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  1. I couldn't pick just one mood. :<
  2. You're mad I'm back, big mad He's mad she's mad, big sad Haha don't care, stay mad
  3. Calamity mod music is actually better than the original game. The bass at the start is something I can listen on repeat.
  4. Django Unchained: Movie about a black man in slave era U.S. He gets his freedom, and becomes the quickest shot in the South. It's also an N-word simulator and has lots of violence, so not family friendly at all. Really good movie, but as a fan of Tarantino, I was expecting to enjoy it, so it's for sure above average.
  5. Among Us is taking over the world.
  6. As one of the more notorious users of that section, I'll leave my two cents. While I disagree with closing the hell pit, I think it is a reasonable option given the circumstances. The mods here have every right to shape the community they host, and if that means cracking down dissenting opinions, then so be it. I'd say about 80-90% of all the conversations in that section devolved into smugness competitions (which I didn't mind) or deliberate bad faith. That being said the remaining 10% are the ones I'll miss. There is definitely some value in having a section where users can hash it out, there just needs to be rules to skin off the emotions put into it and the cull the people who are only interested in posting inflammatory/click-baity garbage. I'll happily go be mildly provocative in other sections now. Stay gold people.
  7. If there is anything I have learned, while being in the brony fandom, is that Luna > Celestia.


  8. 1: Make meme 2:??? 3:Profit What is the optimal way to put out a fire?
  9. I wear them, and I love glasses! Not only do they help my eyesight, they can also be a fashion statement!
  10. I'm more honest in certain areas IRL, and vice versa online. I'm more honest about hobbies and activities online, while IRL I'm more honest with emotions.
  11. Recently, the only thing cartoon related (other than MLP) thing I've watched was the Invader Zim movie. But back when I was a kid, I watched like everything from masterpieces like Avatar the Last Airbender, to really lame bland shows like The Buzz on Maggie. I don't think there is a single cartoon you could name from 2005-2012 that I didn't watch.
  12. Soft. A nice warm soft cookie is the best. Maybe with some light icing.