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  1. So I decided to try a new style of pony sketching and hopefully find it usable. This is my first sketch using a kind of, "every pony is luna except the eyes," technique. I thought it came out bad, but what do you think? (not finished btw, but just to share) *bad photo quality sorry*
  2. THIS IS AWESOME! I love the wallpaper Really cool looking and very handy indeed. The mane looks really great + the cutiemark!
  3. OO i like it! Its got really good color, and the white background is really useful. Some of the lines could be a bit darker and shapes hardened, but awesome job!
  4. GREAT JOB! it looks, so grand.... thank you so much arcus, it was incredibly nice of you to vector that for me! again, thanks alot man!
  5. Pretty sure they just add things and trace the original art..... I dunno, but its not as easy as it sounds. I tried it once and failed horribly
  6. Theres this nice guy that vectored my vinyl and it turned out really good! I thought I'd share, just because........I'm about to go do art so.... later... you're still here?
  7. SketchaChord Infiniti

    Forgotten Rarity

    I do..... I have time almost all day. I get caught up in videogames and keep procrastinating. Like right now i'm on mlpforums and not working on spitfire. I think i have a.d.d
  8. Just found this at the bottom of my art drawer...... I was probably working on it then had to deal with school and forgot.... Anyway I still can't figure out why I gave up,....enjoy!
  9. one last thing (: Awesome, btw. Make her left glass part go under her nose. S it doesn't look weird like that. But I really like it! Thanks! Do whatever you feel, like! Just try to stay close to what I've portrayed, but you can add whatever you feels make s the picture more pretty!
  10. Best name ever. Simply fantastic I would have to say. Wood chuck is just so original I wish i had a better idea for a name, mine kinda sucks
  11. world ending and we wont be able to see the new episode. Really looking forward to doing my taxes.... oh well. I hated them anyway. Is there a government system in the afterlife? ....do they have sweetrolls?
  12. SketchaChord Infiniti

    My OC

    Well, I'm quite thankful that it isn't alicorn princess sister to Luna + faster than rainbow dash and most magical ability in all of equestria.
  13. Awesome job, man! I love the look of it! only 3 things, though. 1. she looks oddly skrillex bald on the left. 2. Notstrils could be a bit seen more. 3. Cool background? Overall, a wonderful vector.!!! Thanks, man!
  14. Magnifique Darling! just loving the colors and texture, layout is fantastic, and her expression is priceless Thanks fr this beautiful wrk of art x3
  15. Every other drawing I've done was in pencil, but thanks to Shadow Chaser, I can finally see it digitally! Really excellent vector job! Anyway big thanks to him, and I hope you like it as much as I do!
  16. Oh my god. I ******* love you. Always wanted a vector of a drawing. Thank you so much Anything i can do. Nobody realizes how awesome this is thank you, again. (:
  17. any color yo want I'd prefer blue headphones and maybe yellow ear ring (of course) but the colors wouldn't matter much to me, (: cool
  18. that'd be great, man. Just do what you feel like, (: You can add detail to 'em, and maybe add in the shading. But y'know whatever floats your boat.
  19. Oh, well if you want I can start on new ones. These were meant to be pencil-only but k .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . you found the end of the dots, congrats whoever
  20. Plain and simply, looking for someone to vector As you might see in the attachments, my camera isn't exactly, "up to speed," with modern ones, and I was thinking about having someone who could collaborate with me and do vectors of work. Iz for fun some of my work (down) anyone able?
  21. Must ask. Vector some of mine? (maybe collab? You're really talented) . . . I'll give you some of my drawings and you can decide if you can or not if you do want to vector some here ya go (attached, k?) It would be awesome ;_;
  22. first pinkie in a friggin year. I cant believe I completely forgot about my pony art skills and focused on schoolwork. I watched the episodes but completely forgot about the fandom For more art, my OC page http://www.facebook.com/FansOfInfinitiThundermane (not like you care) I'm also looking for someone to maybe do a collab with me and do some good 'ol vectoring. Besides my adminship on facebook rainbowdash, I completely forgot about maybe everything Where have i been ;_;
  23. SketchaChord Infiniti

    My poopy OC

    Like I said this is my 3rd pony and my first time putting any clothing on it His shirt is covering the wings
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