but the visuals I've seen have a lot of color clash to them. Things just don't compliment each other as well and you notice those elements, which gives it that less than appealing look to it.
  10. The Historian

    General Media Michael Jackson controversy

    This has been around since I was a kid. Not once have I really found any of the claims to be credible and every single one of them smacked of someone trying to make a quick buck. I never felt like any of the testimonies or cases had any real legitimacy. Even back in the 90s, it was a shitshow. If it's legit, it could give closure to the victims but it's well past that time...
  11. The Historian

    General Media Is Disney TOO big?

    I wish Disney would just go back to making hand drawn cartoon animation and not be so big. I don't like mega-corporations.
  12. The Historian

    General What did you dream about last night?

    uh, me with an older, anthro Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon and things happened that are highly inappropriate for this forum.
  13. The Historian

    How are you feeling

    Could do without this cold but at least the weather is looking up.
  14. The Historian

    What's The Weather Like Right Now Where You Live?

    Finally got some sun back and it's not always cold as balls.
  15. Do the players have a legal citizenship to live in said country? If so, you don't get to whine about them being on the team. Far as I'm concerned, if they decided to become a citizen of another country, they're now part of it. Immigration is a thing - get used to it.
  16. The Historian

    General What does your room say about you?

    You'd think I was a lazy slob. I have shit everywhere and most of it's not organized in the slightest. I prefer my ordered chaos rather than being overly tidy. I have a second space down in the basement where my computer stuff and game collection is. You'd think I was a hoarder... haha.
  17. The Historian

    What was your first car?

    First car was a 1992 Mercury Sable that I got from my grandparents. Current car is a 2015 Nissan Altima.
  18. The Historian

    Web Last thing you googled?

    This: magento2 require.js not found yay, broken ass themes!
  19. The Historian

    General Media How many of these series do you remember

    I remember most of them. But I go a lot further back than I'd say a good chunk of this forum does. xD
  20. The Historian


    I'm not sure I can agree with ignorance being intrinsic. There are some for whom that is the case, but I would posit that, for most, it is not. If your assertion was true, humanity would still be in the darkest of ages. Curiosity is the nature of sapient life, not ignorance. Fundamentalism is zealotry on overdrive. There's no rhyme or reason for it, nor any good justification.
  21. The Historian

    General How do you prefer your work weeks?

    I know. I was just being silly with your mistake. xD
  22. The Historian

    Movies/TV Worst kids show, in your humble opinion?

    I used to love the Pokemon anime as a kid. It's probably still fine for kids. But I watch it now, and the only good parts are the times when the "main character" isn't present. They focused on the wrong character because he's so friggin' one dimensional. No real character, just boring. Lineless background ponies in FIM have more character for the love of Celestia! Maybe I'm too harsh. Who knows? I don't watch TV anymore so I don't usually see garbage.
  23. The Historian

    Movies/TV WTF is wrong with movie critics?

    I haven't read reviews from film critics and taken them seriously... ever. I don't let a film critic's opinion influence whether or not I see a movie; I save that for people I know or the general public. They're more apt to align with what I find enjoyable than a film critic. I do, at times, read film critic reviews on movies I've seen to see their take. Sometimes you do get something interesting or thought-provoking out of it, but, usually, it's written in such a way that makes the reviewer sound a little pompous. I might consider what a critic says but I don't heed their suggestion.
  24. The Historian

    General Media YouTubers You No Longer Subscribe

    I try not to subscribe to garbage youtube channels so I don't need to worry about this kind of thing. The only one I'm considering unsubbing to would be Drift0r but his old Call of Duty content keeps me subscribed. Can't remember the last time I actively unsubscribed...
  25. The Historian

    General How do you prefer your work weeks?

    I wish I could only have an eight hour work week. XD