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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Back in my day we read the Silmarillion with a notepad and a calculator and we liked it that way.
  3. If you're asking "are tracks laid by people carrying them in hand and then driving down spikes with hand-swung hammers, even today" the answer is likely yes in countries where heavy mechanization is rare. African countries are still building new railroads. But for tracklaying in industrialized nations like the United States or Germany, 1. most of the track anyone will ever need has already been laid 2. laying more track is expensive mostly due to buying land to put it on 3. tracks are heavy and workers complain about their back a lot these days. So no, in those places people wouldn't be doing it "man-made".
  4. Money can buy friends. Money can buy a crowd. But it won't make you happy.
  5. A has-been who shows up rarer than a blue moon. If I was someone's waifu, I'd be like √100: a solid 10 but also imaginary.
  6. Do you have a blue house with a blue window?

    Is blue the colour of all that you wear?


  7. Uh. Whoa, okay, there's a funny story that could be told about the fact that I'm even around to respond to you here and now. Long story short, unfortunately no you cannot join. This RP died four years ago :U
  8. Merry Birthiversary!

    1. Blue


      Thanks, brodudeson

  9. Micro informs macro. I have to know a bit about metal properties at the chemical level to understand why they behave as they do when machining. The viscosity of carbon, tungsten and iron all factor into how fast you can turn a cutting tool to shave off bits of metal. Though we should get Tiago on here. Bro's nearly finished his PhD thesis on the florescence of heavy elements.
  10. I'm thinking about where I want to be in half a decade. I think it's enjoyable thinking about all the possibilities which could still come to be. Where do you think you'll end up? What would you aim for? I'm thinkin', Be married to a lovely woman Own a house and a car Visit South America and/or Pacific islands Finish writing a book and/or start making a video game Save a life What would be on your list? What are your top five ambitions?
  11. McCool, located on McCool Hill, Gusev Crater (15ºS 175ºE) New Sarajevo, Jezero Crater, Sirtis Major Planum (28ºN 78.5ºE) Malin City, Eberswalde Crater, Margaritifier Terra (23ºS 33ºW) Federation Utopia Plantitia Fleet Yards, Utopia Plantitia (45ºN 85ºE) (somebody's got to make the Trek references 'round here)
  12. If you're in Vancouver perhaps you might be able to meet me. Saturday evenings at 6pm: Coastal Church on West Georgia St. by Thurlow. It's just past the Shangri-La Hotel, and remarkable circumstance that the Trump International Hotel was built just across the street. It's interesting. There's far more love and culture in the diminutive century-old brick building than the most opulent and newest skyscraper in the country.
  13. Respect is a-priori and unconditional. I may not like a man who beats me, but I would [want to] still respect him as a human being. Mainly out of a desire of whom I know he could be, possibly not because of who he presently is.
  14. Blue

    Clop SECTION

    The internet already has tons of porn as it is. An extremely sizable percentage of the entire internet is porn, much to my dismay. As far as I'm concerned, it can heck right off. It has no need or business to intrude on one of the few places on the internet where I can find respite from its intrusion.
  15. In 1914 in the city of Sarajevo was a sad, lonely man, sitting at a cafe, eating a sandwich. Earlier that day, he was part of a group of Nationalists hoping to stir up pride in the Serbian people. He, like others, had intended to assassinate Franz Ferdinand, the Archduke and Prince of the Austro-Hungarian empire. One of his nationalist comrades had thrown a grenade which flew over the Archduke's car and exploded, maiming a bunch of bystanders on the opposite side of the parade. The Archduke was sped away to safety, but still in the city at the behest of the Mayor. The mayor convinced the Archduke that his polticial situation, precarious as it was, might be improved if he went to the hospital to visit those who had been injured in the assassination attempt. Ferdinand's chauffeur was unfamiliar with the streets of Sarajevo, and accidentally took a wrong turn when trying to join the motorcade headed for the hospital. He stopped to back up, but the engine stalled. Right in front of a little cafe. A cafe with a man sitting there, eating a sandwich. Two bullets and two months later, 1.5 million lay dead throughout Europe in the early pangs of the First World War. Now call the Butterfly Effect a "theory".