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  1. I finally logged back on after months of being in Where's My Password Land!

  2. Panda Patch

    New Here Too

    Welcome new interesting new friend! I hope you enjoy your self here!
  3. The first piece of merchandise I bought was a Pinkie Pie plush the kind Hasbro makes (the kind I bought) looks... okay, but not as good as the customs some people do. The mane looks nothing like Pinkie's, but I call it her "80's" mane do!
  4. So today, I have spent a uncharted amount of time making my own deviant art account! At the moment I'm slowly posting some of my old art work, and this weekend I will probably post some of my newer work (ponies). I'm so excited! Maybe I'll do some commissions around christmas too!
  5. In my own opinion, I believe that the black book was not Luna's diary. What would she write in a diary? Sure she could write about how Twilight saved Equestria again, or since she doubted Twilight could save the crystal ponies Celestia has her write: "I will not doubt my sister again or I'll get send back to the moon." 1000 times.
  6. Just a few hour till season 3 premier!!!

  7. I has no friends. =..(

    1. Otter


      You do now, G.

    2. Samrules350


      Make some! this place is full of nice people! :D

    3. Panda Patch

      Panda Patch

      Cool thank you guys! =D

  8. Livestream with my stuffed Pinkie Pie and apple cider! Of coarse, I'll need some sort of food maybe apple pie, those little salad tomatoes, and perhaps ice cream. After an early breakfast of course!
  9. I would rather be hated then ignored. I have already been ignored and hated in my life, but I find that being ignored is extremely annoying to me. It stinks when I do something some else get offended by whatever I did (probably something minor) and they start then alienation. First, they don't want to use words to explain how they feel which drives me up the wall. Specifically if they don't know anything thing about me at all... Ugh can't stand that! Now to be hated, that's much better! At least then their emotions are clear about me. Even if they don't know me and their hate is based o
  10. It has been scientifically proven that on every full moon ant order pizza and have a block party.
  11. To much leftover Halloween candy in my room... Can't eat it all.

  12. Panda Patch

    Ahoy Everypony!

    Thanks for the tips! I will certainly explore around the site, I really need my ark work on the internet! Thank you your awesome at rhyming! That's my goal, must be ready for Saturday. I can't believe they switched times again, so my puppy will be late for his puppy classes. He likes watching MLP so he won't mind sleeping in.
  13. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Twilight Sparkle How did you find MLP Forums?: On the internet after my brother told me about it. How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: My big brother acquired the first season and told me to watch it. So, I watched the first 2 episodes of season 1. Even thought the plot was cheesy I really really really like the animation and voices for the characters. I watched the later episodes and the plots where a lot better and I was sold! ? I usually don't talk that much at all... I'm somewhat similar to Fluttershy when it comes to being social,
  14. Cherry pie tastes great! =D

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