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  1. Planet 7 has the unfortunate fate of a name that is easily interpreted as a one-word pun in English. I wish its name would be changed to Ouranos. Which is weird. Why do we keep the name Uranus? We badly pronounce a bad German transposition of a English transliteration of a Greek name. A more direct modern English transliteration of the name would be Ouranos (Oo-ran-ohs ). Now you'd think this isn't a big deal. Who cares? Well for one thing, the IAU has demonstrated before that they care more about technically good science than they do about popular perception: they were willing to demote Pluto in order to define "planet". For another, there is a disproportionately smaller number of scientific papers about Uranus than there are about literally every other planet. Some people think that's because of its name. Even the smaller number of papers about Uranus also contain puns and jokes, like probing, and methane coming from it etc.
  2. The Girl from No. 6 is a novelized biography by Vanessa Voth about her grandmother Marie Loewen. It tells of Marie and her mother Kaethe; fleeing from Mennonite Russia during the early years of Stalin's 5-Year Plans to becoming refugee colonists in Paraguay, and the struggles of their lives living in what is now Filadelfia and Fernheim. It is relevant to my interests because it is from these exact circumstances that my grandparents lived, and where my mother was born. Marie Loewen was a friend of my opa.
  3. Along with the kefir, I put back the malk.
  4. News companies concerned with the truth put it behind a paywall, but lies and fake news is free...

    1. SomeponySparkle


      It costs money to actually do some investigating. I hate the paywalls. But I understand why it happens. 

    2. cuteycindyhoney


      Superman doesn't even like paywalls!



    3. SomeponySparkle
  5. As a Canadian, I try to be conscious of the ways in which we as a society failed, and should do better. In the 1880s, Canada constructed a national trans-continental railroad, the Canadian Pacific Railway. While most of the effort was cool (albeit expensive and dangerous), native land was appropriated to lay the right of way. This land remains under CPR's ownership. CPR hired thousands of Chinese immigrant-workers, under false promises that trans-pacific ferrying, room and board, tools and transportation would be paid for by the company. They were effectively indentured servants unable to go home. British Columbians openly expressed racist attitudes towards Chinese peoples and even prevented identification as persons until 1920. Hundreds died in the extremely dangerous construction conditions in the Fraser Canyon, the region now known as Hell's Gate. Beginning in the 1900s and carrying on until 1993, the Canadian government prosecuted a systematic reeducation program meant to extinguish or eradicate social and cultural identities of native groups nation-wide. This system was called "Indian Residential Schools" and over its time inculcated over 100000 people, mainly children. These "schools" were more like prison camps which destroyed families and has caused tremendous suffering. The Truth and Reconciliation Foundation begun in 2011 is undertaking to restore some of these cultures and undo the social damage. Following WWII, Canada received over 1000 Nazi War Criminals as refugees redirected after initially being sent from Ukraine towards Argentina. The exact identity of these peoples is still a matter of ongoing investigation.
  6. Hot take: All states in the style of California. (Art by eccekevin)
  7. There are lots of US State flags which are beautiful or unique enough that they can fly on their own fields. Of all of them, I'd say Texas, New Mexico and Alaska are so good that they could be national flags. There are some US State flags which have good elements, but with a bit of refinement could be truly great. There are two classes of American State flags which need change, in order of priority: those with clear racial prejudices, and those that are simply ugly seal-on-a-bedsheets (SOABs). Racially charged flags, aka ones that directly reference and unashamedly promote the Confederate States of America. While I concede that many aspects of Confederate imagery are rooted in much older symbolism (such as St. Andrew's cross), the connotation is too dear and too negative for the majority of peoples living today for that to be a strong defense. Notably on this list, Mississippi is included in its old appearance, as of a month ago. At time of posting, Mississippi does not have a flag: a design competition is currently underway to change it. Old My favorite proposal is this one. However it is probably not going to win, because it does not contain the Motto "In God We Trust", which apparently is a design requirement according to the State Legislature. Below are the SOABs. Each of them have a number of elements which could be emphasized to make a unique flag of their own: buried in each of these flags is a beautiful emblem waiting to emerge. Special shoutouts to the flags that are presently so bad that they had to resort to putting the state's name on them; defeating the purpose of a flag's symbolism entirely. (California gets a pass in this regard because theirs is unique and cohesive enough to make it work.) Worst prizes go to Georgia. Georgia gets second mention for redesigning its flag no fewer than 4 times in the past century, each one being more racist than the last. (Image from Wikipedia, retrieved 2020-07-18) I think the two most American things about all state flags in general are the facts that NONE of them use the same Aspect Ratio (size), and despite the fact that nearly all of them use blue somewhere, NONE OF THEM use the same shades of blue. Each state has to do things their own way, because nothing quite says "the American dream" quite like going it alone.
  8. AAA Games cost that much when I was a teenager, and if the prices kept up with inflation they should cost over $100 USD today. The way they try to keep behind inflation is creative new income strategies like day-after-release patches, paid DLC, free-to-play and other strategies to avoid a sales strategy that in some ways is outmoded.
  9. For everyone in favor of completely shuttering 4chan, one must be aware of the conundrums of moderators; for every mile of road, there are two miles of ditches. When a community permits very broad rules and wide freedoms in regards to speech, that also enables people who will have controversial or even despicable opinions to be heard. This will inevitably attract a higher proportion of undesirable company than most places. When a community maintains a very strict rule-set, it will stifle natural formation of relationships and culture. However, that little which is open will be very safe (according to the authoritative opinions of those in power). The most healthful communities are in between these extremes. They are very dependent on lenient and patient moderators, who must ethically judge obedience on a case-by-case basis. The downside to this kind of community is that this kind of rule regime becomes increasingly unstable when the population of regulars exceeds a few hundred.
  10. I recently completed the first pass of my first novel, which is 65k words long. First, I'm happy to have finished a story. Next to satisfy me is to find a stranger who says they enjoyed reading it. I think that the main reason for writer's block is not lack of inspiration, but overabundance of time. Instead of seeking some new muse, an easy solution is to intentionally reduce the amount of time you have to work. Say in a day "I have one hour to write, today". Everything you intend to accomplish written-wise must be started and finished within that hour. If you don't fit it, scribble some notes and allocate it for tomorrow. It forces you to figure out what's essential for what you intended to consider and express that day. I try to limit myself to no more than 4 hours per day. Interesting! I look forward to giving it a read.
  11. ^Title Generally I'd say forum posts and such count (I guess) but one's history of posting or social media doesn't amount to much of a cohesive storyline. That is, unless you can really read between the lines. Fan fiction also counts.The way I see it, "If you write, you're a writer." None of this "you gotta make money" gatekeeping malarky. If you do write stuff, what have you written? What are you most proud of? Anything you want to share?
  12. If I could fit the Pacific Ocean in my pocket, I think I would put in my pocket just to see what would happen. Then I'd put it back.
  13. if there was a way to ban a website from existing, it would be done. That control would also be abused. Of course the right thing to do would be to simply {not exist} all the bad websites where child porn and KKK webrings are, and all the host facilities for scammers and so on. But then about 0.2 seconds later, large companies would use the same tool to destroy websites that host content in a way that denies them money, and foreign governments would do the same to obfuscate information that's politically inconvenient.
  14. Money's a bit... allocated, I'll say, within my family at the moment. However I intend on getting into investment when I'm more liquid again. I have plenty of advice coming from my dad.