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  1. @bubbleteapony Yeah, I saw! I had too google it because I forgot how many terms there were for non-binary people, if you know what I mean.
  2. My Dad just casually started a conversation with me asking if I wanted lunch not noticing that I was on a Zoom call. 

  3. Ok then! Can you make a non-binary pony, @bubbleteapony? Or is that too complicated?
  4. Let's give them a break to catch up, or is it okay if we continue @bubbleteapony?
  5. Dill pickle Pizza. Like seriously, it was cheese pizza with pickles on top. They were selling this at a pizza place in New Orleans. For some reason I thought it would taste good. I was let down, obviously.
  6. This song always got me crying whenever I listen to it.


  7. My family's maid is in the house right now and omg I wanna give her the biggest hug but I can't cuz COVID.

    I miss hugs so much.

  8. The stem-and-leaf diagram. Like... when the he** do we actually use that in real life?