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  1. Love music channels on YouTube. I often download my favorite music video from YouTube, with online converter its easy to do. Luckily I found useful article about best YouTube video converters and chose the best one.
  2. Knives out. little bit like a murder / mystery even with a off the cheek comment about cluedo. quite enjoyed it although Daniel Craig's accent was a bit suspect
  3. I would invest money in my ow business. I've already found Stormgrams loan service for that purpose. I want to take short term loan and invest in my new startup. Hope with its help I'll earm more money in the near future.
  4. I have 250 followers but I'm working on my content and photos to attract more followers. I have found many cool ideas for my Instagram here . It is a web version of Instagram for desktop where I can search an interesting instagram accounts and tags and find a lot of inspiration. Hope with new ideas I'll get more followers.
  5. Just started watching HBO's new mini-series 'I Know This Much Is True' Mark Ruffalo is fantastic as usual, great cast, great script, great acting, highly recommended.
  6. Watched the King of Stratton Island last night. Been reading a lot of good stuff about it over the last week or so and can say i wasn't disappointed. A really good coming of age type film.
  7. no, I sleep with my favorite blanket. I read about weighted blanked therapy and decided to buy one for home. It helped me to improve my sleep pattern a lot. Go Here to get more info about weighted blankets.
  8. Invasion. Appears to be a tv take on the body snatchers, very mysterious, nothing sinister as yet like the other takes on it.
  9. Galveston 2018 I quite enjoyed this. Nothing new or spectacular, but held my interest for most of the film and some good performances.
  10. Ragnarok. Brilliant imo but the dubbing let's it down. There's only 1 season (6 eps) on Netflix, really hope to see more of this. It comes at the whole superhero thing from a different angle. Solid 8/10.
  11. Greed. It was enjoyable and a great pee take of sir Phillip green. 8/10