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  1. Dunno if you still visit the forums or not but happy birthday, Lego! :) What do you think of the new Lego movie?

  2. Well I have an OC but I do not have a proper link. It's here if you want it. You can get rid of the horn if you like because you did say "no alicorns"
  3. Hardest scene to watch? ANY, and I mean ANY scene where someone makes Fluttershy cry. Who would want to make her cry? She's so adorable.
  4. I was the biggest brony hater in Spring of 2012. I even lost one of my friends because my brony-hating was getting too far. Well, I don't blame him for leaving me. I was being a bit insane.
  5. I definitely would like that, but it's just an optional thing. If she REALLY cares about me, she would overlook that detail. I can always convert, but I shouldn't be too picky.
  6. Oh, god... I have no idea. Twilight Sparkle is basically my gender opposite, and I CANNOT live with myself, let alone live with my gender opposite. We would fight about everything because she's my gender opposite. Rarity maybe, but I don't know how long I can live with her before she turns me into a Spike-minion equivalent. Fluttershy has a nice cottage, and plenty of animals, so maybe Fluttershy. Rainbow Dash would be somewhat a pain due to the fact that I'm not athletic. I'm gonna jump all the way to Octavia because Pinkie is TOO random, and Applejack is much like Rainbow Dash. Octavia and I
  7. MLP is NOT my favorite show, despite all the appreciation I have for it, (Art, mostly). My favorite show at the moment would probably be Big Bang Theory mostly because it's just so dang entertaining. It's not that I like MLP any less than any other show I watch, but if I were to choose, I would pick Big Bang theory. MLP is still an awesome show, but It's not my favorite. However, I do have high hopes for Season 4.
  8. Well, if anything, it means my first attempt is crap. Good work, though! Try getting proportions correct. You know it will look right when you see it.
  9. I would rather be a beggar because I don't want to live on what I take, but I want to live on what is given and build on it. I rather would have a $10 house with a million dollar dream than being a fugitive with no dream.
  10. Hmmmm, well, it can't be us. To tell you the truth, the kids should look up to the responsible, well, at least the more responsible figures, like Obama or someone.
  11. I say that she IS the worst villain because of the way she used her power, not the element power, but her social intimidation. She uses fear to get what she wants, namely, the crown, both the powerless crown and the Sixth Element. Every single year, it seems that she always wins and that is true. She uses her resources, namely Snips and Snails, to her full advantage and sabotage her competition. This is worse than Discord because Discord caused disharmony by physical changes to the environment and mental changes to the ponies. Sunset causes disharmony simply by taking advantage of people and t
  12. OOhhhh...I would have to say my *Shudder* wedding...mostly because I am not remembered by my wedding, but I am most remembered by my legacy, so I would have to say wedding.
  13. Yeah, I didn't have high expectations at first, but it is full of references. There was not a minute where I wasn't engaged. Well, any change on any fandom will spark a discussion and people will hate. The movie has not ruined the fandom. The movie has ADDED to the fandom. Hey, we all signed up for this. That means we are all a part of the changes. When I first saw the trailer, I was worried, but since I knew that it was made by the same guys, I bought my ticket right away. We are all in this together to end and to the new beginnings. This is one of those new beginnings. We signed
  14. Hey, guys. As most of us know, Equestria Girls has come out today and I thought I would like to do a review on it. I must warn you that there are spoilers. Tell me what you think. ~David
  15. All I can say about this is that I do not think that she SHOULD be an alicorn, but if the producers wish it to be so, so be it. Sure, people will get mad and all, but a change is good. In any fandom, there are always people who think it is unacceptable for change. Maybe it's us that are stubborn. Wouldn't it be BORING as BUCK if everything STAYED THE SAME? Just saying.
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