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  2. Happy birthday Hazardus Harvard! Hope you have a wonderful day today!!! :D :D :D

  3. Oh wow, I totally forgot that game existed! And here I am with a copy of the second game too, sort of wish I could afford the third one for download. When I was drawing this up, I was pretending that this was on some merchandise or on the front of a website. Originally, I wanted to make the logo for the contest how the logo that did win went, but then thought that it might feel too business like. So instead, I just thought of something that would appeal a younger audience that likes MLP:FiM, but is also appealing to an older viewer without it being obvious it's from this show. This has a slightly more active look that I thought would look neat on things like shirts or if it was animated as a gif. But looking at the logo that won, I guess they wanted a more business look after all, so maybe I shouldn't have listened to my instincts when making this. Not sure what to do with this logo now. Maybe I'll rework it slightly and remove the name so I can make it into something else, still thinking on what to do...
  4. Well, dang. For some reason, I didn't receive an email about this at all and had someone else tell me about all this happening... Well, when I did my logo, I was thinking of ways that would make it look fun and entertaining while also relating to the show, but not in a way that would force people to dislike it if say it was on a shirt. That's what I was attempting, anyways.
  5. I've got what I would say are my thoughts on the movie, and they aren't all that pleasant. No, I don't bash anything without proper merit, but there are so many problems to this movie. If you want to see it, since I believe reposting it here would be akin to spam, you can find my response to the movie here - http://mlpforums.com/topic/60373-equestria-girls-hate/?p=1597529
  6. I just did my own search on Google Images of Fluttershy. I got two images that had suggestive things in it, but everything else was simple, Fluttershy pictures. That's not to say certain images don't pop up from time to time, but this is the internet. You may as well expect this stuff to pop up every now and then. I mean, I've accidentally come across things sexually explicit from King of the Hill, Game Grumps, and even Mythbusters. Yes, really, all these are real and I am horrified they exist. That's the thing though, there's porn on just about everything out there, and if it's not there, it'll be there eventually (referring to R35). If you want a safer environment for things like this fandom, just go on DeviantArt. There are groups out there that don't allow what you don't want to see. I don't know why you didn't look there in the first place... http://alltheponies.deviantart.com/ There's a group that you can browse through without too many problems, if any.
  7. You also need to add in the fact that every console is region locked, meaning you can't take your console overseas and expect it to play. Same with any game purchased. The PS4 on the other hand is NOT region lock, meaning you can purchase any console and game from anywhere, and it should work. Publishers may region lock their own games, depending on what they want, but a majority of the games should be playable no matter where you go.
  8. I agree with this, which is why I'm looking at the WiiU as well. Bayonetta 2 is coming exclusively for them, which has me very anxious into buying that console. But there still has to be a fine line with excusing a console for all its missteps for having good games. I hope you have a really good internet connection, don't mind being forced into talking to your Kinect since there's no power button, you actually have to tell it to turn on and off every single time, paying a hundred + more than the competition, possibly losing your gaming library in around ten years if they ever cut the servers off for you console, and being forced to buy EVERY game brand new, meaning you'll have to buy everything around $60 per game no matter what. I hope all of this, and more, is worth getting a few exclusive games you want.
  9. I have absolutely NO doubt that Discord will appear at least ONCE in season four. When he was released in season three, there was no reason whatsoever to have that happen in a story standpoint. It was just something that happened. Granted, it could've just been a side thing like many of the episodes were, but you don't make a side thing with a very large and widely known character from the series! The thing is, what will they use him for? That's what's got me curious. I'm taking a guess that he'll be used for something actually important. Not just a simple thing, or it'd be a major waste of potential to a character. Sure, it'd be nice to see him just screw around in an episode, but ultimately, I'm expecting something of importance from the guy.
  10. Right now, for myself, I'm still not sure what to get. I'm going to have to wait until all three consoles finally come out so news will trickle in on what they can, cannot do, and will not do. As for the E3 even that just went down, I think these two videos sum it up quite nicely for the two major players there. Microsoft's Xbone Sony's PS4
  11. Kotaku spotted it in one of their videos that was missed by just about all of the viewers. It's not the worst thing I've seen, seeing as I'm surprised Sony hasn't implemented on for so long. Hopefully, it'll come with an improved experience (which I'm assuming it does). http://kotaku.com/ps4-video-says-playstation-plus-is-mandatory-for-online-512482325
  12. This... is surprisingly accurate to exactly what happened. That Tom Clancy game looks phenomenal and I can't wait for Rayman Legends to come out. But, there are a few points you missed. Microsoft's implied rape joke. The fact that Microsoft showcased mostly teasers while Sony showcased gameplay. Microsoft's teasers also lost audio in TWO of their showcases. Steven Spielberg is STILL confirmed to do the Halo televised series. Not sure why the have to keep telling everyone that. Are they afraid people will forget? Sony is allowing self-publishing on their console. No word on what Microsoft is doing. Microsoft's getting Minecraft! Again! Just... without any of the mod support and texture packs... But it's slightly better than the 360 version! Xbone is going to be $499.99, or £429.99. PS4 is going to be $399.99, or £349.99. Sony is enforcing the PS4 paid subscription to their PSN+, so to play multiplayer, you need to be a member. But for everything else, you don't need that. They'll also still be giving away free games as usual. PEGGLE TWO, FUCK YEAH, AIR PUMP ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. The Sony Press Conference is currently going on people! Click the link above so you can join in on watching what they reveal for their console!
  14. Yes, I've had people saying this was a problem. Just refresh the website, it'll eventually load up so that you can view it like everyone else.