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  1. Infestation - Calamity mod Terraria
  2. Junk Food for a Dashing Youth - Danganronpa
  3. Feeling better than earlier today that's for sure.
  4. Heaven's Hell-Sent Gift - Terraria Calamity mod
  5. Fortress of Lies - NieR: Automata
  6. Katana Zero - You Will Never Know
  7. I'm thinking about political content. Come at me mods.
  8. Well I was on the way to the party, but I got stuck in traffic and then this homeless guy stole my car. It started to rain, so I went under the nearby bridge, and the homeless guy was there in my car. He was sorry and gave me my car back, but the car was stuck in mud, so we just lit one up, and that's why all my weed is gone too.
  9. Move aside Jack. *furiously licks ice-cream*

  10. My thigh high socks. No one would expect thigh highs. :>
  11. Dishonored series is movie worthy. It doesn't rely on game mechanics to tell it's story, and I think there's a comic for the first game that characterizes the protagonist.
  12. Here's a pretty good video detailing some possibilities for the future of currently existing Flash media
  13. I could write a few paragraphs detailing all the issues with this game, but it's honestly not worth it. And yeah.. the story was terrible. Remember when that one important character dies in the most unsatisfying and anti-climactic way about half-way through the game after the Rampager? That was a greeeeeeat scene. Not to mention all the completely unlikable characters (except for the robot bear guy, he was cool).