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  1. I have some weird balance problems so I can't really do two wheeled vehicles. That and I don't want to go ~100 miles a day to and from work...
  2. The only thing I don't like about Windows 10 is the update nagging. It's worse than OSX. That and when updates break, they break hard. I can't update this build past 1703 because... fuck if I know! I've tried to fix it no less than fifteen times and I can't figure it out. Probably time to run my AIO fixer again. x__x
  3. Sometimes yes. Especially if I have a song stuck in my head.
  4. Yes, but they usually end up as a filthy pony dream. I don't... uh... know why. o__o
  5. No. If you do, you'll get my size 13 work boots in your backside. Seriously. Don't.
  6. Someone's taking a kid's cartoon a wee bit too seriously methinks. Take a chill pill, OP, and just enjoy the cute, colorful ponies.
  7. What I've done every summer for the last four years: go to work.
  8. I don't like the idea of door to door religion sales. Because that's what they're doing: selling religion.
  9. I see how it is. Can't even list the first console I ever used. Atari 2600, you bunch of plebs.
  10. Yahoo Answers is a gold mine of stupidity. If you want some laughs, go give it a visit. You will find some of the worst answers and questions humanity has to offer. Pretty fantastic at times.
  11. If this shit is legitimate and not faked, what a shitbiscuit. Get a little Internet famous and people think they're real celebrities and can do whatever they want. Kinda sad honestly...
  12. It's not songs that get me through. It's a genre and it's metal, weirdly enough. Heavy metal, power metal, prog and many others have seen me through my darkest times.
  13. I decided to watch House again because why the hell not.
  14. Mostly all of the things that could absolutely obliterate the Earth if it were to happen close enough.
  15. It took me 32 years living in Tornado Alley to get one to drop in my neighborhood. Funny how that works sometimes.
  16. If I'm lucky, I only hit snooze once. If it's an average day, I hit snooze the max number of times before it stops and I oversleep. Wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to get up super early to deal with an hour drive to work. On the weekends, I'm lucky if I get out of bed within two hours of waking up... xD
  17. Several times. Mostly for speeding cause I'm an idiot.
  18. If I'm lucky, when I lay down to sleep, it only takes an hour. If I'm unlucky and my insomnia is in high gear, it takes hours. Sucks when I fall asleep at 3 AM only to get up at 7 for work!
  19. Raining. Again. Like it has damn near every day for the last two weeks. The sirens went off a few hours ago. Good ol' tornado warnings.