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Hello everypony!

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My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Twilight Sparkle

How did you find MLP Forums?: Found it searching for brony forums

How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Seeing the posts online from the community got me interested in the show and I loved it from the first episode I saw.(Luna Eclipsed!)

Hello everypony! I have been a brony since 2011, I heard of the community first and was curious enough to watch an episode around October. I've been hooked since then! You guys are amazing, the show and the fanbase have been such a positive impact on my life that I finally am trying to connect with the community more. I sincerely thank all of you. I have a very hard speaking with other people and I have never felt more accepted around people than I have with you. This show and the people around it have helped me through the most difficult times of my life, some days when I was almost ready to give up the Smile Song would be one of the only things keeping me going. I am proud to be a brony, I think we have something amazing here. Anyway, about me: I love to cook! I've spent most of my life cooking and if I had a cutie mark it would probably be a chef's hat or something like that. I like painting(even though I'm not very good at it), or writing(which I'm not much better at) when I feel like being productive. I also love electronic music and like songs from entire spectrum of the genre. I'm also a huge fan of laser light shows, LED rave toys, and glowsticks. Anything, pretty to watch, really. I play all kinds of video games and am a huge fan of animation in general too. I'm excited to be part of the community and I hope to meet lots of people and make some friends while I'm here. Thanks! 

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Hello, and welcome to the forums. I am positive that you will have a good time here( I know that I do). Anyway first let me say that I love your username, very cute, but that is beside the point, WELCOME! also is you have any questions or just want to chat feel free to Private message me.  :)

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