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  1. gosh, thanks everyone.. <3 here's some surfer ponies too:
  2. It began here. A voice of graceful elegance and delicate demure. A voice that illustrates sublimity in itself. A voice that could inspire joy and love pervasively throughout the world. Look at that goddamn face A voice that inspired... not many, apparently. I don't get it, she's one of the few background characters that talks, yet she's doomed to obscurity. This fandom is silly sometimes, I think. Discuss Junebug and other surprisingly obscure background ponies here, I guess!
  3. I've drawn lotsa pony things since I started liking this show, cos I like cute things. Uhm, here's some things... There's a lot more on my DeviantArt profile: http://turbulosus.deviantart.com/ Uhm, enjoy <3
  4. It's just, uhm, sorta my thing I guess...
  5. It's sorta random, but I got Morgan Freeman once What a day that was...
  6. I think hot showers aren't as good, cos they open your pores to let dirt and stuff in.. I don't know for sure, though. I like medium showers.
  7. I uhm... don't sleep very often. But I do have a really nice fluttershy pillow my friend made me <3
  8. Oooh, cute avvy <3 and h-hello everyone else too!
  9. I just found out about this place and stuff... Used to go to ponychan by the name of cheesecake, but yeah. I like to draw things and stuff... So uhm, hi.