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  1. Blindsight, the Massive Art Swap Thread and I miss you D:

    1. Blindsight


      I had severe problems with logging in. :D And still do, actually. I have some exams coming up, but I'll probably be able to "return" within a few weeks. ^^

  2. I don't get why everyone is so upset about Twilight becoming an alicorn. There was foreshadowing even in the first season (at least I can see it). People complain about how she'll become a god, change completely and lose her friends, but come on! Since when does being an alicorn equal being a god? I know there are theories like that, but if they were gods, how could they fail? See Luna's transformation into Nightmare Moon because of her feelings, Celestia having to ask for the mane six's help all the time and getting defeated by a changeling, or Cadence getting defeated by a changeling as well. They might be powerful, they might be royalty, but definitely not almighty. Secondly, why would she change? Do people automatically become different when they get a new job, a promotion, or grow up? I don't think so. Official sources also mentioned that Twilight's personality will not be effected. I'm sure that she'll remain a skeptical, worrying bookworm. Now here's the argument that bugs me most. ERMAHGERDTwilightwillbecomeaprincessandleaveherfriendsforever!! Guys, do you even remember what the elements of harmony's power resides in? Friendship. Without her friends, Twilight would wither like an unwatered flower. By taking a closer look at her cutie mark, it's easy to tell that magic isn't her only talent; the central star symbolises her, and the smaller ones symbolise her friends. Canterlot has enough princesses. Am I the only one who's pretty sure Twilight will become the princess of friendship just like Cadence is the princess of love?...
  3. This episode is certainly among the best from season three. I couldn't wait to see it because of (almost) everyone being overly skeptical about the main plot - I just knew they wouldn't be right! I've heard a lot of fans complaining about Discord getting "reformed" beforehand, but to be honest, I've never seen him as an evil being. He's a prankster, a big child, but not an inherently malicious character. This episode just strengthened my opinions about him. I was surprised how meanly the mane six (, except Fluttershy of course,) treated Discord; even though Celestia, their princess was the one who requested him to be set free. I expected Twilight to trust her mentor more, and Pinkie to be excited about the possible return of the cotton candy clouds. Sure, he did cause a pretty big mess the last time he was in Ponyville, but I was still a little disappointed by their behavior. Discord himself looked like he was used to being treated as a nuisance. He acted like a monster only because everyone expected him to do so, and no one bothered to give him a chance. My suspicion is that the reason why he spread chaos even after Fluttershy took him in is that he couldn't believe that someone could look at him in a different way. The face he made after she called him her friend made it crystal clear how lonely he's been before. But he still couldn't trust her, which is why he sounded so ironic after Fluttershy chose to skate with him instead of turning him into stone. Only the possibility of losing her only friend made him realize how lonely he'd become (again). Since he's always been alone, he needed to learn his first lesson on how to be an actual friend, which he did: "I liked it better my way, but I guess when you're friends, you can't always have things exactly your way all the time, eh?" He's still the spirit of Chaos, but chaos is essential to even out harmony, anyway. Besides being one of the best season three episodes (in my opinion), this was also one of the best Fluttershy episodes. It really showed here how much assertive she's become since the start of the show. She always stood up for her decision, even if it meant strongly disagreeing with her friends and putting up with Discord's nonsense 'till no end. I think she’s the one besides Twilight and Pinkie who shows her element the most – Kindness. It was her gentleness and patience that triggered the change in Discord, after all. She knew what she was doing, and was extremely assertive about it. I’m really proud of how much she improved. The episode itself seemed to be very rushed, as many of you pointed out. Actually, I think it wasn’t rushed but rather, ill balanced. Discord doesn’t move in to Fluttershy’s cottage until halfway into the episode. The mane six’s conversation with Princess Celestia and his general trolling in the beginning lasted for too long in the beginning in my opinion. Still, this was an excellent episode with many funny moments and notable, but not exaggerated character development.
  4. Aww, how darling they are! It's refreshing to see something so unique among the works of fans. You've done a great job on this, especially their club symbol! ^^
  5. Holy sh.t, this is hilarious! :'D On the topic of Mary-Sue-ish OCs, do you guys think a cyclops (pony) OC is too much? No special powers, tragic backstory or anything, just one eye (and goat hooves, because it seemed right).
  6. I play on my iPad too, but I've never seen a "Get free gems!" button either. And there's no update required, so I don't know how I could get free gems.
  7. How on earth would they NOT have fur? They don't all have different pastel-colored skin, that's just ridiculous. Ponies are basically (okay not but let's just say this) small horses. Horses are covered in shorter (coat) and longer (mane and tail) fur/hair. So cartoon ponies, even if they're just two-dimensional, are obviously covered in fur. Use some logic...
  8. I simply don't understand how Derpy is offensive. You know what I find offensive? That a kids' show can't include a character that's (maybe) mentally ill. Yeah, great message for our children. "My kid won't watch a show where's a mentally ill character, because that's not normal or acceptable!" It makes me sick. <_<
  9. Diamond Tiara, duh. Even her talent is being a nasty, spoiled little brat. (I mean, what else could her joke of a cutie mark represent? Still not as useless as Silver Spoon's, though.)
  10. WTH just happened? Did the thread I was about to reply to get deleted? :'D Better that way tho... ugh.

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      She didn't understand what's wrong with an alicorn ponysona, even though I (and others) explained it pretty clearly. :/

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      That happens a the time, did she get banned tho? :L

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      Idk, forgot what her username was. xD All I remember is that she had a Cadence avatar.

  11. Your eyes would dry out, your muscles would ache all the time because they are constantly used, and you'd become mentally tired, too. Not to mention that if you don't sleep for three days straight, you'll start to hallucinate. This is kind of the basis of the Elm Street movie series; you can't survive without sleep. Here are two interesting infographic pictures of sleep/health risks of not sleeping:
  12. As a kid I wasn't really interested in humans, and I hated princessy things anyway, so most of my favorite Disney movies feature animals as main characters. There are exceptions, though. My faves are Dumbo, Lilo & Stitch, Lady and the Tramp, Lion King, Atlantis, Aladdin, Bolt, Tangled, 101 Dalmatians... and does anyone remember Dinosaur? That was the first realistically animated movie I saw (AND I loved dinosaurs), and oh god, I loved it so. I hated old Disney movies with princesses though, like Cinderella and so. (Snow White was okay because it was scary. )
  13. Welcome to the forums! ^^ I actually took a look at your profile because I thought your avatar was lovely. Then I saw that 3 out of 5 topics you participated in, I did too. xD It must be Fate! And it feels good to see someone else over 18 (no offense to others, I just feel so old here sometimes...). Your interests are awesome, too. Soooo, yeah, that's about it. ^^"
  14. It really depends on my mood. I'm usually friendly towards anyone as long as they are friendly, too. Except if they are jerks towards people who I like, I guess.
  15. My favorite movie is Donnie Darko and has been for about 7 years now. I love grotesque, surreal movies, and DD is perfect in being strange. There are a lot of movies I could call my favorite, but this is the number one. My least favorite movie is... phew, hard question. This year I really hated Project X. 17 year olds taking ecstasy, getting piss drunk, having sex and burning down the whole neighborhood in a party? Whoa, awesome. <_< I honestly don't understand how anyone can like that pile of poop.