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"No, I don't think I have too many chickens"

Species: Unicorn Pony
Age: 22
Gender: Nonbinary/agender
Residence: Outer Canterlot
Hometown: Appaloosa
Occupation: Artist/Musician




(lineart creators for first two under links, last one is by me)

n/a but on ref


(Render is my ponysona!)


Born and raised in Appaloosa, then moved to outer Canterlot as a teen (basing off my own life experiences haha). Was one of the last in their class to get their cutie mark; they were in their mid teens when they finally found their special talent, creation! In the artistic sense exclusively. They find comfort in the arts and crafts, and have been drawing, painting, and making music almost their whole life. They also dabble in the textiles and enjoy crocheting as well as gardening (only fruits and veggies though; delicate things like flowers don't last long in their care). Coming from a long, looong line of farming earth ponies, their magic isn't actually all that powerful outside of levitation, and they have a natural affinity for caring for animals; Render has an exponentially growing flock of chickens that they care greatly for. 

Even in Equestria, a fine arts career doesn't pull in a whole ton (especially when you live outside Canterlot), so they work a side job as a barista at a local cafe, which they really enjoy! They don't live in or near the actual city of Canterlot, but rather in a cottage in the rural outskirts. They dream of moving to Vanhouver 


Render is a fairly quiet, reserved unicorn, but once they get comfortable around you they have plenty to talk about. They're considerate (a little overtly so, resulting in a moderately annoying amount of questions being asked like "are you sure? and you want this? this is ok? do you want to do this instead?") and hate assuming things for fear of being incorrect. They're very competitive, and will win by any means, revelling in being "the best". This of course has its downside, like a huge fear of failure that often stops them from putting themself out there at all. They're a shoulder to cry on when you're upset, and their go-to tactic for cheering up a friend is a fun distraction; they'll pay for all the food and drinks!

Due to having mental illness (and an iron deficiency), they almost always look tired and low energy, but bring up something they're passionate about and they're like a totally different pony.

Render also hates conflict and being mad, and will forfeit their winning side in a conflict just to make it end. Make them angry enough though, and you won't hear the end of it. Or anything, really, they tend to go very quiet when they're angry and defer to a Death Look (this usually only happens when somepony or something threatens their chicken flock).

Physical Description:

A average height unicorn with a slender, athletic build. Their upper half is beige with white spots and their lower half is white. Their hooves and tail are medium and light blue and their mane is black with purple and cream stripes. They have white freckles on their face and an eyebrow scar over one eye from a minor accident as a foal

Likes: Chickens, coffee, tea, outdoors, plants, gardening, arts, music, painting, drawing, crocheting, singing, eating, winning
Dislikes: Large crowds, loud noises, lots of attention, tomatoes, bananas, tests, losing
Magic Spells: Levitation
Reality (Generation): Generation 4
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  • Hug 1

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I love everything about this character :wub:

You said this is a character based off of you, so do you also have a flock of chickens? :ooh:

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