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  1. Suriously... Im fine where it is now and its allowed for young children's cartoons as long as they don't go overboard. But I dont need pervy elements what the heck! I seen enough anime to stand it but I rarely see MA rated anime (Depends on the anime) and for starters that ruins the image of what it is >.< I dont like pervy elements in shows it really makes me want to watch it less
  2. This episode really capture the moment of fluttershy's determination and I love how this episode is even though fluttershy isn't my 100% best pony. But I will say this... SHOW MORE EPISODES OF HER BEING BADASS
  3. This seems a little bit harsh for this show even if its teaching something... Unique... I would love to see how you can learn a lesson from these but for a TV-Y show, Its too harsh. If it was TV-G or TV-PG it would be allowed (G is higher than Y)
  4. As you can see an "announcement" doesn't usually mean officially but in video games its a entire different ball game but thats not the point. When you announce something and dont say "official" then it won't happen its just a maybe
  5. You have a really cool signature :3 Did you make it, or someone else?

    1. DaAwesomeBronyDJ


      Someone else but thanks :)

  6. As a Fan... I stay true to what I do in a fandom. Even though I stay away from it for a while (Like watching more episodes of naruto shippuden... Although after watching 235 episodes... I rather read the manga more XD but fillers flesh out the support characters and others more which is good but sometimes its dull XD) Being a fan of anime and all... I like bleach only because of the battles and the epic sword releases and such like Ulquierrel (Sorry if I spelled wrong) and some of the characters. I love naruto's storyline, Characters, humour, and overall lore truly a master piece because I can
  7. I really dont care... I love each and everyone of them! (Excluding Family shippings yuuuucccckkkkk) There really is no fav except for... Derpy Shy :3
  8. I very much approve of the every other saturday idea... it does make more sense since there are less episodes. I honestly want a true release date at least but since most of season 2 did disappoint me and there were episodes when I want to say.... KILL IT WITH FIRE (Lesson Zero and PONY FREAKING CONFIDENTIAL)
  9. Hiiii :3 Hows everypony? Watched turnabout storm twilight... OH SNAP

  10. When was it announced... 22nd? because if thats the case then it shall be released on the 20th of October Im not entirely sure but Im taking a guess
  11. Its the 29th of September! Check the hub world site! 22nd september announcement date was wrong (but then again its an "Announcement" and not an "Official Release") If you look you should see a banner. I shall give ya proof! Wait thats a marathon banner? I hope its not ended up like how cartoon network did to most of their shows and boy that wouldn't end well
  12. I really don't chose which shipping is the best and all that but in your opinion whats your best ship? And I dont care what it is just tell me how you feel . Im sticking with flutterhooves for now
  13. But he can be really cunning and that can be a problem. So therefore you need to fix this situation without conflict and my suggestion is that you have to put a block on that person or something... I agree with you sir but suriously this one girl on chathour hated MLP and she only watched a few seconds of FIM and gave up... That was very amusing to me
  14. Yes but there are still some messed up and screwed up bronies as well and this applies to any interest. It what makes the rules of the internet true
  15. I only go to as far as her tumblr but then I saw this weird Russian animation... It dealt with rainbow, fluttershy, and a snail... I was officially creeped out.... Yes this had to do with Molestia
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