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  1. So hello and welcome to the world of cutie mark crusaders! (Pokemon refrance!) the joining page can be found here!:http://mlpforums.com/topic/54173-cutiemark-crusaders-rp/#entry1291381 we will begin now! Characters: Oliveflame or nickname Olive School times: 8 am beginning 12 lunch 3 end of school Cutie mark meetings: After school at 3:30 Weekends 9 am Members: Applebloom sweetie belle and Oliveflame. (scootaloo left to train with rainbow dash) Olive trotted out of school. Her saddlebag was filled with books becuase she wanted to study hard. She bounced around and started to fly. She was going at amazing speeds. Almost as fast as her big sister Rainbow Dash! Her sister was now a wonder bolt and she was proud of her. Pinkie pie saw her and said "Oooolllllllliiiiiiivvvvvvvveeeeeeee!" That was my nickname. I flew down and said "Ya?" Pinkie pie said "Theirs a few new students at your school! Without cutie marks!" I gasped "That's great!" Pinkie pie said "Yeah isn't it! Olive said "I want to see them!" She was the first one out so she flew back to see some fillies and colts leaving. She saw her friends and looked for ponies she never saw...
  2. Ok! I will make the thread soon! Kk? I'm just busy with work and stuff! I will post a link to it! See you soon!
  3. I drew this becuase it's a pun! Plus Dash is a bad a*s! Lease enjoy! If you want me to make other characters look like her but diffrent a bit please post!
  4. DERPY IS AWESOME! See how I said DERPY and everyone agrees! She has to much awesomeness in her so she spreads it around the world!
  5. Derpy f*cking hooves! She's awesome!!!!! She's my fav background character! Plus she just looks great and loves muffins! Who doesn't like muffins?!?!
  6. http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/oliveflame-r2840 This is my OC and I want to be the female of district 12! I want to be like Katniss! She is my fav book character!
  7. Yo got a problem with Rambo dash?

  8. Hybrids? Cooooollllllll that would be great if they were! Hybrid ponies are hard to find! Alicorns don't just don't pop up! (Looks at twilight) maybe they do...
  9. You can do what ever you want. That was a suggestion but you can choose your own story line! Olive is like rainbow dash and pinkie pie!)
  10. I'm not dieing first! I will put up the best fight you will ever see! Plus I can fly! And yeah when will it start?)
  11. I don't mind my of dieing! That's why I joined! And Katniss Everdeen is her full name dumby! Read the books!)
  12. I have read all the books and would like to participate! I am a black mare with big green eyes and is a copy of Kati's ever den! I love Kati's so much I was her for Halloween 2 years ago! I'm 14! Her name is Olive! She is a Pegasus!)
  13. Sure!) Olive said "Solarflicker can you follow me? I have something super cool to show you!" She spread her wings. The tips were shimmering grey.
  14. So you walk home from school. The other fillies stare at you with mocking faces. Your flank bare and you try and hide it. Your the new pony at school and you just moved to ponyville from manehatten. Than a fillie runs up to you and says "Hi Im Olive! You don't have your cutie mark!" You grunt "No..." Olive giggles "I don't either! Nice to meet you!" She smiles and you smile back. She was a nice pony! Maybe Life in ponyville won't be so bad after all.... Please leave a desc of your pony. And a picture if you can! It must be a school pony! It can have wings horns or none. Please no alicorns. Im sorry but there kinda like Mary Sues and Gary sues. They can join the cutie mark crusaders. Apple bloom and sweetie belle are still there but Scootaloo has gotten her mark and left. She is now Rainbow Dash's wonderbolt apprentice and also her adopted sister. The other 2 are now 2 years away from graduating instead of 3. My pony: Olive A kind,funny,smart and fast Pegasus. She is very fast for her age becuase she was born to fly at amazing speeds. She idolizes Rainbow Dash the wonderbolt. She has black hair with a super long black mane with a yellow streak down the middle. She has big green eyes and no cutie mark.