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  1. Okay, now I've got the make but not the model. It should be on the bottom somewhere, or even on the keyboard fascia.
  2. Probably just a bunch of drunken idiots. They don't pose any real threat.
  3. I currently use NordVPN. Have absolutely no issues with it. It's fast whether I use a US server or something else. I've used Russian, Belgian and UK servers with no noticeable drop in speed. And they're outside the Fourteen Eyes spying nations so it's all good.
  4. That's what makes the game so powerful and one of the many reasons why it has been my absolute favorite Call of Duty singleplayer experiences of all time.
  5. Maybe not the goriest, but Wolfenstein: The New Order and The New Colossus were pretty goddamn brutal. Granted, it used the violence to reinforce the world they're portraying so it was used to good effect.
  6. I use Dayton Audio bookshelf speakers with a Lepai amp with speaker wire.
  7. Based on the symptoms, it sounds like you might have a bad stick of RAM and possibly have a problem with the graphics adapter, display or inverter board. What laptop make and model do you have?
  8. The last movie I watched was Guardians of the Galaxy with my boyfriend.
  9. I'll let you know how awesome the alien tiddies are.
  10. Why? I'll quote Denis Leary on this one: "Because meat tastes like murder and murder tastes pretty damn good."
  11. Size 13 to 14 men's in US sizing. Finding women's shoes that fit is going to be a goddamn nightmare.........
  12. I have my driver's license, my debit card, my health/dental/vision insurance cards, expired gamestop bullshit, expired vehicle insurance cards and a few bucks. Could've sworn I had my current vehicle insurance in there too but I guess not. Oh well, it's in my car. My wallet is pretty damn empty usually. I should replace it with a new one...
  13. Pretty much bitch the whole time since it's almost always at night. But on the off chance it's not, I drive somewhere to go for a walk then charge up my devices somewhere.
  14. With as much as some people shit on my people, a little hate in their direction might be a little warranted. This is, of course, lunacy. Stop being hateful brats, society. Time to get out of mental middle school.
  15. I was chillin' in my Algebra 2 class during my junior year of high school when this happened. I watched the second plane hit live on the news. Suffice to say, it's a moment permanently etched into my memory. Eighteen years later though, it's another day to me and means little. Tragedy, sure, but I'm not interested in exploiting it for sympathy points. Plenty of other things need our attention, not something that happened nearly two decades prior. It's time to move on. 3000 people a day die and we don't honor any of them at any point. Time to stop living in the past and look forward.
  16. Current ride has ~66k on it. Bought it a bit over 3 years ago and have put over 50k on it. I have a long drive. My Explorer... uh, I have no idea how many it had when I sold it. The odometer didn't work half the time. I'm gonna guess at least 225k. The Jeep I had before that got up to 200k before I had to scrap it. Friggin' money pit! I had a Ford Taurus before that one and I got it past 282k before I sold it. My Dodge Caravan got past 186k before the transmission died. And the Mercury Sable I had as my first car ever had over 222k miles on it before the transmission died. Had a slight handful of vehicles over the years. XD
  17. Since there was a little bit of EA bashing going on in a couple of threads, I figured it was time to give them a bit of love with one of the games they published from a bygone era - Starflight. Originally released in 1986 for IBM and Tandy computers, it received several releases afterwards, finding its way to DOS, Macintosh, Amiga, C64 and even the Atari ST. And even managed a console release for the Sega Genesis, or Mega Drive for you non-US readers, in 1991. A sequel was released first in 1989. As the title indicates, the game is set in sci-fi space and is a completely non-linear exploration game that progresses through cryptic clues gathered from transmissions from the space port or from successful communications with other alien species. What sets it apart is that the galaxy is unknown and must be explored. There is no order in which this must be done and there is a great deal of freedom in completing the game's over-arcing story. In case anyone's wondering, yes, it is indeed in a vinyl album style cardboard folder. Up until the late 1990s, there wasn't a unified packaging type for PC games. The copy I have is an original IBM/Tandy release from 1986. However, unfortunately, I'm missing the star map that came with it. If you're interested in picking up this game, make sure it has the manual. It's less manual and more galactic guidebook.
  18. Provided I don't fuck it up, I'll actually be taken on Valentine's Day for the first time in five years.
  19. Ah, Wizardry. This series, along with Ultima and the Might & Magic series were the early pioneers of the western-style RPG where the focus was more on the player and the elements of fantasy, more than walking through a story. However, the Wizardry series especially, had a great influence on later JRPGs, notably Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord was originally released all the way back in 1981 on the original Apple II! The copies I have, however, came later on. The "PC" version that I have came later in 1984 and my Japanese PC-88 copy in 1985. The game itself, given its age, is a very primitive first person dungeon crawler style game with the RPG elements one would expect from a game of this nature. Additionally, many of the game's elements are controlled through text options rather than through any sort of graphical elements. Even battles themselves are described through text and dialog rather than through anything visual. Perhaps disappointing by today's standards, but the game itself is quite compelling for its time and for its relatively simple nature. The goal for this particular entry into the Wizardry series is to explore the dungeon, collect treasure and gain experience to learn new skills, exactly like later titles in the RPG genre. Like many games, the primary goal is to defeat the arch-wizard who is, of course, the final boss. If you're looking to see the roots of one of the most wildly popular game genres of all time, it's hard to beat Wizardry.
  20. Google, probably not. But evil entities like Halliburton? You better believe they had a hand in the latest batch of middle eastern wars. Even if it wasn't direct, their influence is pretty well established.
  21. Businesses already do run the world and it's not even hidden. Corporate interests just buy politicians or get shills put in positions of power, or send lobbyists to "make sure everything is done fairly." When monied interests are allowed to interfere with government, the needs of the citizens are ignored for profit. This has happened many times before and will continue to happen because greedy fucks illegally buy their way into maintaining power! When things finally collapse under the weight of their own egos and hubris, the regular people - US - will pay the price.
  22. Looks like the landfall wasn't as bad as predicted, at least here in the US. The islands got buttfucked pretty hard though. But hey, at least there's days of warning when these things loom overhead. I live where the wind will getcha without warning.
  23. I had a late lunch at Chipotle. Cause I gotta have them burrito bowls, y'all.
  24. I used Firefox faithfully for ~18 years til the Quantum update broke half of my addons. I have slowly moved most of my use to Vivaldi. Not as good as Firefox used to be but with some CSS hacks, I can get multirow tabs. I can on Firefox too (and do actually) but the compatibility issues really pissed me right off. I only ever use Chrome for web testing anymore.
  25. I have to think for a moment since I just bought a little too much over the last few days. Recently, I've bought Ultima VIII (Windows), Zool (Windows), Malice for Quake (Windows), Jurassic Park (IBM compatibles), Bioforge (Windows), Omega (Atari ST), Auto Duel (Atari ST), Light and Darkness (Windows), KKND XTREME (Windows), Red Alert 1 (Windows 95 edition), SimCity 3000 (Linux), Panzer Dragoon (Windows), Maui Mallard (Windows), Polish language Tiberian Sun and Civilization: Call to Power (Windows), Euro Civ 3 CE (Windows), US Civ 3 CE (Windows), Civ 4 SE (Windows) and Temple of Apshai (C64). All in boxes of course. Like I said, a bit too much. xD