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trying to get into the role-play forums

Terra woodsland
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@Terra woodsland, I took the freedom to correct your post and move it to the section where it would fit the most, as what you are asking would belong to our Site Questions & Tech Support section on the forums. c:


With that said, to get to 5 posts, and thus move between groups(which I will assume that you want to do), you have to increase your Active Post count. You can see here which badges do exist and how many posts do you need to get them.

Now, how do you increase your post count? Again, easy feat to achieve. You must post in sections where the post count does increase, which are basically any section of the forum, except the following:

  • Welcoming Plaza
  • Testing Forums
  • Roleplay OOC sections
  • Fan Clubs subsection
  • Any of the Cloudsdale Colliseum subsections (Forum Games, Ask a Pony or Forum Lounge)

As long as you post on any other section than those, your Active Post count will level up, but understand that your posts must have a minimum of quality(which includes context on the thread, being on topic and grammar) or they will be subject to removal This thread should help you to understand the nature of each section.

Also, and to avoid doubts, you cannot change your badge freely. This is both a design feature and a technical limitation due for how our badge system is structured. Once you get past one badge, you cannot get back to it.


About roleplaying, you will be able to access to participate on that section as soon as you get to 5 posts, thus to the Muffin Rank. If you show interest on it, I would recommend you to read this two threads, which should offer you guidance about the world of roleplaying:

Starter Roleplayer Guide

Roleplay Mentoring


With that said, is there anything else I can help with?

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