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  1. can't we just keep the current one? I love it!
  2. Caleb Rosengard

    Are all alicorns princesses?

    This reminds me of another question: At Season 3's Finale, everyone says that Twilight Sparkle created new magic... but what exactly does her new magic did?
  3. Caleb Rosengard


    Welcome, please visit the Pinkie Pie Fan Club, for every Pinkie fan is super welcome over there!
  4. Caleb Rosengard

    Hia everypony nice to meet you all!

    We we we we we weeeeelcome to the heard!
  5. Caleb Rosengard

    Request - Pikamena Pills (Ponysona Oc)

    I just popped up here because I felt in love with it, very well done... and Pinkamena's reaction is fenomenal xD Congratulations on your work
  6. So, besides my terrible accent, what do you guys think of it?
  7. Caleb Rosengard

    Disliking your friends

    This quote. I'm currently 22, since I was 14 I had this friend named Loviisa, I loved her, I really loved her, sometimes more than as a friend, sometimes solely as a friend. She was pretty awesome, a well-read woman, pretty fun... Until I stopped talking with her for a while and started noticing how annoying everything about her is, such as her constant need for blaming people for her life conditions (which aren't even bad), how easy she was manipulated by other people's opinion and, mainly, the fact she actually got mad at me because I was cheering for Germany in the World Cup, when Germany kicked Brazil's ass 7-1 (Note, we're both Brazilians), she, as my friend, could at least respected me and my preferences, but instead she kept on ranting, saying I was the manipulated one by the media, that I should study more politics, that I should love my country... I dropped a f-bomb and that was the last time we talked Funny thing is... I don't miss her, funny how I can not miss someone once I loved so much.
  8. Caleb Rosengard

    How does this make any sense? (Rainbow Rocks)

    It might be the Twilight from their world on this movie, instead of the Pony one
  9. Caleb Rosengard

    Rainbow Rocks-are you going to see it?

    It won't be on the movies in my country... so... internet with friends xD
  10. Caleb Rosengard

    Technical Issues Site Running Slowly

    Yes for both, I'm using iOS 8 right now, it hasn't happened since the update, and yes to the OSX as well. Is that the reason I was having this issue occasionally?
  11. Caleb Rosengard

    Technical Issues Site Running Slowly

    I don't know if he will elaborate soon, but while he doesn't, I will, for I have been having the very same issue. Sometimes when I try to access the forums, it just says the page doesn't exist, if I try to do it from my tablet mainly, but it happened on the computer before, and doesn't say what kind of error is occurring, it just goes blank and usually it takes some time for it to start working again for me
  12. Caleb Rosengard

    Do your parents know you're a brony?

    Do the option "Other" stands for "they kinda know but haven't realize it yet"? "Developmental delays"... so you mean to say that if you were "fully developed" you wouldn't like the show at all? I'm quoting you because your nickname, avatar and signature are awesome
  13. Caleb Rosengard

    Is Applejack actually a bronco?

    I'm Brazilian, I know nothing about rodeos... except the fact I don't like them, so it was impossible for me to know what was it
  14. Caleb Rosengard

    Is Applejack actually a bronco?

    I googled "bronco" to find out what it was, but google insists it is a car... and since I don't think that is what you are trying to say, I'm here to ask: What is a bronco? edit: Nevermind, nearly everyone already said it is a horse
  15. Caleb Rosengard

    Do you say 'lol' in real life?

    Really? In most of the videos I watch I see people saying the acronyms, mainly o.m.g. I love the amount of Pinkie Pie avatars in this thread