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  1. Have a Wonderful Happy Christmas Dude :D

  2. @@Pinkamena-Pills, if I'm well reminded, you totally were the number 2000, you could totally get that going for you, which is nice, also, you have the first post on page 100
  3. Sir, I saved this image this morning so I could send it to a girl as a cute proposal. I'm dating that girl now, thank you for helping.
  4. Actually, Pills, that pic might actually help someone to avoid making a bad, harmful decision. If Pinkamena hadn't went on on her line of questioning, she might had just spread a rumor, but we both know what happens when a rumor is spread: Bad Stuff Of course, the confusion itself by the end was more like drama than actual confusion for me, one could simple had stopped at "I will just tell Rarity she shouldn't be in love with another mare's stallion"... unless it is an open relationship, which is possible. By the way, when is Pinkie Pie's birthday? If I recall well, you know the answer
  5. I had written a long and bitter answer to your rhetorical question, but instead, I tried hard to smile. Maybe the effort pay off later, thank you for this image by the way, it is beautiful <3
  6. For pony's sake, someone talk to me before I do something stupid

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    2. SCS


      I know how that feels, man :) but trust me, there are plenty of people out there for you. If it didn't work out this time it could next time. Just don't let it get to you too badly. Easier said than done but you'll thank yourself later.

    3. Caleb Rosengard

      Caleb Rosengard

      SCS, thanks, I just wish I could say there are "plenty" like this one, but thanks for actually taking your time and coming here

      Makusu2, I think we'd better migrate to the PMs

    4. SCS


      No problem man, and you're welcome to PM me as well if you want to

  7. You better believe, I've got tricks on my sleeve... Oh wait, wrong fanclub here, have a "I don't know what this pose means" Pinkie Pie <- link because my images tend to vanish
  8. This is the best thing I ever read about Pinkie Pie, despite her description on the first page of this thread and some of Pills comments about her, I had never thought of it this way, thanks a lot Btw, this was posted a few hundred comments ago, so to save everyone's trouble, I will just repost it Noir Pinkie 6702__safe_pinkie+pie_suit_artist-colon-bamboodog_noir.png link in case the image disappear
  9. HOOOOOOLY CRAP SHE EXISTS!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for this *-*
  10. Seriously, we're having these problems AGAIN? Having those problems is so last month :/
  11. The more I read @@Pinkamena-Pills comments, the more I'm convinced he's an Arts major xD Just saying: I'm happy :3
  12. I love all and every art where Pinkamena is looking badass, it's like "I can do whatever I want with you, and you will like it" feeling, and I love it, I know Pills will disagree with me as soon as he reads this, but seriously, Pinkamena's look is infamously powerful <3 WHEN ARE WE HAVING A PINKIE PIE BANNER?
  14. Yes you do, he deserves knowing how much of a good person he is, and so do you yourself, thanks for everything, Pills and I talked, and today me and the reason why I was in an emotional roller coaster also talked, and she and I are... better than ever, thanks to you, to Pills, and to Pinkamena Diane Pie <3