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  1. I'd say yes, but I don't see anyhing wrong with that. I also want to start my own business. I even found a few nice ideas and read how much it costs to build an mvp here . When it comes to building a startup it is necessary to outline the estimated costs.
  2. No, I tried once but I didn't like it at all
  3. I'm a craftman. I like working with my own hands and woodworking is my fav hobby right now. It is quite entertaining.I read about workbench for woodworking here and want to buy one for home.
  4. Gave up mid way through S5 of Vikings, it's just got pathetically bad now. Ever since "that" major event last season, the quality has fallen off a cliff.
  5. As Above, So Below - 9/10 Been out for a while and this was our third or fourth time of watching. Genuinely creepy "shock" movie for the month of Halloween and unlike some movies of the genre, the found footage technique works quite well in the claustrophobic catacombs under Paris. Much is left to the viewer's own imagination to work out what's going on and the ending open to much discussion and interpretation.
  6. Currently I play online games such as Candy Crash and Clash of Clans. Don't want to waste money on gaming. Besides I found quickfire slots at where I can win some cash while playing.
  7. The ancient magus' bride. It was better than I initially expected.
  8. Titans.... surprisingly I am finding this quite enjoyable. Very little superhero action going but when it does its quite brutal in the punisher style, maybe not as bad and brutal but good enough.
  9. In the tall grass 6/10 Based on a Steven King short story, this is actually a pretty decent little horror film. Worth a watch.
  10. It's a good question. Start working as a freelancer probably. To get some extra money I often take credits that accept prepaid accounts. They give shrt term loans for everyone, even unempleoyed. That's convy when you need some money fast.