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  1. Ok, so apparently, swearing makes his argument invalid... He wasnt confronting the trolls on the community. He made this tread to address the problems the community has faced lately. Personally, as a brony for one a half years, id like to point out that the brony community has gotten to younger viwers (and im saying people who are ages 10-13) And some of those certain members, *not saying all* are taking this community to the extreme. They're changing ponies to just what they watch but to WHO THEY ARE. It gets kind of annoying actually when somebody says they're against bronies and then al
  2. I agree with you fully. I'm honestly drifting away from the brony community now... it really isnt the same as it used to be... It really isnt...
  3. A mary sue is an OC that is perfect in every way possible. You can easilly point them out by their "perfect" looks, and they just never seem to get upset during ANY situation. They almost always have a bad and terrible backround but magically became a great person. Mary sues are kind of cliche...
  4. "love and tolerate" is getting more obsolete now on the brony community. People are using this show to not what they watch, but it changes who they ARE. whetever, ill only watch the show for the plot. Haters gonna hate... whatever
  5. When it gets to Final Fantasy 13-2, you get to think that they're taking on the series for way to long... I really dont like any of the popular iphone games either like angry birds or what not
  6. *le gasp* everything makes sense now!!! But I'm still blank about the relationship between cadence and the crystal ponies... season three needs to come out sooner
  7. Well in eroupe, When Prince William and Kate got married, they became the duke and duchess of cambridge. I always thought shining and Cadence were something in the lines of THAT kind of status.
  8. I'm pretty sure she really coudnt do anything even if she did go with them. Celestia probably stayed put in Canterlot and helped reduce some of the confusion in the city. But Celestia doesnt really have the power to stop discord anymore.
  9. I'm thinking its going to start later... like maybe in November or even december. It looks like it isnt coming out anytime soon....
  10. I think rainbow dash and soarin could totally hit it off xD just in my personal opinion. But the writers couldnt ship it without killing the show...
  11. you have 30 days to reply to the PM ill send to the winner. Those who dont reply after a month will not recieve their prize.
  12. Hey guys, I thought of doing something new for the forums, So I made an idea the forum’s first Mystery prize contest! I’ve done this on a couple forums before and it’s been quite successful and fun for the entire community. Every week, members of the forum can put their names into a drawing. Every Saturday, I will draw out one name from the pile. This lucky winner will win anything from Pony figures, trading cards, non-pony related stuff, and maybe even cash. The catch is, every week can either be a good prize or a bad prize. It changes every week. But who doesn’t want a free prize anyways
  13. Name: Mersander (maddie) Time zone: Eastern time zone Skype/oovoo/ect..: my skype is Soar2345 what games are you most interested in?: mostly rpg games. But i basically play any game that people tell me to play xD. how free are you: oh my god i have SO much free time. I work from 8am to 3 pm every day, but that shouldn't really interfere with anything.
  14. Finally! I am beyond happy they stepped up to the plate and took action with this problem. I am overjoyed right now
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