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  1. Imagine all expenses have been paid and you could go absolutely anywhere in Equestria for an entire week. Personally, I'd love to go to the Crystal Empire for two days, stay at Las Pegasus for another two days, and maybe stop by at Mount Aris for two and Ponyville for the last day. How about you?
  2. Ya have no idea. My aunts, uncles and older cousins every time I go visit. I think my great aunt Jazz held the record for huggin' and boopin' me the most in a single afternoon. I will occasionally get that from Applejack and Sugarbelle as well. The drawbacks to being cute I tell ya..... Rarity. When I visit her in Canterlot or Manehattan I get that from colleagues a lot. I love hugs! I'm not cute, I'm cool! Pretty much every time I accompany Father on his trips. I'm the cutest here of course. Only, like, all the time! Being lovable is exhausting sometimes. Oi, get that a lot. Most think that mah accent is especially cute.
  3. This. I never appreciate enough about how amazing the Game Theory's Theme is.
  4. I got some. For Applejack and Rainbow Dash, when did you girls first meet each other? Why did you two become friends? Sunset, did you ever think about being caught by your human counterpart? How do you plan on explaining why there are two of you? For specifically Applejack: Do you like pears? Why or why not? Have you ever met a couple of people named Grand Pear or Burnt Oak? Did you ever like someone in a romantic or crush type of way before in your life? If so, who? What do you think of this song?
  5. Well, since I have nothing else to do... While I'm not entirely sure if "the Elemental Stones" you are mentioning was one of those scrapped ideas they had since I don't think it's on the wiki. If it were, they might be referring to the Elements of Harmony. It could be that they were thinking to make the Elements of Harmony to have their own power connected to the elements. Like Applejack's Element of Harmony could have been connected to the Earth element, and maybe Dash's connected to the Air Element and so on. Sounds like a nice idea for a fanfiction though, better add to the list...
  6. "I didn't know you could burn juice."
  7. The power to disappear through walls, floors and ceilings.The drawback is that they can only say "Gengar".
  8. It's nice to meet you. I hope you enjoy MLP Forums as much as I did and still do.
  9. Seafood is probably my favourite, and I'm such a fan of breaded shrimp.
  10. I like Mint Chocolate a lot, looking at you, Aero. I'm also a big fan of chocolates with peanuts and other nuts, "Reese" and "Oh Henry!" being my favourite brands.
  11. Oooh. Welp, that's a big oof on my part.