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  1. Some of you may have seen that painting artwork I was working on of Rainbow Dash as a fighter pilot. Well, I finished it last night, and here's the results. You can also find it here: http://fav.me/d56a334 If you like it, and have DeviantArt, please fave and comment. I love that kinda thing!
  2. Heh, maybe you're right, actually. A lot of work does go into these...Either way, it sounds like an enticing plan, but I'm unsure anyone would really be interested that much, nor would I know where to advertise it. What do you think? How's your vector art coming along?
  3. Yeah, all of his stuff is very NSFW, but he does do SFW versions of his stuff as well...They just don't get around because everyone wants the NSFW stuff. Heh, yeah...You know, I should start selling profile-style avatars of ponies for like, $10 each or something.
  4. I might take some advice from a very skilled artist friend of mine (You might know ECMajor?) and "let it go" and try something new on the next one. Saves me frustration and helps me learn on newer pieces. And my Fluttershy one? That's a good idea. I'll do that now. Thanks very much! Hope to finish soon
  5. Sorry, I meant the iris, not pupil...heh Strange, huh?...That's not good. It does look a bit strange to me now that you point it out. Ugh. Will have to redo it...
  6. Glad you guys like it so much! Motivates me to keep working and keep making moar.
  7. Ah, i see what you mean, now! I didn't know that was the way to describe it. It certainly looks like something that could be more realistic, as well as simpler in a way...I dunno, I just really like doing the strandy style of mane/hair. Hmm...I'm not sure, I kind of like how it turned out under her eye. As for the bangs out the front of the helmet, I'm not sure I'd want to do that, as it might take away from the rendering of the front part of her face and other parts. Also, I assume she'd prevent any strands from coming out the front, in case it causes any interference to her vision or something. The darker portions of her pupils...I'll be getting to that soon. You're right when you say it looks "washed out" at the moment. I'm also wondering if I should detail the pupil, or keep it simplified.
  8. Makes sense to me, but most of the stuff I do is the pure intention; If I didn't intend to do things, I'd go back and correct it or start again. I'm taking the desat mane into consideration, though, because it wasn't my intention to make it like that, heh(Thus, going back to change it). Especially the blue, because it blends a bit with her body. I'm not sure if I want to go with a matched saturation, or make it stand out more. As for painting with a stringy-style brush, I just like the style! I would like a further explanation on the "blocking in the dark and light spots", though; I'm curious and might want to try that, anyway. Thank you! Hopefully, it should be done tonight. I ammmm!
  9. And it's taking forever to complete. I'm hoping to finish it tonight and be able to move onto the next part of a project I'm working on involving military ponies. Feel free to leave some feedback
  10. That's a good idea. I'll do that next time
  11. New progress. WIP update; Changed the eye a bit and some other details
  12. I've got the stream going now. Hope to see you even for a bit! http://www.livestream.com/flashandshit
  13. I'll probably do another livestream in half an hour. You available?
  14. Very nice copydraws. <3 Copydrawing is probably one of the best ways to learn without actually tracing. One suggestion I'd make is to connect RD's foreleg line to her mane to make it look like it's going behind it; Right now, it looks like her foreleg is coming out of her cheek, heh