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  1. Thanks for the feedback so far! @Shankveld, you wouldn't have to use the colors all together, you could use them separately, it's just the fact that they're the pony's colors that matters! I see what you mean though, and thank you for your opinion! I'll try to figure out some better color combos<3
  2. I did not realize how difficult using words was until I stumbled on top of this thread. It could honestly be the greatest challenge yet!
  3. I don't wear makeup all too often, but I make my own cosmetics, which are an all vegan hypo-allergenic cosmetics line. I have calm colors and more exotic/crazy colors, but every color when applied dry is subtle and quite lovely on most complexions. You can mix it with water for a more dramatic look if wanted. We even have black light / glow-in-the-dark eye shadow! The reason it's slightly pony related is because we're making quads that boast pictures of the Mane Six on the covers, and inside we have four colors relating to the pony on the cover. For example, the Fluttershy quad woul
  4. Hi everypony! I'm a pegasister from Florida<3 How is everyone doing today?
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