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school "notes"...doodle


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If you're like most people you wake up every day and think to yourself... Kirby (that's my name btw) you're so awesome, smart, talented, fit and handsome. You even knew that the oxford comma back there was optional (my wife is a linguist), But what exactly are you doing all day while you are at your job for the army...


Well friend, back up, no need to slide right off of the edge of your seat. In addition to learning all the skills necessary to be a super high speed Operator as F**k special forces medic, I like you, Ponder ponies and daydream all day long being as unproductive as possible! just take a look at these super official pharmacology notes! be warned though they are top secret ;)


I know... I feel like we just bonded. Let's be best friends. Also I am really not a douche. please go back an reread the entire post but while conveying a thick syrupy sarcastic tone.

twilights not very good I did it to convey my feelings for the class to the guy sitting next to me. sorry. I am not the best at Draws. I didnt even do detailed top teeth and less detailed bottom teeth....



Brohoof for ghostie



And what my actual notes look like



fluttershy is not amused by corticosteroids...neither am I.


Anywaythanks for wasting your time on this thread. You can carry on with the rest of your day. If you hated the pictures I will cry later in private.

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these are wonderful. You're really good at shading, do you use like a stump or anything?

just a zebra m301 or pentel 0.5 mm mechanical pencil. I make a mess when i try to use real art supplies. If i blend it's just my finger. lol

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