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  1. Clouds by Omnipony Do you even lift, Brah?
  2. So here's how it works. The user above you posts a pokemon (you can include pictures if you want) and you must post another pokemon. State who would win. And then it continues as such. Basically you need to top each pokemon that is posted. I'll start out. Magikarp.
  3. Nothings really happened to me like that. This is kind of off topic but something to do with it, Whenever I say shut up to this one kid in my class who like is determined to make my ears bleed by annoying me every second of his life, this other girl in my class who sits across from me in science class is always like "Michael! Dont swear!! D:" I facehoof in my mind so hard.
  4. last night i unwrapped my ipad, but other than that nothing. we arent opening the presents until 10 am.. lol. merry christmas all!

    1. Creamy Arty

      Creamy Arty

      Glad you're enjoying it, because we'll never have another one.

  6. Which tablet would that be, Galaxy, Ipad? Im getting an Ipad as stated before.. but personally I do not like the PS3, I'm more of an Xbox person. :3
  7. Self explanatory. Im getting an iPad Mini for christmas! Yay! I've always wanted an Ipad.. What are you guys getting for christmas?
  8. You get a Hypnotoad. *Inserts a grenade*
  9. It's simple. Read the subject. User1: Will u murry meh User2: Naw skurew u bish