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  1. Aisede

    Private Upheaval Intrusion (1x1)

    Vida monitored her hazardous cargo until she was certain she wouldn't awaken. Only then did she relax, having remained in a tense pose ever since she felt it. "I am aware. It was put there for..." She looked off to the side. "Reasons. Now what's this about water? You are aware I can still swim, right?" She's just more likely to transform any bath she steps hoof into a jacuzzi. Subtly, she glanced at the shadows in the room, but they weren't doing anything they weren't supposed to be doing, so she returned her attention to the broken god before her.
  2. Sent you a friend request on discord. You seem interesting. We can talk about RP stuff if you'd like.

  3. Aisede

    Private Upheaval Intrusion (1x1)

    @Loud Opinion Holy shit. Vida had all but forgotten her vulnerability to intrusions such as this. She had expected a brief scan, or for him to tell her to fuck off. But this... Her heart skipped a beat, and her eyes widened as she sensed what he did. Stay down... Vida swallowed, focusing her will in an effort to keep the monster at bay. If she fully awakens, things could get bad, especially if Terrado doesn't stop. "Maybe this... Was a bad idea..." She tried to remain cool, but there was no mistaking the modicum of fear that wormed its way into her otherwise impa
  4. REQUIEM- ALPHA The great machine has failed us, but we yet remain to rebuild. The Pyramid, the source of all conflict in this world, stands untouched in the center of the last city. Harmony and The Dominion have been fighting this war for so long... To change the world. Will you be the one to break this vicious cycle, and at last uncover what lies within the heart of this broken world? Join us in Requiem, and together we may just find out! We have lore! https://homebrewery.naturalcrit.com/share/pH4jXpoHAD3S We have a How-to guide! https://homebrewery.naturalcrit.com/share/7nWhAXqd
  5. Too vague? It was literally as specific as you could possibly get. It shouldn't have been changed at all.
  6. It's been some time since I last visited this site, and I am uncertain how to feel about its lack of evident changes. I am no exception, however, so I might as well state my intentions here and hope for the best. I am looking for a literate, 18+ partner who can dedicate themselves to whatever we put to task. I'm talking proper grammar, punctuation, and paragraph spacing. No questions ending without question marks. No missing "a's" in a sentence. And for Faust sake, no "but why tho" type speech. I absolutely abhor this practice, and will turn anyone down who cannot hold themselves to a re
  7. So I've recently started a classic RPG style dungeon run with a friend of mine on Skype, and it got me thinking: why not try and do that with a larger group? I'm just here to guage any interest in the idea. I've never played D&D or anything, but I'd like to think I'm fine at coming up with encounters and traps and the like.
  8. "Alright, ponies, morale is low and we need plans!" The black kirin's tail swished behind her with interminable animation. "Now, I know most-" she glanced at a clipboard in her hoof "- all of you are new here, (damn commission can't send me experienced subjects, it seems), but fret not, for I, the magnificent Mandala, shall be your guiding star through the darkness of the unknown. so, who's with me!?" She thrusts her hoof up into the air, striking a pose that was at once inspiring and strangely alluring- in an entirely inappropriate way, to the less pure minds. It must have been the way her
  9. My favorite is Aisede, although I also got by Foxtrot. Aisede is yoruba for "Inconsistency" which defined me well.
  10. Amidst the haz'd peaks so crowned In glory of days pas't 'n gone Veiled in Spectres of days old Wreathed in tragic joys 'a gold Harmony reins in grasps bygone Seekers agait on hooves so bold. ~ Tail End, Harmony scribe. Requiem is a world divided, the forces of Harmony and The Dominion locked in an eternal struggle to secure the Pyramid at the center of The City of Angels. Blood stains these derelict streets- of friend, of foe, and of those who only seek refuge from the clashing waves of titans. Will you side with Latóm and join her harmonic Cause, brin
  11. So I've been floating around here for awhile, and I've become a tad bit lost. I know people advertise their little roleplays here and there- and, in fact, I've joined one before on this platform- but I'm not entirely certain where that section is anymore. I lost track of it and, in lieu of looking like a complete dunce, I'm asking here instead: where do I advertise my own roleplays? I've got this big new world I've cooked up, but I need players, and lots of them. Literate ones, too. If any of you can help a bro out, it would be much appreciated ~
  12. Oh damn, sorry for the late reply! I kept expecting to see a notification but it never came. I guess we have to quote each other or something... Anyway, I was kind of hoping we could just continue how we started things. Everything will naturally fall into place overtime via natural progression. My alicorn may glimpse her reflection in a pond or window, or maybe I'll describe her appearance to one of the ponies looking at her through a scope.
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