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About Me

An average (Donut) Joe, I come from the far distant land of Discord, a social media that began as less, but became so much more.

Ever since a fiasco the likes of which would make John De Lancie shed a tear, I've been drifting, seeking out advanced literate writers and roleplayers to feed my insatiable hunger for horseworda. Unfortunately, few people are plagued with bibliophilia, and so I wander, alone, seeking but rarely finding. Are you who I am looking for, perhaps? In any case, now that the serious part is out of the way, here's the real scoop:

I am an artist above all else. Whether it be of pen and pencil or sharpened tongue, I create- as creation made me. I used to create stuff more often, but now that I'm older (21) that spark of flair has died down into pitiful shades of grey. I can still make stuff with a high level of proficiency, but it takes a lot more to get me motivated.